How to Make a Screensaver on a Computer

Knowing how to create a splash screen for videos on Youtube will help in creating unique content for popular video hosting. A recognizable screen saver is a blogger’s calling card, which helps to create your own style and combine videos of various topics within one channel. From our article, you will learn how to put a screensaver on YouTube correctly, what are the requirements for picture quality and sound, and what can’t be used to create a short introductory video.

How to Make a Screensaver on a Computer

What you need to create a screensaver

To upload your own covers, the channel must be in good standing, the user is verified. Compliance with the rules of the Youtube community is one of the main conditions. To check if the channel has permission to download screensavers, go to the “Channel” item and click “Status and Functions”. all parameters must be confirmed.

First you need to determine the type of screen saver. As a rule, the initial compositions for Youtube channels can be divided into 4 varieties:

  • Preview. a beautiful picture that carries a semantic load about the content of the video. The cover is uninformative. Often use photos downloaded from the Internet with images. You can draw a picture or logo in any editor.
  • Captions. text against a bright image can be used as an introduction. At the beginning of the video, you can write the name of the topic, the name of the author, ask some question (for example, “How to make a video screensaver on YouTube?”). A caption box is usually inserted into captions. The final frame of the video may also contain captions. the announcement of the next video, advertising information, etc.
  • Intro is the most complex form. In fact, this is a small video presentation channel or video clip. It must be substituted at the beginning of the video during editing, but at the same time, the intro should be created separately.

Picture requirement

Youtube is an international platform on which anyone can upload video. In order for the videos and screensavers to be of high quality, video hosting has a number of technical requirements for the picture and video.


  • valid formats are BMP. Jpg png;
  • the minimum image size is 1280×720 px;
  • the optimal aspect ratio of the picture is 16: 9 (if this parameter is not observed, the hosting editor automatically cuts the image, and some of the information may be lost).

Video: How to Make a Screensaver on a Computer

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  • valid formats are MP3 (MP3 / WAV), PCM (WAV), AAC (MOV), FLAC;
  • minimum bitrate. 64 Kbps;
  • minimum duration. 33 seconds.

There are no restrictions on the maximum length of audio accompaniment YouTube.

How to make a screensaver for youtube

To make an original start-presentation to a video on YouTube, you need to resort to using programs. photos and video editors, or use online services. You can do this from your phone and computer.

From phone

On your smartphone you need to download a mobile application that can process photos and videos, for example, InShot, VideoSHOW, YouTube-studio. An editor is needed to create a beautiful picture or clip. In the application, you can download a picture from the phone’s gallery or take a picture with the smartphone’s camera. Next, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Prepare the background. you can use the templates from the library.
  2. Set the aspect ratio to 4: 3. this corresponds to the 16: 9 format.
  3. Select a photo and place it on the background. in this case, you can rotate and enlarge the inserted image.
  4. Add text. the name of the video, the name of the author, etc., while you can choose the font, size and color of the letters, the location of the lines.
  5. Adjust brightness, contrast.
  6. Save the received image to the phone gallery.

With a video intro, you need to work in a mobile video editor. Such applications. Lomotif, AndroVid and many others will help to create a beautiful video with a length of 10-20 seconds. The resulting video must be saved in the smartphone.

From computer

Download the editor program on your computer, install. After that, you can begin to create a screensaver for videos on YouTube:

  • Creating a template. as a rule, in editors this stage is called “New Project”.
  • Image editing is the main step in creating a screen saver. The background image, picture, text, stickers, animation, etc. are added to the template.
  • Music overlay. you can select music from those stored in the computer’s memory, or download from the Internet. The track should match the duration of the image. To do this, you need to trim it, choosing the most successful fragment. So that there is no sharp break in the track at the end, it is better to use the mode of “attenuation” of sound.
  • Saving the project. you need to confirm the changes, and exit the editor.

How to put a screensaver

Before you put the screensaver in a video on YouTube, you need to go to the site from any browser. In a smartphone, you also need to go to YouTube through a browser. In your video hosting account you need:

  • select a video and click on the word “Change”. a window with video settings will open;
  • select “Custom Icon”. load the saved video or picture from the computer or smartphone.
  • save changes.

Screensaver added to your video.

What can not be done

Youtube video hosting strictly monitors the content, so you cannot use images and videos of violent scenes, calls for extremism, terrorism. This will lead to account suspension, and in some cases to criminal liability.