How To Make A Lounger Or Dog Bed With Your Own Hands

The dog must have its place where no one will disturb it. Where she will sleep peacefully, knowing that does not bother anyone.

This place is better to arrange in the form of a comfortable sunbed. This is especially true for puppies, as well as for smooth-haired and small dog breeds, which in the winter can be cold to sleep on the same litter. Older dogs, often suffering from arthritis and other diseases of the joints, also need loungers.

Size and shape of the dog bed

To determine the size of the lounger, you need to measure how much space is occupied by a dog lying on its side with legs extended. In a puppy, especially of large breeds, at first it can be smaller, and from the age of one year of adult size.

With regard to the form of a sunbed, in this matter the restrictions may depend only on the imagination of the owner of the dog. And judging by the forums, what kind of shape they do not give to the sun beds of their pets: hearts, fish, flowers. Of course, such a bedwheel looks funny for dogs of small breeds: the Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Spitz, Pekingese, Bichon, etc. Mink dogs like a dachshund like a booth, many kids love to hide in the house. Large and medium-sized dogs, which is contained in the apartment, it is better to make something like an ottoman or sofa.

But before you decide which form your dog can fit, look at what position she sleeps more often. If, curled up, it is better to make a round or oval lounger. If he likes to stretch his legs – rectangular.

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As a rule, the lounger is placed in a secluded corner near the wall. And so that the dog does not cling to the wall and do not get a wallpaper from this side, it is better to attach a side, 20-40 cm high – depending on the size of the dog. The side can be hard – from plywood or soft, in the form of pads or rollers. But the soft side should be easy to wash or put on removable pillow cases.

How To Make A Lounger Or Dog Bed With Your Own Hands
How To Make A Lounger Or Dog Bed With Your Own Hands

How to sew a lounger for dogs with their own hands

For sewing a simple lounger with a soft side, you will need furniture foam rubber 4.5 cm thick, a fabric for plating (thick furniture or tapestry) and a soft, dark fabric for pillowcases.

Two parts are cut out of the foam rubber: the bottom of the sunbed of the required size and the side, from 20 to 40 centimeters high and a length equal to three sides of the bottom. Foam parts should be applied to the upholstery fabric and cut out 4 parts (two for the bottom and two for the bead), adding allowances for the seams of 2 cm. Cases are sewn from the fabric into which the foam parts are thrust. After the bottom and side are stitched together.

It is better if a removable pillowcase is put on the mattress. You can sew two such pillowcases and when one is in the laundry, the dog will sleep on the other. It is better to sew pillowcases from natural smooth materials that are easy to shake off wool: cotton, linen. The lighter the fabric, the faster it will get dirty. Removable pillowcases are sewn to the size of the finished lounger. It is better if they are at the bottom of the lounger to gum or stick with velcro, and not fasten with buttons or zippers.

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Another type of deckchair without a board can be made on the basis of plywood or chipboard. Low furniture legs can be attached to a sheet of the required size – up to 10 cm for easy cleaning. A mattress is sewn on such a basis. It can be simply cut out from an old wadded or padding pad or cut out of fabric and filled with padding polyester or holofiber.

To the mattress did not move from the base, it can be attached to the plywood with wide elastic bands. And on top sew two removable pillowcases. They can be made, as now they are sewing sheets on a human bed – with a rubber band around the perimeter. Or as a traditional pillowcase on a pillow that will be put on the dog mattress. Wash pillowcases should be as they are contaminated, and the sun bed mattress in winter should be periodically knocked out in the snow, and in the summer to dry in the sun.

If you use these simple recommendations, then making a lounger or dog bed with your own hands will not be difficult for you.

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