How to Install a Purchased Song on an iPhone

Standard ringtones for the call are quite annoying and tiring. in any case, most people react to basic tunes in this way. Therefore, we are very fond of placing our favorite tunes and top hits on the bell, sounding in the rotation of radio stations. As for iPhone users, they are experiencing certain difficulties in this matter. How to put a song on an iPhone on an iPhone? Check out this procedure with our review.

How to Install a Purchased Song on an iPhone

IOS platform limitations

Apple is committed to copyright protection. Therefore, we cannot take and set an arbitrary track as a call to our iPhone. What to do for those who independently write music on the synthesizer and want to put their own melody on the bell? It would seem that no copyright infringement is observed here. Nonetheless, there are no basic options for replacing a call signal with an arbitrary track.

But users of other mobile platforms have such opportunities. download the melody, cut it to the desired size (or leave it as it is), and then upload it in any convenient way to your phone. Everything is ready. go to the settings of sound profiles, select our melody, save the settings and enjoy your favorite melody. Owners of the iPhone can only envy the owners of other phones.

What do the owners of iPhone 4S, 5s, 6 and many others do? How to put a song on a call to your iPhone? To do this, you have to use some tricks. We will need:

How to Install a Purchased Song on an iPhone
  • Any file manager for Windows that allows you to change file extensions;
  • Multimedia program iTunes;
  • Downloaded tune.

With this set, we will try to set the ringtone in iPhone, bypassing restrictions.

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A pleasant advantage of this procedure will be that we will not need to bother with trimming the melody. this is done using the basic features of the iTunes application.

Create a ringtone using iTunes

Just note that the maximum duration of ringtones for the iPhone is 38 seconds. another limitation. In the first step, we need to add the music file to the iTunes library, this is done through the top File menu. After proceeding with trimming the melody, right-click on the file, select the “Details” item and go to the “Options” tab, where the tools for trimming the melody are located.

Owners of phones on other mobile platforms are forced to use various sound editors. this is the only way to cut the ringtone to the desired size. Owners of the iPhone are relieved of this, since on the Settings tab we see two points:

It is here that we can establish at what point the ringtone begins (for example, from the 21st second). On the second line we indicate the end time of the ringtone, the maximum duration of which cannot exceed 38 seconds. Click “OK”, again call up the context menu and select “Create version in AAC format”. our ringtone is almost ready, it remains only to change its extension. At this stage, we need a file manager with the ability to change file extensions.

If you want to use regular Explorer, go to "Control Panel. Folder Options", open the "View" tab and uncheck "Hide extensions for registered file types". Opening Explorer, you will see that almost all files have extensions. Now we just have to go to the folder with the iTunes library, find our ringtone there and change its extension to m4r (this is done through standard renaming via the context menu).

Set the ringtone on iPhone

Our ringtone is ready, it remains only to remove the start and stop points from it through the “Settings” tab. Now let’s try to set the ringtone for iphone 5s (well, or on any other iPhone). To do this, we synchronize, after which the ringtone we created will go to the smartphone. There is nothing. we go into the sound settings and set our ringtone to ring. Now, during a voice call, you will hear your favorite song, rather than the usual boring standard tunes.

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