How to Make Bold Font On Phone

How can you quickly “transform” your smartphone without buying a new one? You can set new wallpapers for your home screen or just replace the ringtone. But there is a third way. to replace the standard bored font in the mobile operating system.

In most cases, Android defaults to Roboto. It was developed by Google and introduced to the general public in 2012.

How to Make Bold Font On Phone

Most often, he suits everyone, he is loved for accurate straight lines and clarity. But there are always those who want to stand out from the crowd.

If you consider yourself among such people. this article is for you. The huge advantage of Android as an OS is its complete “customizability”. The system allows the user to change the embedded fonts. However, the ability to replace fonts is not always an easy task. Often this requires additional knowledge. In this article, you will learn about two ways to install fonts on Android: using root access and without it.

"Stock" Android, unfortunately, does not have a built-in function for replacing fonts. However, many smartphone manufacturers are making improvements to the firmware and allow users to change fonts. These include Samsung, LG and HTC. Typically, the default font settings are in the Display section.

For example, Samsung preinstalls several fonts to choose from. If they are not enough. additional can be downloaded via Google Play. But more often it is paid.

To change the default font, you need to go to "Settings. Display. Font. Font Style. "

Just click on the font that you like in the list and then confirm your choice. Font change will happen instantly. You do not even need to restart the phone. The new font will be displayed everywhere: in the system menu, in SMS and even in the status bar.

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Go launcher

The first way to replace fonts without gaining root rights is to install a third-party launcher. For this, the most popular shell for Android. Go Launcher is perfect. She has the broadest possibilities. Among other things, there is a function for changing fonts.

To replace fonts in Go Launcher, copy the fonts we need to any folder on your phone. Then run Go Launcher.

Go to Settings (just the shell itself, not the phone). Then select the "Label and Font" section. Choose the font that we need, or use the "Search" to install third-party fonts.

Changes will take effect immediately. So quickly and effectively you can change the style of Go Launcher.


The next way to replace fonts without root access is the iFont application. It is available on Google Play, and more than 10 million users have chosen it. “Enjoy life, enjoy the font”. this is such an unusual motto for this application.

iFont can replace fonts on certain models of phones Samsung, Meizu, Xiaomi, Huawei. Easily and without root rights, you can update fonts on the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note, Note II. On other models. how lucky. It is possible to replace fonts on HTC, Sony, Motorola. but with root access. The following pattern is interesting: the older the Android firmware on your smartphone, the more likely it is to replace fonts without root access. For example, on smartphones Galaxy S6, S7, S8 with Android 6.0.1, the installation of third-party fonts is blocked by Samsung.

Before using the application, do not forget to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the "Security" section of your smartphone.

After starting the application, you must select the font language. Choose "RU (Russian)." Then we click on the style that you liked and click "Download". Typically, fonts weigh about 150 KB. Then click "Install." Go to the phone settings and see a new font. We select it and enjoy.


FontFix is ​​an iPhone-like application, but with more intrusive ads. It has many fonts to choose from, and there are several ways to replace them.

Here, more than 4000 fonts are available for installation. Some of them are paid. Not all smartphones are supported, as always, but only Samsung. But, with root rights, you can install them on almost all devices!

Root access

Root access on the phone is the administrator’s authority, which allows you to edit even system files and files hidden from the average user.

Typically, these rights are obtained by flashing the smartphone. This is an unsafe process, but if you already have root access, then most likely you are an advanced Android user. And the instructions below are just for you. Remember that you do everything at your own peril and risk!

The easiest access is to launch the Total Commander file manager and manually copy and then replace the required fonts. You need to go to the / system / fonts folder and replace Roboto-Regular.ttf. This is the most common font in Android. Just take your Arial.ttf and copy it to the / fonts folder named Roboto-Regular.ttf. Do not forget to backup all the fonts in this folder. Then restart your smartphone and enjoy the new font.

There is a simpler option. you just need to select the font installation mode. root in iFont or FontFix. Applications will copy and install everything themselves.

P.S. And where to get the fonts you ask? We recommend you several places:

Here you have access to a large library of free fonts from Google. There are more than 800 of them.

To download a font you like, select it and click on. Then click on the dark bar at the bottom of the screen, then on the “Download” icon. As in the screenshot below.

We also recommend visiting a good site with free fonts. Select Russian, and then click “Download” next to the font you like.