How To Make An Enclosure For Dogs With Their Own Hands

When purchasing a country house, dog owners often think about a separate living space and for their beloved pet.

Need construction of the enclosure arises in case the owners acquire guard rocks. Benefits captive content there is a lot of animal: a large service dog can finally fulfill its security functions, without encroaching on the integrity of the beds and flower beds, the problem of wool on carpets and furniture is automatically solved. In addition, the pet can simply be closed in the aviary at the time of receiving guests or the arrival of the repair team.

AT construction of the enclosure Proper insulation of the premises is very important, as well as compliance with other nuances, including those related to the availability of a Rostechnadzor license. We will tell you in detail about all the stages of building a "dog’s apartment" and convince you that it is simple and inexpensive!


  • Determine the location of the aviary
  • Aviary size
  • The design of the enclosure for dogs
  • The floor of the aviary – hygienic and warm flooring
  • Walls – enclosure enclosure
  • Roof enclosure – protection from rain
  • Feeding trough in the aviary
  • Booth – a place to relax dogs

Determine the location of the aviary

Before you make an enclosure for a dog, you need to decide on its location. It is undesirable to place it in the far corners of the plot – deprived of the opportunity to monitor what is happening near the house, the dog will worry, howl and bark. Do not put it near the fence. Firstly, strangers passing by will disturb your pet, and secondly, a large dog, released outside the enclosure, can easily jump on it, jump over the fence and run away. It is best to arrange your pet’s housing in the frontal part of the plot, not too far from the gate. Well, if the aviary will be protected from winds and hot sunlight by the branches of growing trees or shrubs.

Aviary size

An important parameter that must be calculated during the construction of the enclosure is its size. He will

How To Make An Enclosure For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Depend on your pet’s size.

There are sectional enclosures for small dogs or puppies with an area of ​​1.5m2. If we are talking about a large dog whose height at the withers does not exceed 50 cm, then the minimum size of a comfortable area for its dwelling will be 6 m2. If the dog is bigger and its height reaches 50 – 65 cm, then, accordingly, the area of ​​the enclosure will increase to 8 m2. If your pet is even bigger, you should provide it with a space of at least 10 m2. In the event that the dog is not alone in the aviary, then for each additional individual the projected area size should increase by 1.5 times. The height of the enclosure must be such that the dog inside can stand freely on its hind legs, without touching the roof with its head.

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In the event that a dog aviary is not designed as a permanent place of residence, but as a temporary shelter for sleeping, its height may be a little less.

The design of the enclosure for dogs

Most often, dogs are equipped with covered enclosures with two or three blank walls. Open walls are made of metal grating. In order to enter the open-air cage, the design provides for an opening door. It is also desirable the presence of feeders and booths. This is what a traditional dog enclosure looks like – photo:

The floor of the aviary – hygienic and warm flooring

A good option would be the presence in the aviary wooden floor. When making a wooden floor (flooring), pay special attention to the quality of the material: it must be a tongue-and-groove board – a floor batten (not less than 35 mm thick), well-groomed, free from glazing, no falling knots, and no signs of rot. The use of core boards is not allowed. Pay attention to the presence of reinforcing lag under the floor – the floor should not sag and stagger.

In the manufacture of the floor should ensure the presence of a ventilated space under the floor of at least 50 mm, which prevents the penetration of parasites and moisture from the soil, provides greater durability of the floor. If there is a desire to enclose the bottom of the aviary with stone, brick, etc., then it is necessary to leave the ventilation holes. Before laying the floor batten should be treated on all sides with a wood-protective anti-putrid impregnation in two layers. The floor rail is fixed on the logs with self-tapping screws. screws, do not use nails.

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Walls – enclosure enclosure

How To Make An Enclosure For Dogs With Their Own Hands

The walls of the enclosure are an obstacle for a dog who wants to leave its borders. Within the same enclosure, as a rule, there are two types of walls – deaf and lattice. The first type protects dog housing from the wind, and also serves as a support for the roof. Deaf walls draw two or three sides of the enclosure. The grille as a wall is needed to provide a dog with an overview of everything happening on the site, as well as for access to sunlight.

It is not recommended to use ordinary nails for fastening the boards of an open-air cage – the dog may tear them out or get hurt about sharp edges. It is better to use screws or screw nails.

In the quality of the lattice, some decide to do the budget option – a metal mesh. But in fact, the netting chain has more disadvantages than advantages. First, if the dog is large, then sooner or later, the mesh will tear under its weight. Secondly, there is a mass of real cases when animals injure their teeth on thin metal. Practice has proven that it is best to use a welded metal bar fence as a grating. The optimal lattice spacing, when keeping large dogs, is 10 cm, for small or medium breeds, a smaller distance between the rods is needed – about 5 cm.

The design of the lattice includes an entrance door through which you can get into the aviary. Doors are not recommended to be made from the side of deaf walls, since, entering the open-air cage, a person should see a dog, and a dog – a person. There must be a dead bolt and a hinge for the padlock on the doors.

Roof enclosure – protection from rain

Most often, the roof of the aviary is a lean-to construction, made of any roofing material. It can be a metal tile, soft roof, slate, professional sheet. The best option can rightly be considered a soft roof of shingles, which protects the aviary from the rain, and has a high sound insulation.

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The slope of the roof is made in the direction of drainage, so that the precipitations do not fall and do not accumulate under the floor of the enclosure.

To improve the lighting of the enclosure, sometimes the roof is performed not on its entire area, but on two thirds. In this case, you need to provide that the dog could not use the booth as a springboard from which it is easy to jump out of the aviary. With this option, special attention should be paid to competent drainage system, along which precipitation will flow along the coating in the right direction.

Feeding trough in the aviary

Feeding trough is needed to provide animal food. It is best to fix it on the bars of the lattice at a height of 20 – 30 cm from the flooring. It is great if the design provides for a rotary mechanism and a method for fixing it in the closed position. Such a solution will ensure safety when feeding dogs to outsiders, for example, in the absence of owners.

Booth – a place to relax dogs

In the most remote and protected place of the aviary install booth. It is knocked out of tongue-and-groove boards, warmed inside with foam plastic and sheathed with thick plywood. The roof, for the convenience of cleaning, it is better to make removable. This is especially true for dogs with puppies.

It is desirable to make the entrance to the booth in the form of a circular opening – thus the internal heat is better preserved. In winter, you can hang a piece of coarse cloth over the entrance that does not prevent the dog from getting inside, but provides the necessary heat.

Knowing how to build a dog enclosure, you can begin to design it. To do this, you can see what kind of aviary for dogs, photos of these structures in large quantities are presented in various magazines and the Internet. Among such structures there are real masterpieces that you can try to repeat on your site, creating for your beloved pet all the conditions for a comfortable life.

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