How to Install Skype on Smart TV Samsung

The Skype program has long established itself as a convenient communication application. If you install Skype on Smart TV, you get a huge monitor with almost the effect of presence during communication. But Microsoft has stopped supporting Skype on Smart TV and official installation is not possible. However, there is a solution.

Install Skype on Smart TV

You cannot download the application from the official site. Where to get it? Despite the lack of a built-in program, writing it to a USB flash drive is real. To do this, we find out the firmware of the smart, find the desired installation file, download it for free to the flash module.

What is convenient and what you need to run

Skype on TV is more convenient for several reasons:

  • if you need a conversation, you don’t even have to get up from the couch to see the right person;
  • a large screen will allow you to see the picture in full detail, whether it’s the face of a loved one, the landscape outside the window, the Mediterranean beach or the presence of small details;
  • you don’t have to start the computer specially for the conversation, because the TV is often turned on in the background;
  • fast conference mode between several subscribers;
  • calls to mobile and landlines at affordable rates;
  • Correspondence and file transfer.

What are the requirements

For self-installation, several conditions must be observed. There are only 3 of them:

How to Install Skype on Smart TV Samsung
  • Internet connection via computer cable or WI-FI wireless access;
  • the presence of a video camera;
  • Smart function support.

Download application and install on Smart TV

Each type of smart TV has its own instructions for installing Skype Smart TV applications. Other models have a built-in program and no action is needed. Actions with others differ in the menu device and the list of installation steps.


For 2 years now, Samsung has not installed this program on its television products. And the old models are reflash and removes Skype from among the predefined ones. Users are disappointed and think about how to re-install programs on the operating system. It is not always possible to install a free program on the TVs of this manufacturer. It will turn out only for models H, F, E.

To set up Skype on Samsung Smart TV for these models, you need:

  1. Check for preinstalled Skype. If the program is installed, it requires uninstalling.
  2. To reboot Smart TV systems you need to completely de-energize it for 10-15 seconds. To do this, remove the power cord from the outlet, or turn off the power filter, if powered through it.
  3. We insert the USB flash drive into the slot and find the downloaded executable file in the directory. It has the extension “exe” and the word “install” in the title.
  4. Follow the installation steps suggested by the program. When finished, click the Exit button.
  5. Reboot the TV using the full power off method for 10-15 seconds again.
  6. A Skype widget will appear on the screen. Click it.
  7. Enter your username and password.

Installation is not complicated and is complicated only by lengthy temporary power outages to reset cached information from volatile memory.

If the model of the “H” line is at home, then the firmware is recognized using the “Help” tab. After downloading the messenger for its firmware, it is installed using the built-in Smart Hub application.

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The installation of the “E” line on TV models begins after inserting the USB flash drive into the switched off device. Then we turn it on and wait for the “Samyco” icon to appear on the screen.

Installation in the “F” line model begins after connecting the flash drive and selecting the “Additional applications” section. When activating the “Install” installation button, confirm the decision three times by pressing the “Ok” key.

What to do if you are out of luck and you have a TV with different letters: D, J, K, U? Then the computer will become the real assistant. The difficulty of installing through the computer is that you have to get up from the couch and get to the laptop or personal computer and look for the cable for the TV connection. HDMI. Any modern operating system and computer will cope with the installation task. And for the convenience of control, you can use a wireless keyboard.

The manufacturer LG installs a Webos operating system on its devices, other than Android. Newer models do not support Skype LG Smart TV. Versions are updated very quickly, and support for television receivers has been recognized as unprofitable since 2016. It will only install on the old LG firmware.

To do this, you will have to download the version of Skype via computer and upload it to a USB flash drive. From it, it is installed on the receiver, like other programs:

  • disconnect the TV from the power supply for 15 seconds;
  • the prepared file must be on a flash drive in an unzipped state;
  • insert the memory card into the USB-connector;
  • go to LG Smart TV;
  • run the application.

An alternative is to log in via the official browser page. This is done without reference to a specific TV model. In the search box, the words "log in to Skype" are driven in. The user immediately gets into the online application, where you need to enter a username and password. Available to registered subscribers. Regardless of the model, installation and configuration is the same.

It must be taken into account that individual versions of Skype with such an operating system will conflict or not work correctly.


In older models, application installation is not provided and You can enter only through a line in the browser, which translates into the official online messenger.

The new Philips Smart TV models have a preinstalled Skype application. It is embedded in the shell of the operating system and works quickly and reliably.

Operating systems of new Sony models do not have preinstalled firmware. She remained only in outdated models. There are a couple of methods for installing the messenger:

  • downloading the executable file to flash memory and installing the appropriate firmware yourself;
  • launching a messenger through a browser line in an online application.

Methods have both advantages and disadvantages. The user decides what is more convenient to use.

While the program is running, you can edit profile photos and lines of personal information.

How to connect a Skype camera for a TV

In rare cases, you will need to configure the driver through a computer. often, devices are already ready for use in the “Plug and Play” form. plug and play. To work, you only need to connect it to the USB connector on the receiver. For a short cord use a USB extension cable.

Smart TV cameras are equipped with several microphones to create high-quality sound in an unfavorable position of the source, caused by the size and characteristics of the premises.

Possible problems when setting up the program

Given the many TV models, it can be difficult to choose a messenger program for your equipment. After selection. questions with the installation should not arise.

If there is a need to use a messenger from a television receiver, already at the purchase stage you need to take care of this issue and pay attention to the pre-installed skype. then it will work correctly. If the device no longer supports Skype for Smart TV, then no matter how you try, it will not be possible to reanimate it.