How to Make an Old TV Monitor

Check if your old LCD monitor, laptop or tablet, which can no longer be used on your own, is lying around at home. the matrix of these devices can still come in handy! With the help of such a matrix, a universal scaler and some other spare parts, you can assemble your own TV or just a small monitor. Here we go!

How to make a TV from an old monitor

To make a TV with our own hands, we use a 10-inch matrix Samsung 920NW from an old netbook, but you can use almost any other. But you won’t cook porridge from one ax, so in addition to the old matrix, we need to get the following details:

  • universal scaler. We have a scaler with VGA / HDMI / AV / TV / USB ports, comes with a remote control and an IR receiver;
  • LVDS loop with backlight;
  • a cable for connecting buttons with a button interface, LED and IR receiver.

We connect a matrix

  1. We connect the LVDS cable to the matrix and insert the other end into the corresponding connector on the board, connect the LED.
  2. We connect a button loop to the control connector.
  3. Using jumpers on the board, you need to set the matrix voltage. The easiest way is to find on the Internet an official guide to your matrix from the manufacturer (the so-called datasheet) and there to see the desired value. In extreme cases, you can set the jumper to the minimum value, and then increase it until the matrix starts to work. If you immediately put a large voltage, which will be higher than the operating voltage of the matrix, then it will burn.
  4. We advise you to purchase a board with a USB connector, because we need it to flash the scaler for the matrix. Download the necessary firmware according to your matrix model from the Internet in.bin format and transfer it to the root of the flash drive. Then insert the USB flash drive into the scaler and connect the power, check if the screen turns on. Wait 30 seconds, turn off the power and remove the USB flash drive. the firmware is finished, the monitor is working.

Universal scalers are different, so this video will help you find out what and where to connect if you have a different type of scaler:

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How to make a DIY TV case

There are many options for creating a cabinet with your own hands, but thanks to this example you will learn how to make a strong and brutal TV with your own hands and hang it in the garage. We will need:

Video: How to Make an Old TV Monitor

  • aluminum sheet (thickness 2 mm);
  • PVC plate (1 cm);
  • rod from aluminum (8 mm);
  • plexiglass (3 mm);
  • steel bar;
  • stainless tube;
  • aquarium silicone;
  • hot glue;
  • bolt;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • jigsaw;
  • bench vise.
How to Make an Old TV Monitor

Getting started:

  1. We mark out the aluminum and saw out 4 parts with a jigsaw: 3 identical rectangles to fit the screen and a frame for the front of the monitor.
  2. We decided to place the keypad vertically on the monitor frame. Therefore, we drill on it seven holes for the buttons and one for the IR receiver and LED.
  3. We cut the aluminum rod into blanks for buttons 5 mm high.
  4. In the center of the steel bar we make a hole with a width of 8 mm and a depth of 5 mm, and below. a through hole in which you need to make a thread. Screw the bolt in there, as in the photo:
  5. We clamp the bar in a vise, insert the workpiece into the hole and carefully hammer it inside with a hammer. Then with the help of a bolt we push it out. the button is ready!
  6. We cut out a glass rectangle according to the size of the inner border of the frame. this part will protect the screen from various damages that could happen to it in the garage.
  7. Strip the ends of the glass with sandpaper and put it in a frame on silicone. When it hardens, clean off the excess with a clerical knife.
  8. Now we make the frame thicker and the pallet is from a PVC plate.
  9. We fasten the aluminum frame to the frame from the plate using self-tapping screws.
  10. Next, it should fix the matrix and buttons using hot glue.
  11. So that the monitor can tilt and fold, make a cut from one end of the stainless tube, then you can completely insert the LVDS cable into it. Do the same at the other end of the tube. a button loop will run here.
  12. Insert the cables into the handset and secure with the PVC brackets and glue on the back of the TV.
  13. In the lower part of the TV set 2 brackets on the screws.
  14. We attach the lower part to the monitor tube. We make two supporting parts from the PVC plate and fasten them to one of the remaining aluminum rectangles, as in the picture below, and install the scaler inside.
  15. From the aluminum sheet with a jigsaw, we cut out a frame with the holes of the exits on the scaler.
  16. We take an aluminum billet and make a lid out of it, cutting out a recess under the speaker. It can be taken from an old laptop.
  17. We cover the speaker with a rectangle of some mesh material for protection, and attach the lid to the TV.

DIY TV from the old monitor is ready! Of course, it is not perfect, but it is a good option not to throw away the old matrix, but to give it a second life.