How to Make a Presentation on a Windows 10 Computer

If you are interested in how to make a presentation on a Windows 10 computer, then you have come to the right place. Here I will introduce you some interesting programs and services designed specifically for this.

What is a presentation?

A presentation is a kind of graphic accompaniment to a performance. It is used to help viewers better understand the material. You can insert into it: pictures, videos, music, text, graphic drawings and more. We will discuss further where to make presentations on Windows 10.

Presentation software

Let’s consider several options for applications for creating presentations on Windows 10.


This program is familiar to many. Almost all users install the Microsoft Office suite of office applications on their computers, and PowerPoint is included.

A familiar logo? Let’s consider in more detail. Working in the program is quite simple:

  1. Run the program.
  2. Switch to tab “Design” and select the most suitable among those proposed.
  3. On the right there are buttons for customization: effects, fonts, colors, and more.

Go to tab “The main thing”. There is a button Create Slide. Click on it and select the appropriate template. Please note that the structure can be customized as you need.

Fill it out: arrange inscriptions, pictures, and more.

  • Proceed to create the next slide. Do them as much as you need.
  • The design of the program is intuitive, so it makes no sense to explain in detail about each button.

    You can download the program in any torrent portal on the Internet.

    Libreoffice impress

    Video: How to Make a Presentation on a Windows 10 Computer

    This is a good alternative to PowerPoint. If the first option does not suit you, and you do not know what to make a presentation on Windows 10, use LibreOffice Impress:

    1. Run the program.
    2. Choose the appropriate slide layout or create your own. Customize it as you wish.

    Again, everything is very simple and requires no special explanation. The program has an intuitive interface, which even a complete kettle will understand.

    Online Services

    Consider several online services for creating presentations. They are suitable if you need a simple presentation without installing any software on your computer.

    Powerpoint online

    Almost all popular Microsoft office programs can be opened online. To do this, follow the link and select PowerPoint there, then:

    How to Make a Presentation on a Windows 10 Computer
    1. Create a Microsoft account and log in to it.
    2. Use PowerPoint online.

    The interface is almost the same as in a computer program, so creating a presentation is very simple.

    Google docs

    If you use services from Google, you probably know about Google Docks. It offers: Word, Excel and Presentations:

    1. Create an account in Goole Mail or log in if you already have one.
    2. Follow this link.
    3. Click on “Clean.”
  • A light editor will appear where you can create a presentation of any complexity.
  • Here is another option through which to make a presentation on Windows 10.

    How to open a presentation file

    How to create it is clear, but how to open a presentation on Windows 10? And here everything is very simple: you can use any previously provided program or online service. They allow not only creating, but also opening ready-made works, editing them.


    That’s so simple you can work with presentations on the new Windows 10 OS both on a computer and online.