How to Make a Desktop Screen on a Computer

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How to take a screenshot of a screen on a computer using the keyboard

For creating a screenshot of the screen in Windows 7, 10 and earlier versions of the system, a button on the keyboard called Print Screen is responsible. Most often, its abbreviated name is indicated. Prt Scr. The key is usually located in the upper central or right part of the keyboard, immediately behind the F1-F12. Before clicking on it, make sure that the screen is displayed exactly the way you want to capture it. The most difficult thing for a beginner begins precisely after clicking on Print Screen, because at first it is not clear where the screenshot is saved. But just the user himself determines the location of the screenshot, for which it will take a few more steps.

Open any image editor, for the role of which the standard Windows program. MS Paint is quite suitable. The application is located in the standard programs section, which can be accessed through the Start menu. As soon as MS Paint starts up, click on the “Edit” menu section and select “Paste.” A screenshot of the computer screen you make will immediately appear in the main program field. The same image insertion action can be performed using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl V. Make sure that you are satisfied with how the screenshot looks. Otherwise, you can use the program’s toolkit to fix it, for example, select and crop excess edges or flip the image. After that, go to “File”. “Save As.”, where you need to specify the folder for saving the screenshot and click “Save”. The image will immediately appear in the selected folder and will be available for future use.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the described method to take a screenshot of the screen on the computer using the keyboard. Its advantages are as follows:

  • comparative simplicity and accessibility;
  • compatibility with all versions of Windows;
  • data security.

Despite the number of actions required to obtain and save a screen, the “Print Screen Paint” method remains the most accessible and understandable for both beginners and advanced users. To obtain an image, it is not necessary to resort to the help of extraneous programs and people, which helps to prevent leakage of personal data and virus infection of the computer. However, the disadvantages of this method are:

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  • a large number of actions;
  • tangible time costs;
  • keyboard addiction.

You need to get used to the method of capturing the screen through the Prt Scr key for a while, so often there is confusion in the sequence of actions, which is why you have to turn to the help of specialists again and again. In addition, not everyone can have a workable keyboard with the right key at hand, therefore, every self-respecting user of a personal computer must understand additional ways to get the desired picture.

How to take a screenshot of a screen on a computer if there is no Print Screen button

A lot of users are interested in how to photograph a computer or laptop screen if the required Print Screen button is missing. For starters, it’s still worth looking for it, because, as mentioned earlier, it can be called differently: Prt Scr, PrScr, or even just have a screen icon. The location of the key may also vary depending on the equipment. However, on the oldest computers that are still installed in many Russian offices, there is really no Print Screen button. In this case, special programs will come to the rescue, with the help of which you can easily take a screenshot of the screen on a computer or laptop. Also, applications will be an excellent solution for those who simply want to reduce the time to create and save a screen.

There are a great many various programs for creating screenshots, but it is best to immediately pay attention to the simplest and free applications, which at the same time have long been well established among ordinary users. If you try to install the first program found on the network, there is a big risk of simply not understanding all of its functions or, even worse, catching a virus from a site on which attackers are operating. So, one of the best applications of its kind is considered to be Lightshot. The program is quickly installed and integrated into the system, starting to run when it starts. In the settings, you can assign any key to create a screenshot, and after pressing it, the image is immediately saved to a folder convenient for the user. Thus, the screen is created in just one step.

You can use the closest analogue of Lightshot. the “Screenshot” program, which has similar functionality, and which also allows you to take a screenshot of the screen in one action. Snagit and Clip2net are quite good in convenience, which also have their own image editor, which allows you to quickly and easily process the received screen. However, there are certain disadvantages to the method of photographing the screen using applications:

  • compatibility with not all versions of Windows;
  • system performance degradation;
  • time spent on development.
How to Make a Desktop Screen on a Computer

Alas, most programs do not actually work on the oldest computers, and if they are installed, they significantly slow down the system with a weak hardware configuration. In addition, it will take some time to learn all the functions of the program and remember how to use it. However, in the future, the process of creating screenshots can be simplified dozens of times. Thus, each user decides in his own way which method suits him best. If you rarely have to take a screenshot of the screen on your computer, it will be enough to remember the “Prt Scr Paint” procedure, but if such a need arises daily, you should think about choosing a program that suits your convenience.