How to Limit Internet Access On iPhone

Turning off the Internet on the iPhone will help to save not only traffic, but also battery power. Each user of "apple" gadgets should be familiar with this procedure. especially since it is extremely simple and performed in a couple of steps.

Although communication providers position their Internet tariffs as unlimited, service users are still forced to face restrictions. In particular, with traffic restrictions. A certain amount of traffic is offered to subscribers. after it is used up, the connection speed drops so much that it becomes impossible to use the Internet.

It is in order to save traffic and it is recommended to turn off the Internet on the iPhone when the gadget is idle. This article will tell you how to do this.

How to disable mobile Internet through iPhone settings?

The procedure for turning off the Internet on the iPhone is slightly different depending on which version of iOS is on the mobile device. On a gadget with iOS 7 and above, deactivation occurs like this:

Step 1. IN "Settings"Find the section"cellular"And go into it.

How to Limit Internet Access On iPhone

Step 2. In chapter "cellular"Translate the sliders"Cell data"And"Enable 3G»To inactive position.

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If you deactivate only the “Enable 3G” toggle switch, the Internet connection will remain, but it will become very slow. Data will be transmitted using EDGE technology. this is a maximum of 474 Kbps.

In the same settings section, you can block access to the Internet for individual applications installed on the iPhone. Scroll to the end and you will find the “Cellular data for software".

After analyzing the statistics, you can conclude which applications are the main consumers of traffic and prevent them from accessing the network. Our example shows that the built-in navigation program “Maps” “ate” a lot more megabytes than others. If you do not use the navigator, it is reasonable to disconnect it from the Internet. To do this, just move the slider opposite the item "Maps" to the inactive position.

Another useful iPhone option is "data roaming".

Thanks to this option, the user can avoid the impressive costs of Internet traffic abroad. If the slider is deactivated, the gadget will no longer enter the network as soon as it is in international roaming.

On iPhones with an “operating system” version below 7.0, you can find the “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G” toggle-switches by going along the path “Settings”. “Basic”. “Cellular data”.

How to disable Wi-Fi on iPhone?

If you need to disconnect not Wi-Fi, but mobile Internet, you can do this in 2 ways. The first way is: needed in "Settings"Find the section"Wifi", Go into it and deactivate the slider"Wifi".

The second way is even easier: should call "Control center»Swipe up and click on the icon with the familiar Wi-Fi symbol. The icon will darken. this will mean that the Wi-Fi connection is terminated.

How to disconnect the Internet on the iPhone through a mobile operator?

You can turn off the Internet on the iPhone not only through the settings of the mobile device, but also through the operator. over, at any rate. even on one that involves an advance payment.

The help of operators is most often forced by parents of young iPhone users who want to limit their children in access to the network. If parents turn off data transfer through Settings, this will not help. the child will quickly understand how to return 3G.

When contacting the operator, you need to ask to remove no unlimited internet service. Removing this service will lead to the fact that traffic will be paid in kilobytes. and this "will fly into a pretty penny." It is necessary to clean network access option. This option is included in the starter pack and has a discreet name. usually “GPRS”. USSD combinations for removing such starting services are little known. it is easier to disable GPRS by contacting the provider’s hotline or consultants in the salon.

Mobile operators offer special services that partially limit access to the Internet. so that small users can only visit useful sites. For Megafon, this service is called the Children’s Package, for MTS. the Children’s Internet. Beeline subscribers can filter Internet content on their children’s phones using the Parental Controls option.


A user who saves traffic by periodically turning off cellular data on the iPhone runs the risk of missing an important and urgent notification from any messenger or social network. Therefore, it is better to spend time and make more flexible configuration of your mobile device, limiting access to the Internet to those applications that are needed "on big holidays." Then it’s possible to “shoot two birds with one stone”. to save traffic, while remaining in touch.