How to Make Cover For Video On Phone

How to Make Cover For Video On Phone

No one will deny the fact that when choosing a video on YouTube, the user first looks at his preview, and only after that the name itself. It is this cover that serves as an enticing element, and that is why it is important to know how to put a picture on a video on YouTube if you intend to seriously engage in work on it.

Video cover requirements

Unfortunately, not every user who signs up and creates his YouTube channel can embed a picture in the video. This privilege must be earned. Previously, on YouTube, the rules were much more serious, and in order to get permission to add covers to the video, you first had to connect monetization or an affiliate network, now the rules are canceled and you only need to meet three requirements:

  • have a good reputation;
  • Do not violate the principles of the community;
  • Verify your account.

So, all three points you can check / execute on one page. “Status and Features". To get on it, follow the instructions:

    Click on your profile icon, which is located in the upper right corner.

In the dialog box that appears, click on the “Creative studio".

So, now you are on the necessary page. Here you can immediately track the three aspects presented above. It displays the status of your reputation (Copyright Compliance), displays a community compliance rating, and indicates whether your channel is confirmed or not.

Also note that there is a block just below: “Custom thumbnails in the video". If you are denied access, it will be highlighted with a red line. In turn, this means that the above requirements are not met.

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If your page does not have a warning about copyright infringement and community principles, then you can safely proceed to the third point. confirmation of your account.

YouTube Account Verification

  1. To confirm your YouTube account, you must be on the same page, click the "Confirm"Located next to your profile picture.
  • You are on the right page. The confirmation itself is carried out by means of an SMS message with a code that must be entered in the appropriate input field.
  • In the column "What country are you in?»Select your region. Next, select the method for obtaining the code. You can receive it in the form of SMS messages or in the form of audio messages (a call will come to your phone in which the robot will dictate your code twice). It is recommended to use an SMS message.
  • After selecting these two points, a submenu will open in which you can choose a convenient language through the link “change the language", And must indicate your phone number. It is important to indicate the number starting immediately with numbers (without the “"). After entering all the necessary data, you need to click the "Submit".
  • You will receive an SMS message on your phone, in which the code will be indicated, which, in turn, will need to be entered in the appropriate field for input, and then click the “Submit".
  • Note: if for some reason the SMS message does not reach, you can return to the previous page and use the confirmation method via automatic voice message.

    If everything went well, a message will appear on the monitor informing you of this. You just have to press the button "Proceed"To access the ability to add pictures to the video.

    Insert a picture into a video

    After all the above instructions, you will immediately be redirected to an already familiar page: “Status and Features"Where there are already small changes. Firstly, in the place where there was a button "Confirm", Now there is a checkmark and it says:"Confirmed", And secondly, the block"Custom video thumbnails"Now underlined by a green stripe. This means that you have the opportunity to insert pictures in the video. Now it remains to figure out how to do this.

    However, you should initially pay attention to the rules for adding covers to the video, because, otherwise, you violate the rules of the community, your rating will decrease and your ability to add a preview to the video will be taken away. Even more, for serious violations, videos can be blocked and monetization will be disabled for you.

    So, you need to know only two rules:

    • The image used must comply with all the principles of the YouTube community;
    • On the covers you cannot post violent scenes, propaganda of anything and sexual images.

    Of course, the first point is foggy, since it includes a whole set of rules and recommendations. Nevertheless, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with them so as not to harm your channel. You can read more about all community rules in relevant section on YouTube.

    To make a video preview, you need to:

      In the creative studio go to the section: "Video manager"In which to select a category:"Video".

    You will see a page on which all the videos you have previously added will be displayed. To set a picture on the cover in one of them, you need to press the button “Edit"Under the video you want to add it to.

    Now the movie editor is open for you. Among all the elements you must click on the button "Own icon», Which is located to the right of the video itself.

    Explorer will appear in front of you, where you must pave the way for the image that you want to put on the cover. After selecting it, press the “Open".

    After that, wait for the download (a few seconds) and the selected image will be defined as the cover. To save all changes, you need to click the "Publish". Before that, do not forget to fill in all the other important fields in the editor.


    As you can see, in order to make a preview of the video, you don’t need to know a lot, but following the above instructions, you can do it in a few minutes. It’s important to remember that you can be fined for not following YouTube’s rules, which will ultimately be displayed on the channel’s statistics.

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