How to Install Play Market Huawei

How to Install Play Market Huawei

However, for all its simplicity and ease of use, like any software, Google Play is subject to viruses, technical crashes, crashes, as well as accidental deletion.
Alas, but like everything man-made, it does not always meet the requirements of users who sooner or later ask a completely reasonable question: “how to remove it?” If you are one of these users, this article is for you.

How to remove Play Market? Is it possible?

As mentioned above, not everyone is satisfied with standard applications from Google. You may not even use them at all, but they will still occupy the phone’s memory and clog up the menu with annoying notifications.

There are three ways to uninstall Play Market:

  1. Install custom (unofficial) firmware. The most famous are from Cyanogen Mod and Miui. Please note, installing unofficial firmware may harm your device, as well as lead to incorrect operation of files and programs. here, as they say, at your own peril and risk. Be sure to backup the current firmware, fortunately, for this the Android community has developed many utilities (Helium, Holo Backup, Titanium Backup, etc.).
  2. Just disable the application.
    If you fear for the integrity and stability of the operating system, you do not need to completely remove the application. there is an easier and safer way to resolve the issue:
    1. Go to the settings menu and select the "Applications" section.
    2. You will see a list of applications, among which you need to find “Google Play” and click on it.
    3. In the menu that appears, click the "Disable" button. That’s all!
  3. DeleteGooglePlay withroot access.
    This is not possible on all versions of Android (or rather, only on older versions, 2.0 and lower). Attention, editing system files throughroot access void warranty.
    To remove system applications, you will need to install Titanium Backup, give it superuser rights (root), go to "Backups", find the Play Market and select the appropriate action.

How to Install Play Market Huawei

It turns out that you can remove the Play Market

How to recover deleted Play Market?

There are situations when PlayMarket was deleted due to a virus, or an accidental deletion simply occurred.
You can stumble upon the Play Market virus even now, usually the attackers spread apk with this virus on sites that are issued as official Play Market resources. Be vigilant, download applications only from trusted sources.

As I already wrote, on the latest versions of Android, removing system utilities is impossible without unofficial firmware, and if Google Play is disabled, you just need to enable it in the application settings menu.
If you deleted it through root access, then you can restore the deleted Play Market as follows: download apk on the official website of the application and synchronize with your Google account (for more details, see here). In case of deletion when using custom firmware. contact the forum or the firmware site, most likely, they will help you there.

Play Market has been removed. it doesn’t matter

That is, regardless of the task, the system retains its flexibility in solving the problem. Like Google Play– use it, don’t like it. you can always find an alternative approach regardless of the user’s skills.

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