How to Install Glass on Phone Correctly

Protective glass on the phone: how to glue and what is the difference from the film

Protective glass on the phone: how to glue it? a similar question interests a considerable number of users. Firstly, we immediately note that the process of installing a protective glass for a smartphone has some subtleties, but in general it does not seem to be something very complicated. Even if you have never done this before, you can achieve the same result as you get in service centers or in mobile phone shops, with the only difference being that the installation of protective glass in the above-mentioned companies is a paid service. All that is required from the user is a set of tools and a little attention.

Protective glass on the phone: how to glue

How to Install Glass on Phone Correctly

Many users who are faced with the need for such an operation do not even suspect that not only the correct sequence of actions, but also a well-trained workplace plays an important role here. If there will be a mess on the table, and the materials and tools will be scattered, it will be more difficult to achieve a good result. The more quickly you can use this or that element, the better the gluing will turn out. Therefore, make sure in advance that all unnecessary components are removed from the workplace or at least moved outside the scope of the operation. So, here is a protective glass on the phone. How to stick, we will tell a little lower, but for now we’ll talk about what it is and how it differs from the film.

The differences between glass and film

Usually, users clearly understand which of these materials is in question. Nevertheless, some people do not understand the elementary differences between the film and the protective glass. Let’s talk about this in more detail. The second material is better able to withstand mechanical stress. If you drop a phone protected by such material, only the glass will suffer. It can then be replaced. But if an ordinary film was glued to the device, then everything is much more serious. This may require a complete screen replacement. And it will cost an order of magnitude more expensive. For the sake of justice, we note that sharp objects are not afraid of glass. You can drive it with keys, a knife, scissors. anything. But at the same time it will not receive damage. This, unfortunately, cannot be said about the film. I would like to note in the end that glass is much easier to glue. Well, now let’s move on to the question of how to install a protective glass on the phone, in more detail.

Cooking screen

Before installing the protective glass on the phone, carefully prepare the display surface for this operation. The process will consist of several basic steps. If you previously had a protective film applied to the screen, you need to remove it by pulling the edge. In the future, we do not need more film, and it can be thrown into the trash can. We open the kit with a protective glass. It should have a cloth made of microfiber. We will need it in the future. If the equipment does not include an alcoholized rag, then you can wet a wet disc with it, and then wipe the screen. You can wait until the display dries, and then use the microfiber cloth for its intended purpose. Before starting such work, it is recommended to wash your hands with soap to avoid greasy stains on the screen. When the screen is cleared, you can go to the next step. So, we continue to answer the question of users about how to use a protective glass on the phone, how to glue it.


When you pick up the protective glass for the phone, you will see that it is covered on one side with a special layer of film. This is the sticky side by which the element will need to be applied directly to the screen of the device. Now we remove the film, preparing the glass for the gluing process. At the same time, it should be held not by the surface, but by the edges in order to avoid loss of properties. When you align the glass, we press it to the screen itself. The coating of the first is made in such a way that nothing else needs to be done, it glues itself.

Finish the operation and remove the air

After you install the protective glass on the phone, you will notice that there are small bubbles under it. This is the air remaining inside. You can remove it quite simply. To do this, smooth the glass from the center in the direction of the bubbles. Thus, they can be squeezed abroad. At the end, you will get an element that has perfectly sat on the screen surface. Some users ask how much a protective glass on a phone costs. Note that the price for it falls in the range from 300 to a thousand rubles, depending on the brand and quality, as well as on the phone model. Now, after reading this article, you know the answer to the question of how to use a protective glass on the phone, how to glue it correctly.

Which protective glass to choose

Currently, a considerable number of companies are engaged in the production of such accessories. Nevertheless, by right, the best of them are considered to be protective glasses from Ainy. Why? What is the best protective glass on the phone? The products of this company have proven themselves in the course of numerous tests. Especially closely experts monitored the behavior of the glasses installed on the devices of the American company Apple. It was found that with a relatively small thickness, accessories provide excellent protection for the screen from external mechanical influences. It should be noted that the glass of this company is made of five layers, the final of which is oleophobic.

Func, for example, is also producing such products. Its products are in about the same price category. It was noted that many accessories are hardened, but in terms of quality and level of protection, elements from Ainy do not reach, which, in principle, was confirmed by endurance tests.

