How to Make a Transparent Phone Case

How to Make a Transparent Phone Case

Everyone wants to decorate their phone

Do-it-yourself silicone bumper on the phone

The colorful bumper can be made of silicone to make molds without touching the brushes, glue.

To prepare the material you will need:

  • Silicone building;
  • Potato starch as a thickener and for imparting white color;
  • Kohler or acrylic paint.

In the process of kneading, it is better to use silicone gloves. So the hands will feel the material, and they will not have to be washed for a long time.

  1. Having squeezed out silicone, it is necessary to add two tablespoons of potato starch to it.
  2. The process of mixing the silicone "dough" is similar to the preparatory stage before sculpting from plasticine. It must be crushed until the mass becomes homogeneous.
  3. If you divide the resulting mass into several almost equal pieces, and add color to each of them, you get colorful balls. They need to be flattened, folded so that each previous one peeks out from under the previous flat cake for several millimeters.
  4. Using a rolling pin, the workpiece must be rolled out so that it is enough on the back wall of the gadget, its edges and a small bend on the front side.
  5. The phone is wrapped in the resulting multi-colored or plain sheet of silicone.
  6. It is necessary to push it a little into the “dough” in order to outline the holes for the camera, the speaker grill located on the back side.
  7. Connectors, control buttons from the side elements of the phone must be marked by swiping your finger around the entire perimeter of the phone.
  8. Silicone should freeze. Its availability depends on the thickness of the rolled layer and the data provided by the manufacturer.
  9. Excess silicone is best removed immediately with a stack or plastic knife. Without excess material, it’s easier to form corners.

Advice! Hardening of the silicone mass can take up to 12 hours. Swap the SIM card in another phone or transfer calls. Otherwise, the smooth surface of the cover will not work.

Gallery: bumper and case on the phone (25 photos)

How to make a DIY silicone bumper (video)

How to make a transparent phone case

Cutting out a rectangle from the film so that it is 1.5-2 cm larger than the phone on each side. Bending the film on the front side of the phone, it must be heated with a lighter flame. Only the flame should not touch it. Evenly seated film will become the skin of the gadget. It can only be removed with scissors. But it will be much later. In the meantime, a manicure set is required in order to cut holes for the camera, side buttons, charger and headphones.

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Transparent silicone case

To make a transparent silicone case, you will need the appropriate quality material. Best for this purpose is a silicone sealant for bonding glass. Its setting time is 30 minutes.

To work, you will need:

  • Box. The one in which the phone was sold will do.
  • Soft clay or modeling dough.
  • A plastic film to protect the phone from contact with materials. plasticine and non-hardened sealant.
  1. A third of the box is filled with plasticine or dough.
  2. The phone is put in a thin plastic bag.
  3. It must be placed in the middle of the plasticine pillow and pressed evenly to get a shape 2-3 mm deeper than the thickness of the phone itself.
  4. The resulting form must be smeared with an even layer of sealant.
  5. Re-insert the phone into the notch it made.
  6. Silicone squeezed to the surface can be slightly leveled, giving it the shape of a future cover.
  7. After the material dries, the phone along with the bumper are removed from the mold. They are cleared of plasticine and polyethylene.

Advice! If the protective layer of the cover is planned to be thicker than 3 mm, then the recess in plasticine form must be made deeper.

How to decorate a silicone case

Decoration of a silicone case can be done in the process of its manufacture.

Decoration of a silicone case can be done in the process of its manufacture

The easiest way to decorate is to find a beautiful picture of the desired format and insert it between the phone and the case. It turns out great decor.

How to make a phone case from a ball

The technique of creating such a bumper is like vacuum packaging the phone in latex.

  1. The balloon is inflated to medium size.
  2. It must be laid on a flat surface, holding the neck with two fingers.
  3. Put on the middle of the phone.
  4. The gadget must be slightly crushed, and the air from the ball to bleed.
  5. A couple of minutes of work, and the phone is wearing a new bright shirt.
  6. It remains only to cut openings for the camera and connectors, and the thin buttons will not interfere with the operation of the buttons.

The technique of creating such a bumper is like vacuum packaging the phone in latex

Paper smartphone case

A cover book made of vinyl wallpaper is made on the principle of a box.

To do this, you need to take:

The case can also be made using origami

  1. On a sheet of paper, stepping back from the edge of 1 cm with an increase in the thickness of the side wall, the outline of the phone is drawn.
  2. Having departed from the drawing No. 1 a gap equal to a thickness of the apparatus of 1 mm, the telephone is circled a second time.
  3. Above and below, a wall thickness of 1 cm is also added.
  4. Cut out, with the help of manicure scissors or a blade, the holes for the charger, headphones, camera lens, screen.

The same bumper, made of corrugated cardboard, will give excellent protection to the phone against bumps and falls. The only thing that decorating it is harder. It can be painted, apply a dense bitmap on it with acrylic paints. But this does not protect the paper from getting wet in the rain.

It is possible to independently increase the moisture resistance of paper or cardboard using lamination. To make a home-made cover both beautiful and moisture resistant, you must first cut it, paint it, laminate it, and then assemble it.

Is it possible to reduce the rubber cover

During operation, rubber covers stretch. They can be returned to their original size. To do this, they must be immersed in boiling water. They will become more ductile, and when cooling should return to their original size.

Some bumpers made of rubber with a large proportion of plastic are not as pliable as rubber. But they can also be made smaller at home. If immersion of the cover in boiling water did not lead to the expected result, you can try to boil it for 5 minutes. the principle of preparing a polyethylene absorbent cover. He works. Just do not need to pull the wet bumper on the phone, moisture must be removed from it.