How to Install Google On Meizu M5s

Smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Meizu are gaining immense popularity among users from Russia and the CIS countries. They are productive, look good and are not very expensive. And this is the very mixture that can attract a potential buyer.

How to Install Google On Meizu M5s

In smartphones, everything is fine: hardware stuffing, firmware with a proprietary shell, capacious battery. But there is one drawback: they come without pre-installed Google Play. And this application is absolutely necessary for any user. How to install Google Play on Meizu? This is the question we are going to analyze now.

Why don’t Meizu install Google Play?

It so happened that the company’s engineers decided not to supply this application integrated with the firmware of the device. The reason for this seems quite reasonable: until the device reaches the end user, the application will have time to update several times. As a result, an outdated version will be installed on the smartphone, which is fraught with consequences. What are these consequences? As a rule, they don’t scare other smartphone manufacturers. Howbeit, "Market" on smartphones "Meise" not. And that brings us back to the question of how to install Google Play on Meizu.

How to Install Google On Meizu M5s

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Concerning "gray" devices, those that are not intended for the Russian market at all, then on them "Market" cannot be a priori. If you are the owner of just such a device, then you have little choice. The firmware will have to be changed to international in any case. But now we will disassemble the official devices that are available on the domestic market. Installing Google Play on Meizu smartphones is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. So let’s get started.

Machine preparation

First you need to make sure that you have the latest version of the operating system installed. To do this, just check for updates. Then you need to enable the installation of applications through a mobile connection (if you use it). Still need to allow installation from unknown sources. In some models of devices, you will even have to reset the device to the factory settings. Be careful! This action will delete all the user’s personal data: contacts, images, music and so on. You may also need to reboot the device to apply all changes. So how to install Google Play on Meizu? Let’s move on to action.

Installation process

How to install Google Play on Meizu? An overview of all desktops is clearly needed. On one of them you will see the Hot Apps shortcut. In the Russian version. "The best". It is peculiar "Market" for Meizu devices. Among other things, you can find the coveted "Google Services". Here we also need to install them. To do this, simply click on the appropriate icon and confirm all installation steps. Please note that for a successful installation of the application, a working Internet connection is required. No way without it.

After the installation process is complete, the device will ask you to reboot. This is necessary in order for the operating system to register and accept all the changes made. After rebooting the smartphone, it will be enough just to launch the just installed application. Very rarely, Google Play gives errors when you try to launch or install an application through "Market". And now the next chapter of our opus will begin. We solve problems with Google Play in Meizu smartphones.

Possible problems and solutions


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