How to Increase RAM On A Computer

The article tells why you need to increase RAM (RAM) and gives instructions on how to do this. In addition to the obvious solution, how to acquire more comprehensive modules, there is another interesting option.

How to Increase RAM On A Computer

Why do I need to increase RAM

Add RAM is worth it to increase computer performance. Explicit signals that it is time to add volume memory:

  • The PC itself reports a shortage;
  • after updating the desktop or laptop has become much slower;
  • All device parameters meet the system requirements of heavy software (software), but it does not start.

Before upgrading, remember: 32-bit OS (operating systems) accept a maximum of 4 gigabytes of RAM. If you need more, you should reinstall the OS.

How to increase computer RAM

There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Insert a larger RAM
  2. use a flash drive.

This section describes the first option.

Determine the number of free slots

You can do this using the classic OS tools: “Task Manager” (DZ) → “Performance” → “Memory”. Below you will see how many sockets the computer is designed for. Another option is to use free software like CPU-Z.

How to Increase RAM On A Computer

But these methods have disadvantages. The first method will only work if the user has a tenth system. A special program is sometimes wrong.

You can disassemble the PC and see how many slots on the motherboard. The second option is to use the Internet: ask the exact model of your PC or laptop and see the characteristics. If the user assembled the computer on his own, you need to drive the name of the motherboard into the search line.

How to find out the RAM version

This information about the RAM is displayed in the "Performance" section, which can be found in the remote sensing. It will need to find "Speed" in it. The type RAM is displayed here. The version can also be viewed on the box or sticker located on the modules themselves.

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RAM selection

In order not to make a mistake with the selection of RAM for a PC or laptop, you need to know the maximum possible amount with which the system board works. For example, the user has 8 gigabytes, and the motherboard can put 32 GB.

How to Increase RAM On A Computer

In this case, it will turn out to double the RAM by installing a pair of modules of 8 gigs, or four, putting 2 strips of 16 GB. If the motherboard has 4 slots, there is an option to install a 4×8 GB kit.

What else to consider:

  • Mismatching characteristics, such as timings, frequency and volume, reduce performance. Therefore, it is better to choose complete trims.
  • In 2-channel mode, the speed increases, because the slats are installed in 2 slots. Or through one, if the user puts two modules, and in the motherboard 4 sockets.
  • The maximum amount of RAM is the total for memory slots. In a device that supports 32 GB of RAM, one bar with this amount will not work.
  • RAM for the desktop and laptop is different in form factor.

How to install a new module

Inserting the bar into the motherboard is a simple task. The steps are described in a table.

How to Increase RAM On A Computer

What to do if the laptop does not see the new RAM

How can I fix the situation:

1. See if the RAM slats are inserted correctly. Try reinserting them.

2. Make sure the memory and board are compatible. Mismatch rarely occurs: usually inappropriate modules simply do not install on the motherboard.

3. Test the RAM for a malfunction. This can be done using the free Memtest86 software.

How to Increase RAM On A Computer

4. Clean the contacts. You can use a simple eraser, but better. a cotton cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol. When everything dries, blow off the dust bar and put it on the motherboard.

5. Testing on another PC. If you have a computer with a suitable board, try setting the bar there. Works? Perhaps on the first desktop the motherboard itself is damaged. Does not work? It’s definitely in RAM. If there is no additional PC, then you can try to insert other compatible modules into your device.

Usually, if the RAM is chosen correctly, there are no problems.

How to increase RAM using a flash drive

Special software is not required for this. Software is already installed on Windows.

How to do it in the "Virtual RAM" Windows:

  • Insert the flash drive into the PC.
  • Go to "Properties" by right-clicking on "My computer".
  • Click "Advanced Options" and select "Advanced".
  • Enter the "Performance" and find the parameters there.
  • Select “Virtual memory” by clicking on “Advanced”.
  • Click "Change."

How to Increase RAM On A Computer

  • Uncheck the option to automatically detect the swap file and select your flash drive in the drop-down list.
  • Enter the volume. At least 10 MB less than the actual capacity should be indicated. For example, a user has four gigabytes of media, and the actual amount is 3700 MB. So you need to specify 3690 MB at least.
  • Reboot PC or laptop.

There is another way to increase memory. Works for Windows systems, starting from 7:

  1. Insert the media into the USB port of the computer. Right-click on the drive and select “Properties”.
  2. Go to ReadyBoost and enable the use of this device.
  3. Reduce the current amount of flash memory by 300 MB and click "Apply."

How to Increase RAM On A Computer

Add RAM to your computer or laptop. speed it up. This will help the device process different requests faster and cope with demanding applications. If the motherboard allows, the easiest method to increase the RAM is to insert more volume strips. If the maximum is already set, then you can increase the RAM using a flash drive.

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