How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

When I first went into Smart TV on an LG TV, I did not immediately understand how to install additional programs and games there. Yes, you can guess that the programs need to be installed in the application LG Smart World, and games in Game world. But when I went into these applications, they seemed to not even start, or wrote something like “no access”, I don’t remember anymore.

The fact is that things are not so simple. First you need to create an LG account (if you don’t have one), log on to the TV with your username and password, and only then install the programs you need.

As for the quantity and quality of programs and games, everything is very poor there (this is my opinion) I found only a few necessary programs for myself, and almost all games require the presence of a proprietary Magic Remote. Of course, the list of available programs and games is constantly updated.

Let’s start with the fact that your TV must support the Smart TV function and must be connected to the Internet in one of two ways: either via a wireless Wi-Fi network or via cable.

This article is an example of an LG 32LN575U TV.

Create an account on LG TV

We need to register. This can be done both on the LG website (and then just log in using your data on the TV), and directly from the TV itself.

I recommend connecting a mouse to the TV, or controlling from a smartphone using the LG TV Remote program. You can use the remote control, but it’s easier, especially to type text.

Go to Smart TV and select the profile icon (screenshot below)

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

Push button registration.

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

We read the user agreement and click I agree (there seems to be a need to agree twice)

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

Enter email address, only indicate a valid address to which you have access. You will need to confirm it. And enter the password twice. If you didn’t manage to indicate the password the first time, then it’s okay, I also have it Only when I indicated the letters and numbers, then the system accepted the password.

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Push registration.

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

Video: How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

If all is well, then the TV will inform you that you need to confirm the registration and offer to open a web browser so that you can enter the mail. But it’s better to refuse, sit down at the computer, go to the mail and in the letter from LG go to the link Complete registration.

On the site you will see a message that the account is confirmed and a proposal to indicate additional data for the purchase of applications (if you are going to buy programs, I recommend that you immediately resolve this issue)

Now we return to the TV, if you didn’t touch anything there, then the email address will already be indicated, it remains only to enter the password (which you specified during registration) and enter the account, which we do.

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

This message will appear (screenshot below), you can select Not.

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

Everything, a green icon should appear next to the profile icon.

Installing applications and games on LG Smart TV

Attention! The list of applications depends on the region, which is set in the TV settings on the tab Setting, in point Strange of using Smart TV.

As I wrote above, you can install new games and programs in the already installed programs LG Smart World and Game World.

You can find these programs by going to Smart tv and where there is a list of programs from below, you need to press the button Yet…

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

If you want to install programs, then run the application LG Smart World.

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

Select the desired program. On the left, they can be sorted, for example, selected, only free.

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

Then you can read the description of the program, see screenshots, and its size. To install, just click Install.

A message appears with the requirements that are required for this application to work. Click OK.

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

The status of downloading and installing the program will appear at the top. After installation, the program can be found in the general list in Smart TV, or by clicking MY APPS on the remote control.

We install games in the same way. Only in the program Game world. Although, LG Smart World also has games.

How to remove a program or game from a TV?

Everything is very simple. Go to Smart TV and go to the full list of applications. At the top there is a button in the form of a pencil, click on it.

How to Install Vtuner on Lg Webos

Then select the desired application and a menu will appear near it, click Delete.

Everything, the program, or the game will be completely deleted.

That’s all, I’m waiting for your comments. Good luck!

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