How to Identify a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Authenticity

How to Identify a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Authenticity

Hello dear friend, if you want to become an expert in diagnosing the original, or fake (replica) phablet Samsung Galaxy S7, you have come to the address. This material will be useful for those to whom, for example, relatives sent it as a gift from abroad, and I want to check it for originality. As it often happens with us, or for example, when your classmate at the university kicks them left and right, through his man over the hill. And you are in pursuit of the trend, have the desire to get yourself the same with a noticeable benefit.

Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S7 with your hands does not mean that you are a greedy person or want to splurge on others. This may mean that you are a practical person who is not used to throwing money away.

Therefore, below we described step by step how to distinguish a fake Samsung Galaxy S7 from the original. Everything is much simpler than you think!

Locations of non-shattered Galaxy S7

We present to your attention a list of the most popular sites and types of sales of fake smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7:

In most cases of acquiring a fake Samsung Galaxy S7, an unreasonably low price plays a key role. This is what fraudsters who pass it off as the original use it. Let’s find out what the original Samsung Galaxy S7 shouldn’t have.

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What does not have the original Galaxy S7

A very simple method of identifying the original smartphone is the presence of inappropriate functionality and indicators. Let’s make a list of what the original Samsung Galaxy S7 should not have:

Video: How to Identify a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Authenticity

  • Another color that is noticeably different from the original colors.
  • Lack of a slot for a microSD memory card.
  • Of course, there should be no antennas, and the presence of a built-in TV. This Chinese mentality cannot be confused with anything, only their market is actively supplying their phones with such a modification.
  • The presence of other processors, instead of the original Exynos with eight cores and Snapdragon 820 with four cores.
  • This model does not have a stylus, they are only in the Galaxy Note series.
  • On the new smart there should not be any modified firmware, as well as an activated root mode (they are possible only on b / y).
  • Get a ruler, we’ll measure. The dimensions of the original are 142.5 by 69.5 by 7.9 mm. Do not forget about the protrusion of the camera on the rear surface.

Video: Samsung Galaxy Originality Check

IMEI Serial Number Identification

This procedure unfortunately does not guarantee a 101% guarantee, however, at the same time, it obviously will not be superfluous.

The original Samsung Galaxy S7 can be checked by Imei in two ways:

  1. Launch the phone application. Then type the command “# 06 #”. You will be able to see the IMEI code on the screen, which is indicated on the phone’s box with a barcode.
  2. After that, you need to check the compliance of this code on the official Samsung website:

Server Code Validation

Another little trick that identifies the authenticity of your smart. To check your flabet for originality, in the same Phone application, dial the command # 7353 #. Not available on gray firmware.

Checking with benchmarks and other utilities

When you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 offline, here and now, so to speak, from hand to hand. You can check its technical indicators using benchmarks such as Antutu and Geekbench, as well as CPU-Z utilities, pass their tests, you can determine the power of the insides of the smartphone. Thus, you will immediately understand what you are holding in your hands.

We hope this article was useful for you, and now that you know all the subtleties and nuances of how to distinguish the original Samsung Galaxy S7 from a fake, you will never get it yourself without knowing it.

Try to identify your smartphones and write in the comments, who, what, turns out. &# 128578;

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