How to Launch GTA 5 on Android

How to Launch GTA 5 on Android

Thousands of gamers are trying every day to find and download GTA 5 on android. At first, it seems that the case will end in success: search engines give out a lot of links, sites offer to immediately download.apk files. But not everything is so simple and rosy.

The fact is that Rockstar has never been involved in the release of GTA 5 on Android! The manufacturer’s official website clearly lists the platforms for which the release of our favorite game was carried out: these are Play Station 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as personal computers. There is no android at all! over, there is not even an earlier GTA 4 game on this platform, and Rockstar has never announced plans to release such a product.

The reason is pretty banal: GTA 5 requirements for iron performance are too high. Not every laptop will be able to "pull" it, what can we say about the unfortunate smartphones on Android! Most of them would “explode” when trying to load at least the game’s starting video 🙂 The most high-tech game from Rockstar available on the mobile platform is GTA San Andreas, but it must be borne in mind that the toy is very old and its system requirements do not go no comparison with the new games Grand Theft Auto V and even Grand Theft Auto IV (the last 2, by the way, use one game engine).

How to Launch GTA 5 on Android

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Download GTA 5 for Android

Be careful! Despite all of the above, the Internet is full of offers to download GTA 5 for android, and even offers to download.apk files of dubious quality. This is all done just for the sake of earning on advertising! The fact is that there are a lot of search queries about the version of the game on the android, and dishonest website owners try to make money by offering visitors of their resources “fake” files for download, and simultaneously showing some kind of advertisement. And well, if the downloaded file just does not start.

It is much worse when the user is prompted to download the archive, during unpacking of which the virus software is installed in the operating system! Site owners make good money, and unsuccessful gamers sometimes even have to reinstall Windows after such downloads.

How to Launch GTA 5 on Android

GTA 5 for android free

However, if you are not left with the obsession to play GTA 5 on your new sophisticated smartphone, then there is a solution, and it is really completely free! All you need is a powerful computer that pulls GTA 5, a good Wi-Fi network and direct hands. If all this is available, then install the Splashtop program (or similar) on the computer and your android device, configure and enjoy!

This program uses a high-speed wireless channel for remote access between your devices. With it, a video of what is happening on the computer screen (i.e., GTA 5 games) will be broadcast on the screen of your smartphone. The magic does not end there: the program supports a keyboard and mouse, which you can control directly from a mobile device! The full effect of the game will be created on the android.

Below you can watch a video showing an example of playing GTA 5 on an Android device using a similar program using a Wi-Fi network. In our opinion, playing this way is not very convenient, but why not try for the sake of experiment?

GTA 5 on the tablet

If you read all of the above, and you still have the question "Maybe there is still a version of GTA 5 on the tablet?", Then we have bad news for you again. Modern tablets are only slightly superior in power to Android smartphones, so the technical ability to run one of the most demanding toys in history on such a weak device is unlikely to ever succeed. Although, maybe in 5-10 years, the tablet segment of the market will reach such a development that Rockstar will think about releasing games for android. But it will already be the times of GTA 6 or even GTA 7 :).

Well, if you still can’t wait to play GTA on the gadget, we can offer you to download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android.

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