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How to install a protective glass on a smartphone?

Films for protecting the screen of a smartphone are called differently, including protective glass. But no matter how.

Question about the correctness of the protective film sticker.

What does that require:

Use a cloth to clean the smartphone screen from greasy stains and dust. The film consists of a main film with an adhesive side and an auxiliary one. Lift the edges of the film by special paper strips to slightly peel off the main film. Attach the adhesive side exactly to the screen and gradually, using a plastic card, level, squeeze and remove air under the film. That’s all, now the phone is protected from scratches.

Depends on what you mean by safety glass.

In modern smartphones, the protective glass, capacitive sensor and LCD display are an inseparable unit glued with optical glue, which in case of failure is replaced as a whole. It is theoretically possible to detach the sensor from the display and install a new sensor (it is a protective glass) separately, but the sticking process often leads to damage to the display, and as a result, image quality deteriorates due to the appearance of an air gap.

If you mean the so-called protective glass on the phone, then for the sticker you need to carefully clean the dust on the sensor surface (for this, a special cloth is often included, you can also use a cotton pad and isopropyl alcohol, as well as a pear, which It is necessary to blow off dust particles. At the time of gluing, not a single one should remain! Hold the protective glass with the adhesive layer down and remove the protective film from it, then put it evenly and accurately, but quickly. Remember about the dust! On the screen. Then leave If you have bubbles, you need to drive them out from under the glass, smoothing the glass from the center to the edges.

But you should not believe that this glass directly protects the screen. It prevents scratches, but does not prevent the destruction of the screen upon impact. In addition, it reduces the sensitivity of the sensor.

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How to stick a protective glass on a smartphone

The screen of any gadget for communication needs protection. Even if you purchased the latest iPhone model, do not neglect the ability to install additional film on the display. This will extend the life of the phone, allow it to look attractive for longer. Such mechanical damage as scratches, bumps will not be scary if you know how to stick a protective glass on the phone. The task is not an easy one, but if you follow the instructions, you can do this at home without outside help.

How to stick a protective glass on a smartphone

For a beginner, the procedure may seem complicated, but a few workouts will make you a real specialist. It is worth noting that there is no significant difference in whether we glue the protective glass on iPhone 5, other phone models or a tablet. The procedure remains the same. An inexperienced person is better to start from the back of the gadget, and then go to the screen.

Necessary materials and tools

If you just purchased a smartphone, it is important to understand how to stick protective glasses on the phone. The display of the device is very sensitive to mechanical damage. Being just in your pocket, the gadget will be damaged by coins, a fingernail or keys. Even minor scratches can cause bubbles to appear during gluing. The same goes for situations where you just want to replace the old phone protection.

For the procedure you will need:

  • alcohol wipe;
  • dry cloth;
  • special liquid for cleaning TV screens or computers;
  • scotch tape or dust bag;
  • glass.

Step-by-step instruction

An important point is the preparation of the workplace. Choose a room with a minimum dust content. A kitchen or bathroom is best. There is too much textile in the bedroom that attracts particles. This point prevents the correct process and can complicate the procedure. If you do not know how to glue the protective glass on the phone, follow the steps:

Do not press too hard on the screen to remove small air bubbles. They will disappear on their own within a few days after the procedure. As a result, you should get a smooth, perfectly even screen coverage. Although the tempered glass on the phone has a thickness of only 0.18 mm, it perfectly protects the device from mechanical damage.

Is it possible to re-glue the protective glass on the phone

Quality surfaces for the iPhone 5s and other gadget models can be reused. To do this, carefully remove the glass and treat the sticky side with ant alcohol. Wipe it lightly with a cloth soaked in such a liquid and allow a little time to drain. Then set the protection according to the speaker and button. Lightly move the air and liquid from the center to the edges. Small bubbles will disappear on their own in a day.

The videos below will tell you how to equip the gadget’s display at home without the help of a specialist. You will learn how to stick protective glasses on phones or tablets. With such a coating, the screen will be reliably protected from negative influences, which will allow it to remain attractive for longer. Protection will protect the device from scratches, and also absorb shock when dropped. In this case, the sensitivity of your phone’s sensor will remain the same.