How to Install a Scanner Over a Windows Xp Network

How to Install a Scanner Over a Windows Xp Network

  • How to install a scanner and configure it to work
  • How to connect a scanner to a laptop
  • How to connect a scanner to a computer

Types of scanners and their compatibility with Windows

Scanners come in color and black and white. Their sizes depend on the model and brand of the manufacturer. To date, scanners are produced by hundreds of companies, an advantage from the United States, Japan and some countries in Southeast Asia. The vast majority of them are compatible with the Windows operating system.

It is worth noting that you can install the scanner yourself in two ways. Their choice depends on whether you connect the scanner directly to a personal computer or laptop (the so-called local scanner installation) or to a shared network scanner through which your model will work.

How to install the scanner on a PC or laptop

To install a local scanner, you need the most ordinary USB cable. As a rule, it is included in the package. However, you can use any other USB cable. Connect one end to the back of the scanner itself, and the other to a dedicated computer connector. Turn it on and wait a while until Windows automatically detects it.

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If Windows could not determine the scanner, you may need to install drivers on your computer. A driver disc is also included. If for some reason you cannot find it, go to the official website of the scanner manufacturer. Drivers for all models will be posted there for free download in a special section. Download and install them on your computer or laptop and try connecting the scanner again.

How to install the scanner yourself through a network server

In many organizations, all scanners are connected to one specific network scanner. This makes their work much faster and helps save staff time.

In this case, to install the scanner correctly, you need to spend a little more time. First, connect the scanner to the computer using the USB cable. Then click the Start button on your computer. In the menu that opens, select the Control Panel section, and then select Network. Following these, you will see a special menu in which you need to select the Network and Sharing Center. Select the command View network computers and devices in it.

Find your scanner model in the list of scanners and right-click on it. In the menu that opens, select Install. Following this, the Installation Wizard will automatically load. Follow its instructions exactly by clicking on the Next button. At the end of the installation, click Finish. This completes the connection of the scanner to the shared network scanner.

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