How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

Good day!

Today, working on a laptop (PC) without an SSD drive. this, I tell you, is quite painful and painful. And in order to realize this, you need to work at least once with the system where it is installed: fast loading of the OS, instantly opening applications and documents, no freezes or disk loading 100% after turning on the device.

So, okay, to the point. This article will walk you through the installation process. "newfangled" SSD M2 in a typical laptop. Actually, there is nothing complicated about this, but there are quite a lot of questions regarding this disk format (and I decided to collect some of them here, summarize my past materials, and answer at once.).


An SSD can be installed not only in the M2 slot. There are several more options on how to connect 2-3 drives to a laptop (I recommend you to familiarize yourself):

Install SSD M2: Step by Step

1) Drive selection

I think this is the first thing to be noted. The fact is that there are several types of SSD M2: SATA, PCIe (and these, in turn, are divided into several subtypes). In all this, diversity is not surprisingly entangled.

Therefore, before choosing and buying an SSD M2 drive, I recommend that you read this article:

For those who doubt whether to switch to an SSD drive, I recommend that you read this material here:

By the way, I also want to note here (as I have already asked more than once): here is the difference between switching from HDD to SSD (SATA). visible to the naked eye, even a weak laptop starts "to fly". And here is the difference between SSD (SATA) and SSD (PCIe (32 Gb / s)). it is invisible if you do not watch the test results (at least if you are not very active with the disk).

Personally, I think that most chase "super-duper" SSD (PCIe) does not make much sense, but add to the classic HDD. some kind of solid state drive is definitely worth it!

2) What do we need

  1. A laptop (which has an M2 slot for an SSD). I’ll note right away: in some cases (it also depends on the type of device), self-installing a disk in a laptop is the reason for the refusal of warranty service (if the laptop is under warranty. This point should be clarified)

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

NVMe SSD Samsung. What does an SSD M2 drive look like?

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

Screwdriver (for T5 screws)

3) Installation process (consider a couple of options)

There are dozens of notebook models on the market right now. Conditionally with respect to our topic, I would divide laptops into 2 parts:

  • those devices where there is a small lid for quick access to slots for installing RAM, disks, etc.;
  • and devices that need to be completely disassembled before the drive can be connected.

I will consider both options.

Option number 1: on the laptop there is a special. protective cover, for quick access to accessories

1) First, turn off the laptop. Disconnect all devices from it: mice, headphones, power cable, etc.

2) Turn over. If you can remove the battery. remove it.

Paying attention!

That before replacing or adding memory, a disk, etc., some laptops (which have covers for quick access to the memory, disk, but the battery is hidden inside the device) must be put into battery saving mode. For example, HP Pro Book G4 (in the example below) you need to turn off, connect the power adapter, and simultaneously press WinBackspacePower, and then disconnect the power adapter. After the operation. the laptop will not start until the power adapter is connected, and you can safely upgrade components.

3) Then we unscrew the fixing screws that hold the cover. As a rule, there are 1-4 of them. (see example below).

In his example, by the way, he used an HP Pro Book G4 laptop. this line of HP laptops is very conveniently implemented: access to disks, memory, cooler can be obtained by unscrewing 1 screw and removing the protective cover.

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

Unscrew the screw securing the protective cover // HP Pro Book G4

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4) Actually, under the cover we find the slot M2. inserts a drive into it (I draw attention: the drive should go into the slot with little effort, carefully look at the keys!).

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

After removing the cover, you can install RAM, disks and drives, clean the cooling system

5) I will add that SSD M2 drives are fixed from the end with a screw. It does not allow the drive to accidentally fly out of the slot (the screw usually comes with the SSD. Do not neglect the fixation!).

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

Install and fix SSD M2

6) Well, that’s all, it remains to put back the protective cover, fix it. Next, turn the laptop over and turn it on.

Paying attention!

After loading Windows in "My computer" and in Explorer you may not see this disk! The fact is that many new SSDs are not formatted.

