How to Improve Communication On Iphone 5s 16gb

  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Model: iPhone 5S 16Gb
  • Release year: 2013-09-10
  • Case Type: Classic
  • Case Length: 124 mm (millimeters)
  • Case Width: 59 mm (millimeters)
  • Case Thickness: 7.6 mm (millimeters)
  • Weight: 112g
  • Volume: 55.14 cm³ (cubic centimeters)
  • Materials and finishes: aluminum and glass

Smartphone Apple iPhone 5S 16Gb with installed operating system iOS 7 and a screen diagonal of 4 inches. The smartphone is equipped with a Li-Ion battery that allows you to talk for up to 10 hours and be in standby mode for 250 hours. You cannot install more than one SIM card in this model. It will not be amiss to say that the Smartphone has 16 GB of memory and an Apple A7 processor, 1300 MHz.

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Characteristics Apple iPhone 5S 16GB

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and Cons of the Apple iPhone 5S 16GB

Bright colorful display, high performance, high-quality sound, easy to manage, does not require regular cleaning of the registry, is not afraid of heavy software, an excellent camera.

Speed, appearance. Generally a long story. I’ll go straight to the minuses, because for the sake of this I came here

IPhone. I liked the screen unlock with a fingerprint.

How to Improve Communication On Iphone 5s 16gb

Excellent camera, internal and external design, speed, fingerprint function. cool. Excellent screen, I can’t watch the color rendering of other phones.

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Advantages all come to naught. See flaws and comment. Compare with 4s. The camera is super. Aperture f 2.2 allows you to take good pictures in the dark, and video. Front camera 1.2, which is better than 640-480 in 4s; Processor better than 4s; 3 times; slightly better display color reproduction than in 4s; Better headphones in set than in 4s; Good Apple branded case; Apple Lighting iLife and iWork gifts are better than the old cord in 4s, there is no need to drag the second cord with iPad mini Perhaps this is all. But I turned a blind eye to these advantages, because I can not forgive Apple flaws. And go back to 4s.

Golden color, fast processor, great shots.

Appearance. Ergonomics and ease of use. Speed ​​of work. In general, my opinion. The phone is at the top of the Apple iPhone line.

Video: How to Improve Communication On Iphone 5s 16gb

Convenience, design, quality

1) Camera (dual flash) 2) Weight3) Fast response4) Touch id5) Security6) Design

1), The ideal size, fits comfortably in the hand, smartphones with a larger screen diagonal have not taken root in me, it is a pleasure to use 2). Stylish design, nothing more, just strict lines and clear edges 3). High-quality assembly, no gaps or backlash buttons, everything is well adjusted and does not cause complaints 4). Many people point to iTunes as a drawback, but as for me it’s a virtue on the contrary, understanding the functionality is nothing complicated, updating applications or downloading photos does not cause any problems, you can do it at the same time with recharging, which is again convenient 5). I thought that the transition from Android to iOS will take place with some squeak, but no, I got used to it very quickly 6). The front panel is white and the back is light gray (I was looking for exactly this option), cause aesthetic pleasure

1. Build quality. Compared to iphone5, the home and on / off buttons work worse.
2. The battery is clearly weak. With proper operation (I always fully charge and discharge the battery), the charge is not always enough from morning to evening. Enough only if you talk moderately, if the Internet is connected or worse navigation battery runs out almost instantly.
3. iOS7 with tuna is a nightmare. However, as in previous models. Now there’s a binding of the phone to ID, a setup for second owners of the phone. If you plan to use the device for not long. do not go to icloud and do not turn on "Find an iPhone"!
4. Screen. Guys, in the courtyard 2013, and we all look into this narrow window and poke into small, small letters.
5. Price. Explicitly overpriced. In my opinion this phone should cost no pain

high cost, it is absolutely impossible to go online if 3g is not available, the same trouble was with 4s. MTS operator

I bought a phone in the summer of 2014.
Clean in the box, everything is as it should, literally a month later I was greeted by a blue screen, which I did not expect on such a phone, and for the money (30,000 rubles).
Then he just started to turn off, I got used to it, When he wants then it turns off.
In September, I discovered that the screen was noisy, I click and such a crack.
No where did not drop, nothing.
Everything is as it should;
Case, protective film for 600 rubles.
He removed the film, I thought the film was the case, but no.

I bought an iPhone 5s 10/23/2013. Brought home started installing applications and after installation "In contact with", more precisely after its launch, the phone caught fire "blue screen of death" (BSOD) and rebooted! I read on the Internet what kind of problem this is and it says that it is because of the 64-bit system and IOS7. It is also reported that problems with reboots are associated with iWork applications. But! after I turned off the Internet the phone rebooted AGAIN.
Button thunders "home" when you press. This is certainly not a flaw, but after the fifth iPhone it’s somehow unusual and wild.

Battery! Enough for a day, I carry a wire with me, I feel like an android user.

The click of a home button, sometimes crashes, quickly discharges the battery.

No matter how iPhone was good. The battery is poor. But (!) Despite the reduction in size (in comparison with 4S), the charge is kept at a rather good level.
Work with iTunes. rather tedious, but in general justifies its existence.