How to Know the Mac Address of a Windows 10 Computer

Hello. Not many users have to deal with such a concept as "medium access control". Perhaps I went from the wrong side, and you should immediately call a spade a spade. This is a MAC, a unique identifier that is assigned to each equipment inside the PC. In this article I will tell you how to change the MAC address of a Windows 7 computer. 10.

Why is this needed?

The most common case is setting up a home network, where you need to specify this value in the parameters of the router (router). Otherwise, the device will not gain access to the shared environment and will not be able to connect to the Internet. Everything is extremely simple!

Start the search

How to find out the MAC address of a network card in order to use it in the future? Regardless of the operating system, you need to run the command line utility. There are several ways to do this:

  • For Windows 10 or 8, just right-click on the button "Start" and select the desired item:

or use the search by specifying a request "CMD":

  • For Windows 7, the search method is also suitable, only enter the request in the field "To find. "located directly in "Start".
  • After the above steps, a black console window should appear, where you need to register the command:
  • After pressing Enter, a lot of information will be displayed. To be found "Physical adress":

This is the meaning we need. I advise you to write it down, because it is useful for our next actions.

Make change

Let me remind you once again that this character set is unique for each network member. There can be no repetitions (takes). Sometimes a situation occurs when equipment changes in the computer, and the identifier of the previous device is registered in the settings of the router. If you do not change anything in the parameters, then the router simply will not see "newbie" and will not give him access to the Internet.

Now I’ll tell you in detail how to change the MAC address of a computer. Ready?

The easiest way to do this is with "Device manager". For different operating systems, you can get to this location in several ways.

  • For "dozens" I recommend using the item context menu "Start":
  • IN "seven" you can just click on the icon "My computer" (which is located on the desktop) and there, select the desired item.
  • When the dispatcher boots up, go to step "Network adapters" (it’s located almost from the bottom), expand the list of equipment and go to the map properties:
  • On the additional properties tab, select "Networked. ", and then on the right insert in the empty field the value that we wrote earlier (from the console):

I recommend watching the video in order to better understand how to change the MAC address of the computer (network card):

Now you know how to change the MAC address of a Windows 7 network card. 10. I’m sure that everything worked out for you. If there are obstacles, then I recommend writing me a message in the comments to this manual. I will definitely answer!