How to Install a Clock on a Samsung Phone Screen

How to return an installed widget

If you accidentally deleted the watch or it disappeared, try to display it in the easiest way:

  1. Tap and hold your finger on the area free from application shortcuts on the gadget’s display.
  2. When the main screen menu appears, open the "Applications and widgets" item.
  3. In the window that appears, go to the widget tab and look for the missing hours from the screen.
  4. Touch and hold them to display them, after which the selected utility can be moved to any of the free Android screens.

If the application with the widget was deleted by you, see below how to install a similar one from Google Play.

Clock Widgets

Transparent clock and weather

This is one of the most popular free clock widgets with more than 10 million installations. A small program has very flexible settings, as a result of which the gadget owner can set the display on the screen as he needs it. Utility features:

    the presence of various beautiful and informative widgets in sizes 2×1, 4×1-3, 5×3;

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If the owner of the device does not need all this data provided by the utility by default, he can delete them in the settings and leave just a clock. For this:

  1. Click on the time display on the screen with your finger, which will open the settings window.
  2. Go to the “Appearance” section, then to “Advanced Settings”.
  3. Uncheck the boxes next to the display of information about the current location, system information, battery power and check the box next to the line "Hide weather."

After that, a minimalistic widget with a clock will be displayed on the screen, the appearance of which you can also change in accordance with your own preferences.

Sense flip clock & Weather

This clock widget for displaying time and date is suitable for users who like a Flip Clock with flipping pages. Utility Features:

  • a choice of widgets of different sizes. 4×1, 4×2 and 5×2;
  • flipping animation implemented;
  • selection of various skins and display icons;
  • location is determined automatically, which allows the user to inform the most accurate forecast.

The weather display here is also turned off if necessary, after which only beautiful retro-watches will be on the screen. You can also test other similar utilities:

  1. Sense V2 Flip Clock & Weather. the application is very similar to the one described above, the differences are only in a slightly more modern and vibrant design.
  2. Retro Clock Widget. also a clock with flipping pages in retro style. There is no weather, no location. no settings at all, just a few widgets. Suitable for those who want only to return the clock to the screen and not understand the features of the program.
  3. DIGI Clock is a popular widget with a familiar digital display of date and time. It has a huge number of settings to change the appearance.

Clock on lock screen

How to Install a Clock on a Samsung Phone Screen

To activate the clock, you just need to run the utility installed from Google Play and check the box next to the only line in the “Set as Default” settings. Be careful, as an advertisement is opened in the first settings window, clicking on which you can install unnecessary applications on the device.

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