How to Make a Stylus For A Phone Without Foil

The market for modern gadgets decided to remind us of the already forgotten styluses. Branded "sticks" Recently presented Apple; "Samsung" Launches S-Pen Line for its Galaxy Note Product. Such a device is also convenient for fans to draw on the screen of their smartphone or tablet. To make a stylus with your own hands is quite possible quickly and without the use of costly materials.

Resistive, capacitive and thermal screen

If you are eager to make your own stylus, first of all, find out the type of touch screen of your device. This will directly affect the materials for your craft:

  • Resistive screen. This type reacts to absolutely any touch. with your finger, sushi stick, pencil, etc. Choose what you like best and your stylus is ready!
  • Capacitive screen. Such a touch display responds only to the touch of conductive objects. Man also refers to them to some extent. our fingers, like ourselves, conduct current. All organic substances and creatures, as well as most metals, have this quality.
  • Thermal screen. As the name implies, the display will respond only to the touch of an object that emits heat. That is why it is difficult for us to work with such screens in conditions of Russian frost.

How to Make a Stylus For A Phone Without Foil

Assembling a capacitive stylus with your own hands

To get started, stock up:

  • ballpoint pen;
  • aluminum foil;
  • cotton swab;
  • scotch tape;
  • with scissors.

The capacitive stylus assembly looks like this:

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  1. Remove the rod from the ballpoint pen.
  2. Cut a half of a cotton bud at an acute angle. Insert it in place of the rod into the handle with the cotton head out.
  3. Fix the cotton bud in the handle with tape.
  4. Take a piece of foil and wrap the handle tightly around it, backing off 1 cm from the cotton head.
  5. Fasten the foil sheath with a piece of tape. DIY stylus is ready!

To use this device, you need to have a glass of water on hand. For optimum performance, the fleece will have to be moistened from time to time. From the humidity of the stylus, the capacitive screen does not deteriorate. Remember to keep your fingers on the foil all the time. this is necessary so that static electricity acts on the display.

How to Make a Stylus For A Phone Without Foil

Additional ways

You can make a stylus for a capacitive screen with your own hands and in a slightly different way. For instance:

  1. Take an aluminum tube, attach a piece of the antistatic sponge, which can be found in the chip boxes, to one of its ends.
  2. You can build a stylus with your own hands from the same pen without a rod, replacing the fleece with paper and foil. on a metal-containing chocolate, coffee, tea package, etc.
  3. Some users prefer to use a thin battery as a stylus, bringing its negative pole to the screen.
  4. You can use one rolled up in a tube antistatic film, fixing its shape with pieces of adhesive tape.
  5. Lightweight, non-scratch screen aluminum wand. also a good stylus. Only its head should not be too small, otherwise the screen simply does not "will see" this object.

DIY thermal stylus assembly

  • pen pen;
  • gel pen with an elastic band for fingers;
  • a piece of foil;
  • a piece of sponge for dishes or washcloths;
  • a piece of cellophane.

How to Make a Stylus For A Phone Without Foil

It’s easy to assemble such a stylus:

  1. From the helium pen, leave only the case, and from the pen. gum.
  2. Moisten a sponge with water.
  3. In order not to leave streaks on the screen, wrap the sponge in cellophane.
  4. Now insert the cellophane sponge into the pen. You can push it with the same helium rod, slowly. so as not to harm the convolution. As a result, only a sponge ball wrapped in a bag should be visible from the handle.
  5. Remove the rubber band for the fingers from the handle.
  6. Having folded a sheet of foil twice, twist a thin flagellum out of it.
  7. Place this foil rod so that it touches the sponge with one end and envelops the handle body with the other.
  8. Make several turns of the flagellum, put the elastic in place. Part of the foil that will stick out over the elastic can be cut off. The stylus is done!

As you have seen, make a stylus with your own hands. pretty "cheap and angry" easy way for thermal, for capacitive screen. For a resistive display, a stylus can be any convenient handy item.

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