How to Make Louder Sound on a Huawei Phone

If the sound on your Huawei phone is too quiet, or it is completely gone, the problem can be solved. Sometimes you only need to perform one or two actions that will help correct the situation. The instructions that we give in this article apply to phones with Android 7.0 (Nougat) or a newer version of the OS.

Causes of volume problems on Huawei phones

Here are a few common reasons that affect the quality, as well as the presence or absence of sound on a mobile device:

  • The phone is connected via Bluetooth to another device through which sound is played.
  • The application that controls the volume level does not work mainly, but in the background.
  • Do Not Disturb is on.
  • Technical malfunction of the speakers (or headphones, if you prefer to use them).

It is worth checking each of the above points to make sure that in technical terms everything is in order with the phone.

How to increase the phone volume

Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off Do Not Disturb. Remember, when it is active, not only the ringtone is muted, but also all conversational speakers.
  2. Open the phone’s “Settings” and go to the “Sound” menu.
  3. If the Do Not Disturb feature is turned on, switch the slider to the Off position.
  4. Turn off bluetooth. To end the wireless connection, swipe down the notification curtain. Find the Bluetooth icon among the shortcut menu icons, tap on it to turn it gray.

Note: You can also turn off Bluetooth via the Settings app (Settings> “Connections”), if you move the slider opposite the “Bluetooth” option to the “off” position.

  1. Check your phone’s speakers for dirt or dust. A jet of compressed air or a clean brush / brush will help to clean them.
  2. Also check the headphone jack. It often gets dust or hairs. When headphones are inserted into the socket, the villi are usually compacted and form a layer impenetrable for sound. To remove this layer, you can use a needle or a pin.
  3. Now inspect the headphones. If they are worn, old, wires have excesses or visible damage, then there is a high probability that the problem is in such headphones. Try another pair and see what happens to the sound.
  4. Adjust the sound using the equalizer. If there is sound, but it is very weak, adjusting the equalizer can help improve it. You should change the intensity levels of certain sound frequencies by moving the sliders up and down in order to experimentally find the optimal settings. On Huawei phones, the Histen application is installed. It is one of the best tools for improving the quality of sound transmitted through headphones / headsets. Firstly, in this application you can choose the type of headphones that you use:
    • Overhead;
    • Intracanal;
    • Plug-in.

    Secondly, again, Histen has an advanced equalizer of 10 bands and the ability to increase or decrease a certain frequency range, add bass, change styles and much more.

    Thirdly, the 3D audio option can be useful, with the help of which the volume and depth of sound are created.

    Adjust the sound level in the settings if you suspect that the volume rocker is malfunctioning on the phone. It is possible that this is not a mechanical failure. Under the button, dirt can accumulate, due to which it ceases to be pressed properly.

    How to Make Louder Sound on a Huawei Phone

    To increase the sound without using the physical button, open “Settings” and select “Sound”, move the “Melody” slider to the right if you want to increase the volume of the call. In this menu, you can also adjust the sliders volume level of multimedia and alarm clock. Be sure to check in which position the slider is installed opposite the “Silent mode” item. Open and check the Do Not Disturb section.

    Video: How to Make Louder Sound on a Huawei Phone

    Use special third-party applications that are designed to enhance the volume. Many of these applications are created as an equalizer. They allow you to make the sound of the phone speakers louder.

    At startup, the default profile becomes active, which you can edit as you wish. To increase the volume, open the “Effects” tab, set “Volume Amplifier” to “On” and move the slider to the right until you are happy with the volume level.

    This application has another advantage. it works with Google Play Music. Many third-party audio applications do not work with streaming services, or at least are paid separately. There is no such problem with FX: the application can be used for free.

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    Tip: In order for this or other equalizers to work, you may have to disable the built-in equalizer in Android in the application settings and notifications.

    It is much easier to work with the volume option if a root has been made on the phone or tablet. It makes it possible to use applications such as Viper4Android. an amazing and incredibly powerful audio tool.

    After installation, you can activate the eXtra Loud mode, then the sound becomes as loud as possible. You can also use the Speaker Optimization tool to make the sound quality coming from the phone’s built-in speakers the best.

    This is a very advanced application that has many different “for everything” options. There is an equalizer with an amplifier function. Plus, there are predefined profiles that are activated as soon as headphones are inserted into the phone. One of the advantages of Precise Volume is that the user can set their own volume levels for different applications.

    The application replaces the 15-step volume control built into the android with a 100-step one. This allows you to more accurately set the desired volume.

    1. Close all open applications used to play audio. Some of them have their own volume settings, which can change the overall volume of the phone if they work in the background.

    Tip: If you suspect that the applications are still running in the background, try restarting your phone.

    Increase sound volume using the engineering menu

    All devices running on Android have a special menu through which you can debug various hardware parts. the screen, speakers, cellular and wireless modules, etc. This is the so-called “engineering mode”, which is hidden from ordinary users, because it was created for technical specialists involved in the diagnosis and repair of gadgets.

    In Huawei phones, the engineering menu is called “ProjectMenu.” It is a little different than in devices from other manufacturers. However, you can improve the sound volume through this menu.

    To enter ProjectMenu in the “dialer” of the phone, dial the code

    # # 2846579 # # or # # 2846579159 # #

    The code must be entered manually; regular copying will not give a result.

    After you enter the engineering menu, find the “Audio” section. In it, you can change the volume level of the headset, the speakerphone, the speakerphone when connected external devices (headphones, speakers, headsets). There is an option to adjust the sound in a normal conversation, when the sound is not output to other devices or to the speakerphone.

    Be sure to record separately all the settings that you will see in the “Audio” menu. If something does not work out for you, it will be possible to return the parameters to these values. In addition, you will find letters, they also need to know:

    Sph. speaker designation (located at the top of the phone);

    Sph2. designation of the second speaker (available only on some devices);

    Ring. phone call settings;

    Media. media volume settings;

    FMR. radio sound settings;

    Mic. microphone sensitivity.

    The parameters under such designations as Sip and Sid are best left untouched.

    Below, under the settings, you will see a panel on which a 7-level scale is located. Level 0 is the quietest sound, and 6 is the loudest. To move from one level to another, just touch the scale with your finger.

    In addition, each level can also be adjusted. The range of values ​​for adjustment is from 0 to 255. You need to enter a number from this range into the cell, then press “Set” so that the system remembers the new value. Do not try to set the highest values ​​in all cells, as in this case the sound from the speakers will be of poor quality.

    The general algorithm of actions will be something like this:

    1. To change the volume of sound entering a microphone. ProjectMenu > Audio > Normal mode > Mic and then change the level on the scale, and in the selected level set the value (230), then press “Set”.

    2. To change the volume of an incoming call. ProjectMenu > Audio > Loud Speaker_Mode > Ring, change the level on the scale, then enter the value 155 (or lower), press “Set”.

    3. To change the speaker volume (which hold it to your ears). ProjectMenu > Audio > Normal mode > Sph, adjust the level on the scale, enter a value from 0 to 160, press “Set”.

    4. To change the sound level during video recording. ProjectMenu > Audio > Loud Speaker_Mode > Mic, do everything exactly the same as in paragraph No. 1 (above).

    As you can see, there are many ways to improve the quality and volume level of sound on your Huawei phone. One of the options will definitely help you.