How to Make Lte on Iphone 5

Apple has established itself as a high-quality company, which from year to year continues to delight its users with pleasant gifts, so in January of this year, the Lte network became available, also often referred to as the usual 4G Internet among people.

This network increases the speed of the Internet several hundred times, compared with 3G, which allows you to use the speed up to 3.6 mb / s.

So the average speed of the lte network is about 350 Mb / s, which gives it an advantage, because you can use the Internet without any delays on your favorite gadget. Of the 2 currently existing coatings, LTE technology certainly benefits both in speed and reliability. It is worth noting the fact that the first network earned lte beeline, which gave rise to the spread of this network to iPhones.

How to Make Lte on Iphone 5

But, the main question asked by users of Apple technology is how to set up your iPhone so that it receives the lte signal. It should be understood that 4G Internet technology, appeared several years ago, and only today, it began to spread in Russia, the first thing you need to ask your operator is if the LTE network is supported in your city. Of course, if you live in the regional center or the capital, then you can easily access this network.


Then how to enable lte on iphone 5s? Everything is quite simple, first you need to check how the settings of the operator’s network on the device are configured. First, you should check the Internet settings and their status that your mobile operator provides you with.

To check this parameter, you need to go into the cellular section and make sure that you have 3G / Lte enabled. If the setting turned out to be incorrect, and this mode is not turned on, do not worry, this problem is easy to fix. To do this, you again need to go to Settings, then. Cellular.

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How to Make Lte on Iphone 5

Video: How to Make Lte on Iphone 5

This section must include in order:

  1. Cellular data.
  2. Enable 3G / Lte mode.

After you have activated the settings, you should enable data transfer and check if it works. Turning it on, you should see in the upper corner the inscription above the reception scale, which will be written with the letter E, or 3G / Lte. If you don’t have Internet at all, you should check its access to the area where you are, or take your phone to a service center to check the body of the transmission module, which is responsible for the Internet in your phone.

If, however, everything is fine with your phone, then most likely your APN network is not configured, which depends on your mobile operator. Also, do not forget to upgrade your iOS to the latest available version, because it is an important component of connecting to the lte network.

Mobile network setup

Most often, if the Internet network cannot be turned on on an iPhone, it is most likely connected with the APN package, which is responsible for receiving data from the Internet. Turning on and configuring this package does not take you much time, you literally need only a few minutes to connect it.

The data that you need to enter in the APN settings fields is individual, because all mobile operators have different data, and if you enter the wrong data, then your Internet simply will not work. In this article we will provide information on filling in the APN fields of the most popular operators in our country.

To configure the APN connection, proceed as follows: Settings-further-Cellular communication-further-Cellular data transmission.

How to Make Lte on Iphone 5

Next, enter the information of the telephone operator that provides you with the services:

  • APN:
  • Username: mts
  • Password: mts


  • APN:
  • Username: beeline
  • Password: beeline


  • APN: internet
  • Username: [leave blank]
  • Password: [leave blank]


  • APN:
  • Username: [leave blank]
  • Password: [leave blank]


  • APN:
  • Username: bwc
  • Password: bwc


  • APN:
  • Username: motiv
  • Password: motiv

After the phone’s settings have been done, you should check the 3G or lte network is turned on, if you don’t have one, then you need to restart your phone and do everything written again, again checking the connection to the Internet connection. If, all attempts turned out to be futile and did not bring results, then you should contact a specialist at the nearest service center of your operator.

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