How to Log in to Iphone From Computer

How to log in to iCloud from a computer

How to Log in to Iphone From Computer

iCloud is Apple’s cloud-based system for storing backup copies of devices, photos, notes, and other files. If necessary, access to your iCloud account can be obtained from any computer. How this is done will be discussed in the article.

In order to log into your iCloud profile, you must have an Apple ID account, which is also used on your apple devices and in iTunes.

How to enter iCloud from a computer?

2. In the window that appears, you will need to enter your email address from Apple ID and, accordingly, the password.

3. When the login is successful, several available sections will open on your screen, depending on which iCloud backup features you have activated.

If no section of iCloud contains any information, you can assume that the backup function is disabled on your Apple device.

To enable it, open the menu on your device "Settings" and go to the section ICloud.

Select item ICloud Drive and make sure that the toggle switch is in the active position near this point. If not, activate it.

iCloud is a great built-in tool for backing up all the information that appears on your Apple devices. By activating this function, you can be sure that if your device is lost, important information will not be irretrievably lost.

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How can I go through an iPhone to a computer?

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Today, the App Store offers many suitable programs that will help us provide remote access to our laptop or PC with an iPhone. An example of a very convenient free application is Team Viewer. There is an original program that is usually used by different users to access each other’s computers, or to share the desktop. The iPhone version is also noteworthy because it has many features. We install it from the App Store, without forgetting and download the computer version from the official website of (it is also free).

When you start the application, we get a unique code, as well as a random one-time password. We dial the code and password. Now you can test the program. Managing it is very convenient. Perhaps Team Viewer is one of the most useful remote access applications available on a free basis.

So, to figure out how to enter the computer through the iPhone is quite simple if you choose convenient software (although it is still somewhat more difficult than turning off the sound on the iPhone. For example). Now let’s talk about how you can access your mobile device from a PC.

How to connect an iPhone to a computer and enter the device through it?

Almost all modern smartphones depend on a home computer, and the iPhone is no exception. Perhaps over time the need for this will disappear, but for now, every user should know how to connect an Apple smartphone to a PC or laptop. for example, to use iTunes.

Our device is supplied with a USB cable. Using it, we connect the smartphone to the computer through the appropriate connector. After that, the device should appear in the standard menu “My Computer”.

To transfer information using the aforementioned iTunes application installed on a computer or laptop. Also do not forget about synchronization at the end.

In addition to iTunes, there are other file managers from third-party developers. Among them are iFunBox. In conclusion, we add that when synchronizing, in no case should you disconnect the smartphone from the PC / laptop. If disconnection is urgently required, synchronization needs to be canceled.

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Connect iPhone to computer: via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and as an access point

We figure out how to connect iPhone to computer

Programs that you need to connect

To fully work with the iPhone, you need to download certain software on your PC. It is on the official Apple website. You need to pair your iPhone using both USB and Wi-Fi. If you plan to use Apple gadgets, these utilities must be installed.

  • iCloud Network storage. Provides shared access to files, contacts, mail, calendar, notes, friends list. If you install the application on all your gadgets, they will be able to exchange data directly. You can also enter the repository through the browser. to do this, open the page.
  • iTunes File manager and basic service for synchronizing iPhone and PC. Without it, it’s impossible to figure out how to connect an iPhone to a computer. This program is used to control the gadget, download programs and files to it. With it, you can buy content in the AppStore, activate gift cards and send them to friends. Aityuns also has a built-in media player. There are other file managers (for example, iFunBox or iTools). But they are unofficial.

USB connection

You need a USB cable to pair with a PC. It should be included with the iPhone. in a box. Other wires are better not to use. If the original cable is lost or damaged, you can purchase the same. The main thing is to choose accessories that are suitable for your gadget. A wire with a 30-pin connector (“thick charge”) is designed for older devices. Lightning connectors (thin) for next-generation devices.

For such a connection, only USB 2.0 ports and higher can be used. With the slot version 1.0, the system will alert you that everything can work faster. And she will not “see” the gadget.

Here’s how to connect an iPhone to a computer via USB:

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your PC.
  2. It is also advisable to download iCloud.
  3. Turn on your iPhone.
  4. Connect one end of the cable to it.
  5. Insert the other into the USB port of the PC.
  6. He must determine the availability of a new device. If this is your first time synchronizing your iPhone, Apple Mobile Device drivers will be automatically installed. They can also be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer.
  7. Unlock the phone. He will give a notice “Do you trust this computer?”. Click Trust. The message “Do you want to allow this device access to photos and videos?” May appear. Tap "Allow".
  8. It should start up. If this does not happen, open it manually. Through this program, you can interact with the gadget.
  9. Wait for the sync to end.
  10. Also, the iPhone icon will appear on the My Computer menu as a portable device or external drive.
  11. To enter the device overview in iTunes, click on the button with the icon in the form of a phone. She is on the top left.

In addition to connecting to USB, you can create a Wi-Fi connection. To do this, all synchronized devices must be on the same network. That is, go online through the same router.

You will not be “tied” to a PC with a wire. But not all features are available in this mode. For example, you cannot restore the gadget from a backup or update the software. And such pairing quickly lands the battery.

Here’s how to connect your iPhone to a computer using a wireless connection:

  1. Go into the iPhone settings.
  2. Open the Wi-Fi section.
  3. Slide the switch to ON. It should turn green.
  4. Select your network and enter the password if it is protected.

Now set the synchronization parameters. To do this, connect the iPhone to the USB-connector. After a one-time setup, you can use wireless. And through it to work with Aityuns.

  1. Connect the iPhone cable to the PC.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Click on the phone icon. She is on the top left.
  4. In the Overview section, scroll down.
  5. Check the box next to “Sync over Wi-Fi”.
  6. Click "Apply."

Now you can try to connect "over the air" via wireless networks. First, disconnect the USB cable. Later:

  1. Open iPhone settings.
  2. Go to the "General" section.
  3. Scroll down the page.
  4. Menu "Sync with iTunes."
  5. Tap on "Sync."

Now in Aityuns settings and device files will be available.

Pairing is also possible via Bluetooth. If it is on the devices you want to connect.

  1. Turn it on on your computer or laptop first. Activate the visibility of the PC so that other gadgets with the included bluetooth will find it.
  2. Go to the iPhone settings.
  3. Move the slider to ON.
  4. In the list of devices, find your PC and tap on it.
  5. A message appears with the code. The same numbers should be displayed on the computer. This is to avoid accidentally synchronizing with an unfamiliar gadget. In some cases, numbers must be entered manually.

iPhone as a modem

Through the iPhone, you can distribute the Internet to other devices and use it as a modem. To do this, create an access point. A PC connected to it will use the network of the mobile operator.

  1. Go to the gadget settings.
  2. Section "Modem Mode" ("Personal Hotspot").
  3. Move the checkbox to ON.
  4. If you use USB synchronization, the PC will additionally install an additional driver. And the iPhone will appear in the list of network connections.
  5. Or activate Bluetooth pairing.
  6. Also in the settings of the Apple device there is a password for Wi-Fi. With it, you can add many devices to the same network. Just enter it on each PC.

Since connecting an iPhone to a computer via USB is much easier, they usually prefer this connection. You can work with it simultaneously in iTunes and charge the battery. Yes, and he has more functionality. But the wireless network is more convenient and practical. With it, you are not limited by the length of the cable. And with Wi-Fi, you can use an iPhone as a router to access the Internet from multiple devices.