How to Make Remote Phone Access

Have you thought about the question: is it possible to make remote access to the phone? It turns out that this is possible. It is carried out through a browser, or using specialized software. It is installed on a PC and phone. Let’s consider why to use the given access, how to configure it.

What is it for

Consider the main cases when remote access comes in handy:

  1. Theft protection. Block the device via the Internet, take a hidden picture, delete confidential information;
  2. Data exchange. It is not convenient to receive information from a smartphone using a cable. Work remotely. Turn the device into a file archive accessed via FTP connection;
  3. Help a friend. Connect to your smartphone, show what the other person is doing wrong;
  4. Manage your smartphone via PC.

Let’s consider in more detail how to make remote access to the phone.

Google find device

An easy way to access your Android phone.

It works with a Google account.

We go to the address: We go into the account from Google.

The smartphone must have Internet enabled, geolocation configured, GPS

Use the following functions:

  1. Determination of location with an accuracy of 5-15 meters;
  2. Blocking;
  3. Ring the smartphone. Will beep for 5 minutes. Even if the sound is turned off on it.

How to Make Remote Phone Access

After downloading the application at: the same functions will be available.
This method is limited in its capabilities. For full access to the device, use special software.

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Team viewer

Provides full access to the phone. Download Team Viewer for PC. On your smartphone, install TeamViewer QuickSupport. It is available at:

How to Make Remote Phone Access

Click install, agree to download additional extensions.

How to Make Remote Phone Access

After installation, click "Open."

How to Make Remote Phone Access

The application will launch.

How to Make Remote Phone Access

A window with the device ID number will appear. Remember it. Used to synchronize with the application on the computer.

How to Make Remote Phone Access

Now download the program on the PC. It is located at: Installation is simple, not difficult. Next, write the ID generated in QuickSupport.

How to Make Remote Phone Access

Using the menu, transfer files from PC to phone. The program allows you to get information about the state of the phone: charging, the amount of memory used, serial number.

How to Make Remote Phone Access

Pass on the information.

How to Make Remote Phone Access

The main function is remote control.
Allows you to view applications installed on your smartphone. Remove them if necessary. Watch screens, move icons, change settings.

How to Make Remote Phone Access

The program is free, without ads.

Free AirDroid App

  1. Manage your phone through a PC;
  2. View and edit contacts;
  3. Install applications
  4. Share files;
  5. We show the location.

How to work

Download the application to your smartphone and PC. The installation is the same as in the above example with Team Viewer.
Follow these steps:

  1. Download the application on a mobile device at: = ru;
  2. On the official Internet project download the utility;
  3. Install and log in via Google, Facebook, Twitter or register;
  4. Go to the browser at
    How to Make Remote Phone Access

Devices do not have to be in the range of one Wi-Fi network.

Now you can:

  1. Edit contacts;
  2. Read, write SMS;
  3. Make a call;
  4. Edit call logs.


We examined how to make remote access to an Android phone (Android). The easiest way is to search for a device from Google. Quickly recognizes a remote device, finds a location accurate to meters. I liked the AirDroid app. Easy to configure, convenient to work on a PC through a browser.

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