How To Make A Door For Cats And Dogs In The Door

Pleasant purring, tenderness of cats and devotion to their home cause love practically in the heart of each person, in return we are ready to give no less, to indulge and perform all come purrs. No less demanding attention and dogs.

In order for the animal to live in comfort and not cause unnecessary trouble, for example, could independently go for a walk, the idea of ​​building a small door in the front door often haunts the owners. Such manholes can be constructed in ordinary doors to the room, for example, in the doors to the kitchen. Animals do not have to meow and spoil the wall-paper, and you are distracted from everyday duties or from rest.

Kinds of cat wings


The simplest design for the cat, made independently, is a hole corresponding to the size of the pet, without a sash. Of course, there can be no question at the front door about lazy – rather, it is an interroom option.

If you are worried that the cat may be injured, the opening can be treated with a smooth, soft and pleasant-to-touch fabric, preferably with a nap. At the time of sliding in the hole, such an “upholstery” will allow you to collect shedding wool from the animal.

How To Make A Door For Cats And Dogs In The Door

There is only one drawback – there are situations when an animal needs to be isolated from the room for a while. For a particularly stubborn dog or cat, you will need to move heavy furniture and close the opening with it, which is not very convenient, especially if there is no man nearby. Sound insulation should also be forgotten – noises and smells will penetrate inside the room, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it.

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Window in the door

Another hand-crafted cat model is a door swung open due to a hinged mechanism. Although the product does not have sufficient tightness, isolation from the outside world is already perceptible compared to the previous instance. The small weight of the sash allows the pet to freely open it with the front part of the body, after which the door slam shut.

How To Make A Door For Cats And Dogs In The Door

From tangible flaws – when closing, the sash hits the frame, which causes a resounding knock. The folding window for cats today is considered an obsolete instance.

Mortise device

The mortise door is a device that looks great. The product can be made of wood or plastic, have many ways to create. As for the construction, it is equipped with individual parts and a connecting tunnel.

The hatch is located in the formed hole in the wall plane, thus masking the place of the saw cut. Before fixing the passage in the door for a cat or dog, you must first take measurements of the thickness of the door panel. Tunnels are usually held together in several pieces at once, as an option – they can be cut, and, therefore, there is no particular difficulty in selecting the desired size.

The door, made of treated wood or thermoplastic of high strength, durable and not afraid of moisture. Equip on the outer surface of the cusps and frame a bezel that contributes to closing the opening quite easily and tightly – the closing itself takes place without any noise or knocking.

How To Make A Door For Cats And Dogs In The Door

Electronic door for cat

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The magnet, which is equipped with one of the parties, reliably fixes the door closed, but does not interfere with the movement of the dog or cat. And the door will not limply fluctuate under the influence of wind and draft.

On sale you can see the products equipped with an electronic door for the cat, make it yourself will not succeed. The device is computerized, complete with an electronic device comes collar, which fits on the animal. The display turns on a program that identifies this particular collar and allows only the pet in which he is wearing the pet into the house.

Especially expensive devices help locate pets, namely the vector of their movement. How does this work? If the animal in the house – the LED changes shade, and vice versa.

Simple version of the door for cats and dogs

So, you need a sheet of transparent plastic, you can get it by cutting, for example, from the lid of the bucket. The wooden device is not suitable – the cat is unlikely to want to open a heavy sash. The lock is suitable for latch or latch. Installed locking devices on each side of the door will allow the structure to be closed only at the exit from the room or at the entrance.

Repair and construction work is carried out with a pre-removed door construction, placed on a flat plane, be it a large table or floor.

If you have additional questions on how to make a door for a cat and a dog with your own hands, the following video will help to understand the nuances of the process:

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Finally, the appearance of the cat and dog aisle can be advantageously beaten by treating the hole with strips cut from the carpet, and also hanging a light, air curtain on the mini-eaves. As a result, you get a designer frame, unlike other analogues. Originality will add a bright rug at the entrance.

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