How to Identify an HTC One Model

A series of HTC phones with the prefix One has a fairly large number of models. Just note that smartphones that have an additional alphabetic index. HTC One V, One S, One X and their varieties we consider on a separate page, the latest HTC One smartphones are also presented in the corresponding section.
Here we’ll talk about smartphones with the HTC One designation without additional letter designations.


How to Identify an HTC One Model

Undoubtedly, the HTC One smartphone is the flagship of the entire lineup of the company as of mid-2013. This is facilitated by the large screen size of the model. 4.7 inches with high resolution. 1920×1080 pixels.
In terms of its characteristics, this device is comparable with the well-known models Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and, to some extent, with Nokia Lumia 1020.

A distinctive feature of the HTC One model is the matrix used in it. Its advantage is not the number of megapixels, but the physical size of the sensor, which is 1/3 of an inch, which is a very good indicator for a mobile device.
The large size of the matrix allows "increase" the size of pixels perceiving the luminous flux, which positively affects the quality of photographs, especially when shooting at night.
Using. for example, a Canon plotter, you can get high-quality printouts of large format images.
Details on shooting modes, video recording capabilities and the full technical specifications of HTC One are reviewed on the page dedicated to this model.

HTC One Dual SIM

It would seem that nothing could be added to the characteristics of the flagship model. But literally a month after its appearance, HTC announced a two-card version of HTC One, called HTC One Dual SIM.

Keeping the same characteristics as the previously considered model, "dual-sim" The smartphone can simultaneously work in two networks of telecom operators, and also has a slot for memory cards, which is absent in "monosymbol" models.

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What is inferior to the version of Dual SIM to the first phone of the series in question is the lack of the ability to work in 4G (LTE) networks, as well as somewhat larger dimensions.

HTC One Mini

If for you the size of the device is an important factor when choosing a phone, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the HTC One Mini model, which underlines its compact size with its name.

Video: How to Identify an HTC One Model

This phone is the most slender of the considered models and has a thickness of only 9.25 mm. Also, the device is relatively light. 122 g, which is 20 g lighter than the HTC One and more than 30 g lighter than the HTC One Dual SIM.

However, the smaller case size also led to a decrease in screen size. In the HTC One Mini, it is 4.3 inches and "is losing" in record resolution. 1280×720 pixels. But the display "recouped" in more technological protection with 3rd generation Gorilla Glass.
The changes also affected the processor. Mini version uses a 2-core processor with a frequency of 1.4 GHz or more "simple" graphics accelerator. Adreno. 305 GPU (HTC One. Adreno 320 GPU). The amount of RAM also decreased. up to 1 GB.
Like the flagship of the line, "younger brother" there is no memory card slot, and the internal memory is limited to 16 GB.
However such "simplification" did not affect the photo capabilities of the unique series, which retained their high performance. The smaller model retained the ability to listen to high-quality surround music due to the presence of stereo speakers (with separate built-in amplifiers).

Like all models "first" Series, HTC One Mini has a non-removable battery. In this particular smartphone, the battery capacity is 1800 mA / h, which allows you to talk for about 500 hours or be in standby mode for 20 hours in 2G networks.

Short video review of HTC One Mini (source

HTC One Max

Somewhat later, the above models appeared HTC One Max. smartphone with a 5.9-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels.

In addition to the increased size (both the screen and the case as a whole), "maximum" The smartphone has another interesting feature. the opportunity "discover" its owner by fingerprints.

Fingerprint Sensor Fingerprint located on the rear panel and is able to detect up to 3 different "patterns". This function can come in handy if you store confidential data on your smartphone or simply do not want someone else to have access to your information.

The presence of a slot for memory cards, as well as the most powerful battery among the considered models. 3300 mAh, turns the HTC One Max into an almost universal device capable of solving maximum tasks.

Model Comparison

Some differences between HTC One models (and their prices) can be shown in a small table