How to Make a Collage On Huawei

Compose images on any device with these handy tools.

1. Google Photos

Platforms: web, Android, iOS.

The simplest collage can be made in the popular Google Photos app. Just select a few images in the gallery, click on the plus and select “Collage”. However, you cannot configure anything. Therefore, Google Photos is suitable only for users for whom the location of the pictures and other collage settings are not particularly important.

2. Photo Grid

Platforms: Android, iOS.

Photo Grid offers various design templates and grids that will help you quickly make a collage of medium complexity. The program supports stickers and allows you to draw on top of images. Thanks to filters and simple tools for adjusting colors, you can adjust the appearance of photos.

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3. Layout

Platforms: Android, iOS.

This Instagram app became a hit right after release. Although there are no stickers, filters, color corrector, and many other tools in Layout, you can compose a few shots in seconds and adjust their location to your taste. That’s because the Layout interface is great for small touch displays.

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4. Pic Collage

Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS.

How to Make a Collage On Huawei

The Pic Collage arsenal has many rectangular grids. But you can also place photos arbitrarily, without strict alignment with each other. In addition, the program has several templates for creating collages in the form of cards. You can overlay text, stickers, filters on images and adjust their borders.

If Pic Collage interests you, keep in mind: the free version leaves a watermark on all saved collages.

5. Instagram

Platforms: Android, iOS.

Recently, you can compose several photos directly on Instagram. To do this, in the story creation menu, you need to enable the “Collage” shooting mode and select a template with the required number of pictures. Photos taken after this will appear on the screen in the form of a grid, which can then be published or saved.