How to Make Dark WhatsApp on Android

Useful features of the most popular instant messengers, about which almost no one knows.

According to recent J’son research & Partners Consulting, in Russia, 50-60 million people use instant messengers. The most popular was Viber (61%), the second place at Vatsap (49%). About them is our educational material.

Lifehacks working at both Vatsap and Viber

Hide from other users when you were in the messenger and watched their messages

Don’t you like when your activity in applications is visible to others? Do you want to ignore other people’s messages without further clarification of the relationship? Turn on stealth mode.

How to Make Dark WhatsApp on Android

Go to Settings > Account > Confidentiality. Choose who should see your last visit time, photo and status. Here you can turn off reading notifications. But keep in mind that you will also stop seeing when you read your messages.

In Viber, go to Settings > Confidentiality. Here you can turn off the “Online” status and notification of reading messages (you will also lose this opportunity).

Chat in messengers on your computer

If you use messengers very actively, then often the smartphone becomes small. Their desktop versions are useful to you. Still, typing with ten fingers is much faster than two.

Vatsap’s web version is simple and elegant: go to > open the application on your smartphone > on the iPhone go to settings, on the android device in the menu > further on whatsapp web > scan the QR code.

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“Viber” is more complicated: you need to install its program on your computer. But through Viber Desktop, as well as from the application, you can make audio and video calls.

Do not fill the device’s memory with photos and videos from instant messengers

Video: How to Make Dark WhatsApp on Android

It is not known what motivated the creators of the messengers, but by default, media files from chat rooms are stored in the overall photo stream of the smartphone. This strange setting was especially fond of spammers who send business cards. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn it off.

In Vatsap open Settings > Chats and deactivate Save. entrance. files “.

In Viber, find Settings > Multimedia > turn off “Save to Gallery.”

Send chats to your mail

If you need to save a copy of the correspondence on your computer, you can send them to the mail. In “Vatsap” there is an opportunity to do this with all media files. In Viber, only text.

In Vatsap, chats are sent separately. Enter the conversation you want, touch the name of the contact or group (on iOS) or the menu (on Android) and click “Send by Email”. Indicate whether to send files from the chat.

In Viber, all chats are sent at once, but only the text part. You will find this function in Settings > Calls and Messages > Send a message log.

Lifehacks only for Vatsap

Disable notifications from annoying interlocutors and groups

Tap the name of the contact or the name of the group and click “Do Not Disturb”. Choose a term ignore.

Add an important contact to your home screen

This can only be done on Android devices. Go to the desired chat, press the menu button and select “Add Shortcut”.

Look when the interlocutor received and read the message

A little paranoid function allows you to watch when the message came to the interlocutor and when he deigned to read it. On iOS, this information appears if you move the desired cloud to the left. On Android, you need to hold your finger on the message, and then press the letter “i” at the top.

Write to yourself

It is always nice to correspond with an interesting person. In addition, ayoutat can be used to save photos, links, messages, audio notes, that is, as a notebook.

Add messages to favorites

If you need a message in the future, add it to your favorites. Press and hold the desired cloud, and then tap the star. On iOS, selected messages can be found in two places: all in a row are stored in the general settings; from a specific contact. in his profile. On Android, flagged replicas are stored in one place: Chats > Menu > Favorite posts.

Put individual notifications on important contacts

To select messages from important interlocutors in the general stream of notifications, set a specific sound on them. Inside the chat, tapni by the name of the contact and go to “Notifications.” Choose your favorite message sound.