How to Make Photoshop Photos on a Computer

Hello friends! Finally, my hands reached posts on the topic of photoshop, and today we will understand in detail how to create a collage of photos on a computer in photoshop in steps. Many of you remember how, using my photo, I made a drawing from it, but today everything is much more serious.

My blog visitors often asked me how to create a collage from photos on a computer with animation, how difficult it is and whether it is possible to achieve the desired result without professional knowledge and experience? It is possible, and we will show it in this lesson, and we will reinforce the acquired knowledge with video instruction!

How to create a collage from photos on a computer with animation

So, many of you have come across similar “animated images in a picture”, professionally this technique is called a collage and is quite common in life, which is not strange, since performing this trick is not the most difficult task. So how do you create a collage in Photoshop from a photo on a computer with animation elements?

To realize our desires, you will need only two things: your own hands and the well-known raster editor Photoshop. Despite the fact that the program described in the lesson has the status of a professional, you should not have problems with the clear implementation of the instructions.

How to start making photo collage

Where to start creating an animated photo collage? Find any picture or photograph that should be the background of the collage, the main motive, why the rest of the plot will be played out, and just open it in your photoshop. Happened? Excellent. I will use the registry office in Tiraspol as a background for the collage, where I signed with my beloved wife in July 20, 2013.

How to Make Photoshop Photos on a Computer

I will use my wedding photos in my collage example.

Where to take photos for our collage

We proceed to the next stage, creating, directly, a collage as such for me, for example, it will consist of 9 wedding photos, not counting the main one, your creations are limited only by personal imagination (Fig. 1).

So, we find a couple more images for the animated collage in the search engine and in the same way open them in the program as a new tab (Figure 2). We visually estimate what we want to get, after which our preparatory stage for creating a collage is completed, it’s time to move it.

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How to move photos in Photoshop

With a flick of the wrist we go to the tab with any secondary image and use the “rectangular area” tool.

In the future, you will be able to select both ovals and circles, but we will analyze it with a simple example.

So, using the tool described above, select the desired fragment of the picture (Figure 3), press the key combination CtrlC (copy) and go to the tab with the main image by pressing CtrlV (paste) on it.

I will skip this step, because I do not need to crop the photos for my collage.

The selected area of ​​the collage picture will lie on top of the main background, automatically creating a new layer, which is called “Layer 1”. You can rename it for convenience.

Select the “Move” photoshop in the tool menu and place a piece of the copied image wherever you want (Fig 4).

Thus, we proceed with the remaining photos for the animated collage, placing them on the main background tab.

How to Make Photoshop Photos on a Computer

What to do if collage images are larger than the background

If the added image elements are too large relative to the main one, use the "Free Transformation". It can be found in the drop-down menu with the right mouse button, but note that in doing so, the Rectangular Region tool should still be activated and the layer required for editing should be selected (Fig. 5). Free transformation can be called up with the ctrlT keys.

Everything turned out, the question of how to make an animated collage from a photo on a computer in Photoshop. has disappeared. But so far he looks untidy, tasteless and not pleasing to the eye, is he not?

What else is missing to complete the photo collage

We select the Eraser tool, in its settings we establish the required size. Hardness is reduced to 0%. Then we process with this miracle all the sharp corners of the secondary images, and also release the main elements of the background (Fig. 6).

I decided to add a frame taken from the Internet to the main background of the created collage. You may have your own imagination. It turned out like this for me (Fig. 7), you should have better.

By combining the working layers of Photoshop into one and playing with filters for the image and color correctors, which you will find in the top menu of the program, we give the final look (Fig. 8).

As you can see, I showed two final results that are very different from each other. Which collage do you like more? Let me know in the comments.

Total. 7 minutes of time, 9 random wedding photos from the computer and a few mouse movements and your photo collage is ready.

How to create an animated collage on a computer

Attentive of you probably noticed that the final photo of the collage turned out to be animated, and not ordinary. On how to make an animated photo collage of several photos I will tell in detail in my video tutorial:

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