How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

Having decided to have a dog, you should think about the comfort of your four-sided friend and all family members. Often in the absence of the owner of the dog spoil the interior and decor of the apartment. And the owners are thinking how to limit the movement of the animal in the room, so that the pet feels good, while not suffering furniture and things. Such problems are solved by the installation of a spacious, high-quality aviary.

Features homemade models

Wanting to buy an open-air cage, most breeders are faced with a wide range of structures made using different materials. Unfortunately, many stop the high price of these products. Spending money is absolutely not worth it, as it is not very difficult to assemble a playpen for a pet on your own.

For domestic dogs there are two types of enclosures – portable (for traveling, trips to the sea, nature) and stationary. The first structure is compact and easy to transport, but not quite suitable for everyday use in the apartment. The second option is more like a room for an animal, where there is a place for rest and sleep, area for games, food, and also equipped with a toilet for dogs of small breeds.

How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

The apartment arena is open at the top, assembled from rods or slats, so that the animal can observe what is happening in the room. The owner also sees what his pet does. Inside the playpen must be placed intricate toys, rodents for dogs, so that animals do not suffer from boredom.

Usually, the enclosures are created from separate modules so that they can be removed in case of uselessness., and then place again, add sections as the dog grows, increasing its personal space. It will be comfortable for the pet if the size of the structure is sufficiently large, so the arenas make at least 2 m² for small breeds. For puppies there is enough 0,5 m² of territory with a wall height of 45 cm.

For larger animals occupy more space.

Home enclosures can be made of different shapes, but the quadrangular version allows the most efficient use of apartment space. The type of materials used are structures:

Often, owners prefer metal arenas, as they are easier to wash, the metal does not absorb the smell, is durable. You can assemble a metal enclosure with or without a roof. These houses are taken to the country in the summer season. Use that the dog was not lost, did not fight with other animals.

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How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

Cloth enclosures in the form of an awning are usually used during outdoor recreation for small pets., for example, york, chihuahua. Such tents are lightweight, easily laid out, quickly and compactly assembled, and are inexpensive. Among the negative qualities note the rapid wear of the fabric, the need to wash.

When choosing or self-tailoring should pay attention to the presence of special pockets for placing accessories for pets. This will provide additional convenience in operation. The presence of retainers for fixing the cage on the ground will ensure the safety of your pet. The roof of the tent is made detachable, then it is easier to look after the dog.

Owners note that the aviary allows you to discipline puppies, quickly accustom them to the toilet. The dog stops marking the territory where it wants, begins to relieve the need in one place.

However, it is often not recommended to close pets for a long time in a structure restricting freedom, since the animal will become weak, painful, and may acquire such bad character traits as cowardice and aggressiveness.

How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

Tools and materials

Before proceeding with the preparation of tools and materials for the collection of design, you should decide on the version of the product. Wooden buildings look beautiful, fit well into the design, but a restless puppy or an adult dog can gnaw through the slats of boredom, quickly damage the enclosure. If you prefer a plastic product, make sure that the material is quite durable and reliable.

To collect a metal enclosure prepare a high-quality mesh of metal, rod or tube, wicket canopy loops, thick wire, pliers. When constructing a wooden version, yards and strips, hinges for the door, measuring tape, screws, and a file will be needed. For a plastic enclosure useful profile tube and various fittings.

How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

How to make a home aviary?

Metal enclosure from the grid is the most practical, simple and cheap. Therefore, in the first place, we will tell you how to make it with your own hands. To make a pet home, you need:

  1. Select the shape of the structure and assemble the appropriate frame of metal rods;
  2. On top of the frame, tension the prepared mesh, twisting the design in pre-cut pieces of wire;
  3. One of the parts of the grid must be put on the hinges – we get a door that will be attached to the walls with a cord;
  4. The floor inside the playpen is additionally covered with linoleum, in the place where the dog will rest, we place the lounger, we put fabric bedding;
  5. We put containers for food and water, pet stuff, create coziness.
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How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

Aviary in the apartment for small and medium dogs can be made of wood. Some work with this material more familiar and more convenient, slats and boards easier to get, so this option is preferable. Manege perform in this sequence.

  1. Determine the size of the necessary enclosure according to the breed of the dog.
  2. Measure and cut off slats of the desired length for the manufacture of the frame.
  3. Connect the frame parts using the corners and screws.
  4. Determine the height of the arena. Saw thin boards of the desired length and attach them to the frame at a short distance from each other like a fence. So we get the walls of the aviary.
  5. From the slats we make a rectangular frame of the door, nailing boards to it on the model of the walls.
  6. We fix the gate on the sheds and attach the latch for closing.
  7. We cover the floor and equip the inside of the building. Playpen for puppies or for an adult dog is ready.

How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

You can make a flat enclosure with a closed top in the form of a cage as follows.

How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

Aviary, which will be located in your home, can be made of chipboard. This design is perfect for puppies and small apartment dogs. The advantages of the construction is the fortress and at the same time the low price of the material. Such an aviary is easy to assemble and can be used for a long time.

Chipboard is easy to clean and disinfect, safe for the animal, as it eliminates the possibility of injury or drive a thorn.

To make a square enclosure, the material is cut into rectangles of the desired length and height. Chipboard plates are fixed in the corners with the help of a bar inside, fixed on top with corners. In one of the walls at some distance from the corner make the door. It is fixed on 2-3 loops. On the inner part of the gate set the latch.

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How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

To make a plastic playpen, you need:

  1. Cut the profile tube into pieces, the length of which will correspond to the height of the enclosure, and into segments of length 5 cm for connecting the grille;
  2. We connect a long tube with small fittings with tees, getting a small fence; fix the assembled walls with plastic corners;
  3. We make the distance between the rods smaller so that the dog does not jump out and not get stuck between them.

The disadvantage of this design is the difficulty in hanging the door. And planting a pet or a puppy every time through the fence is not very convenient.

How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

Useful tips

The best location of the enclosure in the house will be a quiet place where the pet can rest. Do not place playpen near batteries, balcony doors, in a draft. Think over the place so that the dog can observe most of what is happening in the apartment. Choose high-quality, non-toxic materials for the construction.

How To Make A Home Dog Enclosure For Yourself

The floor is always made solid. In the cold season with insufficient heating under the design put insulation. They can even serve as an old synthetic blanket, if you place it under a piece of linoleum. When the puppies are small, cover absorbent diapers or porous spongy material that will absorb urine on the bottom of the aviary, and will become dry on top. Thus, the kids will be in a comfortable environment, they will not catch a cold.

The most convenient design, on the walls of which are provided for mounting bowls, then the animal does not overturn them. Do not forget to wash containers in time. The open-air cage is cleaned every day, if there are puppies in the house, 2 times a week, when an adult dog lives in it. Do not forget to disinfect the floor and walls, and then thoroughly wash them with plain water.

Dispose of dirty diapers, replace them with dry and fresh ones.

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