How to Make a Screen on Meizu

In this article we will look how to take a screenshot on Meizu from the screen. You already know that sometimes it is necessary to quickly save information from the phone screen and for this we can take a picture from the phone screen (briefly screen). Basically, when we find the necessary information on the Internet, to save it we need to write it down wherever, but there is an easier way to save the necessary information from the phone screen for this we need to take a screenshot on Meizu and then we can see it at any time him just by opening this picture.

How to Make a Screen on Meizu

And so that save screenshot from Meizu screen you need to do the following:
To save a screenshot from Android Meizu, press the buttons at the same time "on / off" and button "home" and the screenshot will be saved in the phone’s memory in the folder "Camera \ Prtsrc". For those who do not know what a button is "Home", that is "Power home". Now you can easily save the information you need simply by taking a screenshot on Meizu and at any time you can watch it by opening the screen in the folder where the phone screenshots are saved.

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Posted by: Vitaliy
07 hours 26 minutes
Thank you very much))) It turned out. Sound buttons "" and incl.
Posted by: Ulyana
23 hours 23 minutes
The screenshot is taken as usual, you just don’t need to hold the buttons (volume shutdown) for a long time, but press and release
Posted by: Pavel
18 hours 15 minutes.
After the last update, the screenshoter disappeared altogether. That is, no options for hot keys work.
Posted by: Сергей
16 hours 02 minutes
Did not help! Previously, to make a screen, I pressed the volume- and off buttons. But after the update, this number does not work, and even what you offer does not work either. I have a Meizu M3 laptop
Posted by: Natali
10 hours 44 minutes
I am bored with the Meizu M3 note 2 month phone. I’m sure that I’m scrambled without problems, I immediately click the sound buttons ("-") i On Ale recently skrin with such a rank, I can’t zrobiti (Do you think it’s bulo?
Posted by: Shaxina
18 hours 26 minutes
Why I can’t get a screenshot
Posted by: Gange
19 hours 36 minutes
The screenshot is not taken at all. Not those buttons! To take a screenshot, hold down the volume button "up or down" and button "power" Button "home" as it is written here it is not necessary to clamp! Everything is simple!
Posted by: Oksana
18 hours 34 minutes
Thanks for the advice. I got the volume and network keys. Phone Model I do not remember.
Posted by: Дмитрий
11 hours 32 minutes
On the Meizu m3 note, we simultaneously heal the volume key ( or.) and the On button, which is located slightly lower. The snapshot will be saved in the Memory / Pictures / Screenshots folder.
Posted by: Настя
12 hours 27 minutes
Does not work. The phone immediately turns off, and if I hold it, it offers a shutdown or reboot.
Posted by: Михаил
17 hours 39 minutes
Screen on Meizu M2mini phone. Volume or. and on / off.
Posted by: Elnur
09 hour 48 minutes
Overloading should help fix the error with the screen.
Posted by: Иван
22 hours 11 minutes
The screenshot is not saved, how to fix it? I find a screenshot in the gallery but as a damaged file.

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