How to Install an Application on a Xiaomi Memory Card

How on Xiaomi to transfer applications to a memory card?

Modern smartphones are becoming more powerful every day, moving away from traditional telephony standards and becoming full-fledged multimedia devices. Manufacturers increase power, improve design, go beyond the usual displays and, just as importantly, increase the capacity of devices.

Not always the memory allocated to the device is enough to accommodate all the necessary software and content only within the phone.

You can cope with this problem by installing an external drive. a memory card.

If there is no problem with the placement of content (the user saves it wherever he wants), then the situation is more complicated with the software. On the example of Xiaomi brand smartphones, one can see that not all users know the scheme by which you can transfer applications from the internal memory to the inserted flash drive. From this review you can find out about why transfer software at all and store it on SD cards, what applications and functions of the smartphone will help the user in solving this problem, etc.

Why store data on an SD card?

In cases where the smartphone ceases to work without the possibility of software debugging, the device is fully reset or reflash (reinstall the operating system). In these cases, all data from the internal memory is completely deleted..

A more convenient and safe way to store information in this case is to place it on a portable memory card.

In this case, any manipulation of the phone will not cause data corruption on external media.

A similar situation with a complete failure of the device without the possibility of recovery. just move the card from one smartphone to another. If we are talking about software such as messengers, then among the lost data there may be important correspondence or photos dear to the heart.

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Having backups on an external local disk (SD card) is the best protection against data loss, which is akin to saving them in cloud storage.

How to Install an Application on a Xiaomi Memory Card

Finally, do not forget that due to the high performance of smartphones, they are often used for games. Gaming software is the most demanding and takes up more space on the internal drive. Placing games on a flash drive will allow you to save progress and not worry about the availability of free space in the phone itself.

Application Transfer Methods

Xiaomi smartphones by developers initially not equipped with the ability to transfer software from an internal drive to a flash drive. In the settings menu (“Applications” item), you can see that this button is locked for use. Therefore, if you need to transfer a software component to SD, it is recommended to download special software immediately. The following are several popular applications that allow you to easily perform the described action.

Clean master

This application is the simplest and very often pre-installed in the system by the supplier / seller. Actually, the method of transfer through Clean master is commonplace. It is enough to run this program and select "Application Manager". In the list that opens, you can select portable applications and clicking the button "Move", use them, but already starting from the memory card. However Transfer function in Clean Master is not always available, therefore, in case of failure, it is worth trying the following method.

AppMgr III (App 2 SD)

This software is more efficient and, importantly, does not require open root rights on the device, and therefore, immediately after launch, it can be used for its intended purpose.

By launching App Mgr III, the user will see a list of all installed software, and by swiping from left to right on the screen, he can call up the control menu, where it is enough to select "Move application". After clicking in the list, only that software that can really be moved will remain. It is enough to choose any of the programs and follow the instructions.


This application with even more functionality, but also his work is based on open root rights. If the user fulfilled this condition, then working with the program itself is simple (everything is clear on an intuitive level). Just select the required component in the software list, scroll through the window that opens in search of a button Move to SD, click on it and confirm the action.

Detailed scheme of working with system software

Consider a detailed example of how a fairly popular program can help move software from an internal drive to an external drive. The program was taken as an example Folder mount, what does not require open for its functioning root-rights (more about the opening procedure in another material).
The scheme of work with Folder Mount:

  • When you open the main window appears with the inscription "The list of pairs is empty".
  • Swipe from left to right allows you to open the side menu, where you need to select Application Analyzer.
  • In the list that appears, select the software to be copied to SD.
  • Another window opens with two subsections: data and obb. Only one of them will be active.
  • Push button "Create a couple" and confirm the action. The next window that opens will contain the following data: software name, path to the location directory, destination path (where it will be transferred).

In practice, the Whatsapp application was transferred, which continued to function in the previous mode without any loss of information as a result of the move.

Game Cache Moves

Gamers who honor the mobile platform often have the question of how to move the cache of their favorite games. If the installation was carried out through the Play Market, then you can act the same as with conventional software. Folder Mount completely solves this problem.

There are games that load the cache on their own only after the first launch. In this case, they ask permission to download files.

over, there are cases when the phone does not have enough space for these files and the game itself wants to download directly to the SD-drive. In this case transfer problems do not even arise.

If the game does not wish to do so, then it is most reasonable to download the installation file and cache separately. After that, it will be enough to place the loaded cache in one of the directories:

The provider usually indicates where the files should be placed. After the correct execution of his instructions, the game will function, and the place of the internal drive will remain untouched.


It’s simply impossible to predict the breakdown of a mobile device, therefore, it is better to protect your data from loss before any force majeure event occurs. Buying a new device is possible, but data recovery is difficult if certain measures have not been taken in advance. One of these data protection procedures is described in detail in the article. Guided by the proposed instructions, the user can easily transfer software from the phone to the memory card.

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