How to Install Wink On Sony Bravia TV

Error 2200 Sony Bravia. a problem that Smart TV users occasionally encounter. The TV does not connect to the Internet. On how to fix this breakdown in this article.

Why is Sony error 2200 when connecting to the Internet

The main reason for the error when connecting to the Internet on Sony KDL is the hidden access to the Internet due to:

How to Install Wink On Sony Bravia TV
  • problems with the provider;
  • problems with the server;
  • TV connection errors;
  • router malfunction.

To identify and solve the problem, all settings must be carried out manually, to identify the source.

How to fix error 2200 on Sony Bravia TV

Options for fixing the 2200 error on Sony Bravia suggests several options. details about them below.

Disconnecting a network or internet connection

Since 2018, Roskomnadzor has blocked IP addresses that had a connection with Telegram. As a result, website crashes began to form. If you tried all the troubleshooting options, but the problem persists, you just have to wait. Errors that were made when blocking IP Roskomnadzor will independently eliminate. To ensure that problems arise for this reason, write to SONY Bravia support.

Restore access to the Internet can banal reboot. a router, a TV. Failures are normal, given the amount of information transmitted. The cause of their malfunction is often the difference in electricity. After turning off a temporary and short power outage, wait a few minutes. And only then establish a connection to the network.

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Configure DNS servers

For DNS to work correctly, you need to make changes:

  • open the settings by selecting “Home” with the remote control;
  • select “Network”;
  • open wireless and wired settings;
  • enter IP.

Use a simple combination of or

Video: How to Install Wink On Sony Bravia TV


Reset involves returning the TV to factory settings. It is used if the other methods have not worked. To reset the settings, you must:

  • click “Home”;
  • open the “Settings” section;
  • select “Storage and dumping”;
  • click on “Reset to factory settings”;
  • activate the item “Erase everything”.

With such actions, not only the displayed error is eliminated, but previously set settings are also deleted. This option must be applied by completing all the tuyelka in the tuyelka.


Another option is to upgrade the TV to a new version of the OS. From the formation of Error, even a relatively new firmware is not provided. In this situation, you need to make an earlier firmware:

  • Perform the transition “Home” / “Customer Support”;
  • open the Sony site support section;
  • in the displayed list, select the desired firmware for the TV, download;
  • insert the USB drive into your computer;
  • transfer the file with the downloaded firmware version to the USB flash drive;
  • turn on the TV, making sure that other devices are not connected to it;
  • insert a flash drive;
  • on the “Home” button on the remote;
  • perform the transition “Installation” / “Customer support” / “Software update”;
  • click on the “USB” item;
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen;
  • upon the start of the process, the orange LED will light up;
  • wait until the system solves the problem on its own;
  • the system will automatically notify the user of the end of the process;
  • wait for the restart process to begin;
  • then remove the USB storage from the USB port.

Upon completion of the installation of a new firmware, check your Internet connection to make sure that the actions performed are effective. If you have tried all the options, but the problem has not been solved, the only option is to wait. The provider may have technical problems.

Waiver of Wi-Fi and switch to cable

Internet connection problems may occur due to the low power of the Wi-Fi signal. Try connecting the device via cable. And check the signal strength.

How to Install Wink On Sony Bravia TV

Additional Information

In most cases, you can fix the problem with a simple reboot. over, you only need to ensure that the router is turned off for at least a minute. Expect a stable Internet connection for 5 minutes or try to connect later. You can get more additional information by opening the manual on the official website. All information is divided into sections, written without troubles.

If you have any questions or have complaints. please let us know

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