How to Make a TV Remote From Smartphone

03/22/2017 20:52:00

The possibilities of a modern smartphone are endless. Almost any technical task, whether we do complex computing work, or just want to “teach” the gadget new features, can be solved in a few tapas on the screen. Let’s talk about how you can control your TV using your Android mobile gadget. This may be necessary if the original remote control is out of order and there is no way to quickly replace it.

Not so long ago, to turn on the TV from a smartphone, it was necessary to have special technical knowledge, now it’s enough to install a special Android application. The TV must have certain functions with which you can establish a connection between the TV and smartphone:

  • Smart TV. Allows you to connect to a TV via Wi-Fi
  • Infrared port
  • Bluetooth module

Appropriate modules must be installed in the phone.

Large manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic or Samsung are developing applications specifically for their models. We will consider universal programs for Android, which turn a smartphone into a control panel for various TV models.

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Tv remote control

OS Version: Android 2.2 or later
Cost: Free

A universal application that allows you to control the TV from your phone. The program does not support the Russian language, but even a novice user can figure out a simple menu. It is enough to configure the connection mode (infrared port or Wi-Fi), register the IP address of the TV and set the desired model.

The application supports a huge number of TV models, including:

The application has a basic set of commands for the TV: the power button, numeric keypad, buttons for switching channels and sound settings. The application does not have a paid extended version, so from time to time an advertisement will appear on the control panel.

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Remote control

OS Version: Android 4.0.3 or later
Cost: Free

A convenient application that turns a smartphone into a TV remote control. In the settings, just select the connection mode: via infrared or Wi-Fi. In the second case, the program itself can determine the IP address of the TV and connect to it. The program for the phone allows you to control the models of seven manufacturers:

Application developers claim that in each update they add new TV models.

The TV is controlled from a smartphone via a simple menu where you can select a signal source (TV or AV), enter the TV menu, switch channels using the numeric keypad or separate soft buttons and adjust the sound.

The application does not have a paid version, so pop-up ads cannot be disabled.

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Easy Universal TV Remote

OS Version: Android 2.3 or later
Cost: Free

How to Make a TV Remote From Smartphone

An application for a smartphone with which an Android device becomes a TV remote control. It differs from previous programs only in its interface: with its help, you can control the sound, switch channels and turn off the TV.

To get started, you need to choose one of three connection modes and a TV model.

Most of the free applications have one major drawback. they cannot disable ads. You can get rid of annoying banners and significantly expand the functionality of your smartphone as a TV remote control by installing paid applications.

Galaxy Universal Remote

OS Version: Android 4.0 or later
Cost: 219 rubles

A universal application for a smartphone that allows you to make the gadget a remote control not only for the TV, but also for any household appliances with a built-in infrared port.

If there are several TVs in the house, the application user can bookmark each model for quick access at any time. If additional devices, such as amplifiers or game consoles, are connected to the TV, the universal remote control can be configured for each device from one menu.

The application has extensive functionality:

  • Unique control panel. The user can add his own command buttons, set the shape, size and color for them, set his own icon on each button.
  • Create macros. Ability to customize the list of actions with one click. This can be turning on the TV, switching to a specific channel, increasing the volume.
  • Create and save custom IR command codes
  • Scan device models to set up phone alignment
  • Backup. All settings and commands can be transferred to another phone.
  • A widget for the main screen of an Android smartphone. You can control the TV without even going to the application.

If the application is incompatible with a specific TV model, the developers have provided a system for the return of money paid for the program.

Onezap remote

OS Version: Android 4.0 or later
Cost: 172 rubles

A convenient and inexpensive application that makes it possible to make a TV remote control from a smartphone. The program database contains 250 integrated devices:

The application user can use either a predefined menu or create his own by choosing the color scheme of the interface, the size and shape of the buttons. If a DVD player is connected to the TV, it is possible to create a separate button or a set of buttons to control both devices.

Do you use a smartphone to control the TV? In the comments to the article, you can share which applications you consider the most convenient.

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