How To Make A Halti For Dogs With Their Own Hands

By itself, the design of halti has the shape of a bridle. This device is used to control the dog for a walk. Halti (halter for dogs), when used properly, is absolutely safe. Below will be considered all the positive aspects of this device.

Hals for dogs. the main advantages to use for the owner himself

So, the advantages in using a halter are as follows:

  1. The owner of the dog completely controls the behavior of the dog. It means that she will not be able to jump on people passing by or pull her master behind her.
  2. Halti is an ideal device for a comfortable ride with your dog in public transport.

And what is the benefit of this device for the dog itself? We will tell about it further.

How To Make A Halti For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Advantages in using halti for the dog itself

Dog huts can also be used in working with puppies. And all because the halter is the safest, compared with the usual muzzle. He does not choke the animal, which makes it possible to use it even if the dog has any injuries to the neck or spine.

And the last plus. Such a device allows the dog to eat and drink absolutely without any inconvenience.

How To Make A Halti For Dogs With Their Own Hands

These criteria above show all the convenience and versatility of halti for dogs. And further, there will be a list of sizes and breeds of dogs that fit this size.

Halti sizes for dogs and breeds that fit these sizes.

In total, there are five sizes on sale, from 0 to 5. In this part of the article, breeds of dogs that fit one or another size of halter will be listed. It is important to remember that the correctly selected size will allow the animal to feel comfortable in such equipment, and plus to everything, it is also safety. After all, if the halty is too large, the dog can easily take it off and run away from the owner, and in the worst case, pounce on the person passing by.

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And now specifically about the size:

  1. The first size. 0. It is perfect for the smallest small breeds. These include dwarf dachshunds or toy poodles.
  2. Next size. 1. It will fit the dogs a little more. For example, basenji will feel in a halter of this size very well.
  3. Size 2. It can be used for breeds like beagle, scotch terrier, etc.
  4. The penultimate size. 4. Here are breeds of a rather large size: Great Dane, Rottweiler, etc.
  5. And finally, the last one. 5. This size is suitable for dogs of the breed of mastiff and other, no less large breeds.

How To Make A Halti For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Instructions for making halti do it yourself

What is needed for making halti

  1. Sling, two meters long.
  2. Two rings.
  3. Two small carbines.
  4. Plastic buckle and adjuster.

The main stages of work

After purchasing the necessary materials, you need to find out the size of the dog. To do this, it is necessary to measure the neck girth and mouth girth, as well as the distance from the neck to the beginning of the mouth. In addition, you need to know the distance from the leash, which will be on the dog’s neck, to the middle of its nose.

When the dimensions will be known, it is necessary to cut the sling into pieces of the desired length. It is important to remember to leave a few centimeters of margin on the seams.

How To Make A Halti For Dogs With Their Own Hands

The halki fastener is mainly located on the dog’s scruff. The leash on her neck is best to take with a margin of 10 to 15 centimeters. Next, at one end you need to sew a length adjuster and a lock. After that, the shortest piece of the line is taken, and a ring is sewn on the end of this piece. And the other end of this piece is wrapped in half and sewn to the collar.

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It is worth noting that this part of the halti will be under the muzzle of your pet. Then, a loop is sewn that will twist around the dog’s muzzle. It should have a ring sewn exactly the same as on the collar.

It will be very good if you sew a soft cloth to the places where the halty will touch the animal’s body. After that, two more pieces of the slings are sewn, which should go from the leash to the collar.

How To Make A Halti For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Halti halti for a dog to sew with your own hands quite easily and simply. It will not take much time, and it will be cheaper for money.

Opinions of people using halti for dogs: photos with examples of halti

Regarding the use of halti, there was a lot of opinions from the owners of dogs. Someone considers this device unsafe, and someone on the contrary, without which it is very difficult to do. So what do people think about halti for dogs? Reviews on sites are mostly positive. Also here are vivid examples of halti.

How To Make A Halti For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Many of the owners, at first, used the usual leash, and, often, the walk became torment for them. The dog did not obey, tried to escape from the hands of the owner. This was the reason for finding an alternative.

Among the shoppers, there are many Halty and those who have started a dog for the first time and are trying to find the most suitable accommodation option for their walks. In a word, everyone has his own reason.

As for the advantages that dog breeders have identified, there are quite a lot of them. The most basic of them. This is the absence of any damage to the animal due to the use of halti. In addition, the dog will be able to calmly drink, eat and walk in the fresh air. And, of course, you can not lose sight of the convenience during a walk for the owner himself.

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Another important plus. quick addictive dog to a new attribute. As the owners write, in order for the animal to get used to the halter, just a few hours and quite a bit of patience is enough. The halty wear resistance is also gone. Many of those who purchased it have been using this device for several years now, and they are sure that it will last for a long time. Acceptable price dog owners also consider the hallmark of halti. For many, the acquisition of such an attribute did not become a disaster in the budget plan.

So, the total can be summed up like this. Halti can and should be used. The halter is safe for both the dog and the owner. In addition, it is quite inexpensive and not afford to hit hard.

How To Make A Halti For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Small tips to start using halti

At the end of the article, I would like to say a few words about how to help the dog get used to the halter. After all, in order to use the headpiece was really convenient for both the dog and the owner, it is necessary that the pet is used to it. And how to do this will be discussed below. So, in order:

  1. First stage. give the dog a sniff of halti.
  2. It is necessary, holding the nose belt with one hand, to give a treat to the dog through the hole and put the strap on the dog’s nose. It is necessary to continue until the dog itself starts to push the nose into the hole.
  3. When the dog finally gets used and will not bite or try to dislodge the halter, you can completely dress the halti on the dog and go outside.

Observing these three points, you can quickly and without problems to ensure that your pet will get used to the halti and will not escape.

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