How to Make a Flash on iPhone 5s

What to do if the darkness has already come and the flashlight is not at hand? Can’t read the menu in the restaurant in the dim light or do you come home late at night? We advise you to feel in your pocket iPhone. The good news is that a bright flashlight is already built into the iPhone, you only need to turn it on.

So, in this instruction you will learn:

  • How to quickly turn on the flashlight on an iPhone through the Control Center
  • How to disable the application "Flashlight"so as not to drain the battery
  • What to do if the standard iPhone flashlight does not work a common error when the camera and flashlight do not work in the iPhone 5s)
  • Can I put a flash on a bell? (Yes!)

By the way, if you are not interested in the iPhone and you are a smartphone user with Android OS. here you can download the flashlight application on Android.

What about flashlight apps for iOS?

The thing is that making a flashlight for iPhone 4 or 5 was a favorite task of any iOS developer. The device of such programs is more than simple: when you press the button, the built-in flash in the iPhone fires. intended, in essence, for other purposes, namely for the camera.

Accordingly, many flashlights on the iPhone 5s did not work properly: they were created by amateurs, not professional programmers.

What is an iOS Control Center

The control center is designed to access the basic features of the iPhone. You can open it from almost any screen, for this you do not even need to enter a password.

How to Make a Flash on iPhone 5s

Control Center Window

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone 4 (5, 6)

To open the Control Center, swipe at the bottom of the screen. A box with several icons will appear. In the lower left corner you will see a small flashlight icon.

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Click on it to turn on or off the flashlight on the iPhone. It should be noted that this method of inclusion works with iOS devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and 5s. Yes, and with later models of the phone, the methods are similar.

Common mistake: forgot to turn off the flashlight on the phone

When you press the power button on the iPhone, switching it to sleep mode, you turn off the flashlight, right? Not!!

People walk with luminous pockets, because they do not know how to turn off the flashlight on the iPhone. To do this, just go to the checkpoint and turn off the flashlight after using it. Otherwise, the Flashlight application is disabled on the phone only after you completely turn off the phone or your battery is completely discharged.

How to turn off the flashlight on an iPhone

Disabling the widget is very simple:

  1. Go to the Control Center
  2. Find the flashlight icon and click on it
  3. Make sure the camera’s flashlight is turned off by turning the phone cover toward you.

Do not forget about the battery. If you have problems with fast battery consumption, I advise you to read the article in which I collected tips on how to save battery power. Although the text is intended for Android users, iPhone owners will find many universal tips in it.

Why the flashlight does not work on the iPhone

If the flashlight does not work on iPhone 5s or earlier / later models, then most often this is due to a software error in iOS or Control Center. In this situation, we can advise you to go to the Appstore and install alternative applications to turn on the flash on the iPhone.

We have collected selected flashlights, which can be a great option if the flashlight on the iPhone does not turn on in the standard way.

Flashlight by rik

The free flashlight for the iPhone, without ads, works very fast (taking up only about 100 Kb of RAM), an excellent interface and correct operation on the iPhone 5, 6 and for the outdated iPhone 4s. I advise you to put it on your home screen to keep a bright flashlight always at hand. A great solution if the flashlight does not work on the iPhone 5.

Flashlight XS: turn on blinking on the iPhone

Flashlight XS allows you to enable blinking on the iPhone in the most emergency situations. Among other things, this is really a good solution if the flashlight does not work on the iPhone. The application starts instantly, because it combines all the advantages of iOS optimization. In contrast, say, from some other flashlights for the phone, which sometimes simply "fly out" and do not turn on.

SOS My Location. Personal Safety App

If you need a flashlight for purely practical purposes, then this application combines a SOS alarm, a GPS tracker and a powerful, bright pocket flashlight for an iPhone. Works on both iPhone and iPad.

How to turn on the flash when calling on an iPhone without using third-party applications

Now I will tell you how to make the iPhone blink when you call. Many users are trying hard to find this option, since flickering the flash really helps in many situations, especially when turning on silent mode on the iPhone, when vibration is also undesirable, and it is not allowed to skip incoming messages.

However, not every user is aware that the flash when calling on the iphone is turned on in the settings of the iOS operating system.

Unlike other phones, in iPhone 5s, 6 and other models, the flash does not work by default when it rings. Nevertheless, do not forget about the Accessibility section, where the settings for users with disabilities are located. It is assumed that the flash when calling on an iPhone will be indispensable for hearing impaired users, so the corresponding option was included in this section.

  1. Open Settings on the Home screen
  2. Go to the General section. Universal access
  3. In the “Hearing” section, activate the setting "Warning flash" (LED Flash for Alerts).

This is how the flash is set to ring the iPhone using regular methods. Of course, there are more interesting ways. for example, the use of Apple Store applications, but in this case speed plays into the hands.

All. After activating the flash for incoming calls, simply lay the phone down on the screen and wait until an incoming message arrives or they call you (we recommend that you test the function on the iPhone beforehand).