How to Increase Battery On Android

Battery life is probably the most painful place of all Android devices. Most Android devices with active use work without recharging for a maximum of one day. This is not enough for many users, so they are wondering how to increase the battery life on Android. In this article, we will consider some of the most effective ways to solve this problem.

Disable data and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules.

Data transfer requires a lot of energy. Therefore, if you do not really need mobile Internet, you can safely turn it off. In addition to saving money, you get a significant increase in battery life. In order to do this, go to the device settings and go to the “Mobile Network Settings” section. Here you need to disable the “Data Transfer. Allow data transmission in a mobile network. “

You also need to disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules. To do this, use the switches in the settings menu.

How to Increase Battery On Android

Also, on some firmware, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules can be disabled through the top drop-down menu.

Decrease the backlight level.

On most Android devices, the screen is the main consumer of energy. In order to reduce its consumption, it is necessary to reduce the screen backlight to a minimally comfortable level. And in cases where the battery charge is almost exhausted and you need the smartphone to work as long as possible, the backlight level needs to be set to a minimum.

You can also reduce the gap after which the screen goes blank automatically. It also positively affects battery life.

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All these settings are available in the “Screen” section.

Turn off navigation.

If you do not use GPS navigation or other programs related to geolocation, then this function is better off. This will allow you to slightly increase the battery life on your Android device.

In order to do this, open the settings and go to the “Location” tab.

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Close unnecessary programs.

Periodically, you need to open the list of running programs and close those that you are not using. So you reduce the load on the processor and slightly increase the battery life in your Android device.

You also need to monitor programs that constantly hang in the background in the device’s memory. To do this, open the settings and go to the “Applications. Running” section.

In some cases, here you can see a dozen completely unnecessary programs that hang in memory and load the processor with useless work. You can click on any program and stop the process, but that will not help. After some time, all these programs will start again. Therefore, the only solution is to remove unnecessary programs that hang in the list of workers.

Programs for increasing battery life on Android

There are also special programs that help you save battery power for as long as possible.

Easy battery saver. A free program for monitoring the autonomy and optimizing the operation of an Android device. This program has several ready-made operating modes that allow you to extend battery life. Also, the user can use the manual mode, in which you can configure all the parameters as you wish. The developers of the program claim that their program allows you to increase the battery life on Android devices by 50 percent or more.

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver). Another pretty popular free app to increase battery life. The Battery Doctor application allows you to disable unnecessary functions, close unused applications, control screen brightness and the operation of wireless modules. Also bundled with the application is a special widget that allows you to control the main features of the program directly from the desktop.

Additional gadgets for longer battery life

If fine tuning does not allow you to achieve a significant increase in battery life, then you can use additional devices to solve this problem. The easiest and most reliable option is an external battery.

An external battery is a small device with a capacious battery and USB output for recharging portable gadgets. The capacity of such an external battery allows you to charge your Android smartphone several times until it is fully charged.

The second option is a larger capacity battery. For many popular models of Android smartphones, high-capacity batteries exist.

The disadvantage of this method of increasing the operating time is that along with a new battery, the thickness of the device increases.

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