To see the disk. go to disk management and format it (note: to open disk management, press the WinR button combination, and in the window "Run" type diskmgmt.msc).

Option number 2: on the laptop there is no special. lids (complete disassembly.)

As a rule, there are no special covers on compact laptops (as well as on those devices whose case is made of metal).

By the way, I’ll give one piece of advice: before proceeding with disassembling the laptop, I highly recommend that you look at the network for video disassembly of exactly the same model of device. I especially advise this to anyone who does not do this very often.

I hasten to remind: that disassembling and opening the device’s case can cause a refusal of warranty service.

1) The first action is similar: turn off the laptop, disconnect all the wires (power, mouse, etc.), turn it over.

2) If you can remove the battery. remove it (usually fastened with two latches). In my case. the battery was located inside the case.

3) Next, unscrew all the fixing screws along the contour. Please note that some of the screws may be hidden under stickers and rubber feet (which are often present on the device to reduce vibration).

For example, on a laptop that I disassembled as a test subject (ASUS ZenBook UX310). two screws were just under the rubber legs!

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

Remove the cover. fastening screws || ASUS ZenBook UX310

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

Fixing screw under the rubber foot

4) Next, before touching something or connecting / disconnecting. be sure to disconnect the battery (if you have it inside the case, like mine. Just, if there is no protective cover for quick access to the memory slots. usually, the battery is inside the laptop).

Typically, the battery is secured with several screws. After you unscrew them, carefully examine the loops: sometimes they go on top of the battery and when inaccurate removal. you can easily damage them!

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

5) Now you can connect the SSD M2 by inserting it into the appropriate slot. Do not forget to fix it with the fixing screw!

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

SSD M2 Mount

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

Drive connected and locked

6) Then you can assemble the device in the reverse order: reinsert the battery, protective cover and fix it with screws.

The only thing I would recommend: it is not fixed immediately with all the screws. To begin with, it would not be bad to check whether the system sees the disk, whether everything is in order with it, or whether the hardware was bought.

By the way, as I said above, many programs in Windows (including Explorer) may not see your SSD. Therefore, you need to use either special utilities for formatting disks, or a tool that is in Windows. disk management.

To open disk management: press the WinR button combination, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter. See two screenshots below.

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

diskmgmt.msc. start disk management

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

SSD drive // ​​disk management

4) The process of transferring old Windows | either install a new OS

After the disk is installed in the laptop, and you check that the device recognized it and sees it, there will be 2 possible scenarios:

  1. You can install a new Windows OS on the SSD. For how to do this, see here:
  2. or you can transfer your SSD to "old" system with an HDD disk. How this is done, I also described in one of my articles: (note: see STEP 2)

Perhaps the only point worth noting: by default, your first boot "the old" Windows OS from a hard disk drive (HDD). To change this, you need to go into the BIOS / UEFI BOOT section (boot) and change the priority (an example is shown in the photo below).

Addition! How to enter BIOS | UEFI. see this article:

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

We put in the first place in the download queue our SSD M2 || UEFI, ASUS laptop

After changing priorities, do not forget to save the settings: section "Save and Exit". click on the item where there is a line "Save Changes. " (i.e. save settings / changes).

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

Save UEFI Settings

After rebooting, by default, the new system should boot from the SSD drive.

By the way, you can also select the OS, which is considered the default, in the Windows settings: to do this, open the control panel at. Control Panel \ System and Security \ System. Next, open the link "Additional system parameters" (in the menu on the left).

A window should open "Properties of the system"we need a tab "Additionally": it has a subsection "Download and restore". open its parameters.

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

In this subsection, you can choose which OS of all the installed to be considered the default, and load when you turn on the laptop / PC.

How to Install Ssd In Lenovo Laptop

OS boot by default

Or, if you don’t get tired. then you can manually specify the bootable system each time the computer is turned on (see the example below, a similar window should pop up automatically after installing the 2nd, 3rd, etc. OS).

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