How to Hide Application on Iphone 6 S

While the iOS version 6 jailbreak is looming somewhere on the horizon, many people who want to change the appearance of their device and enrich its functionality bite their nails and bite their elbows in anticipation of the release of RedSn0w, we want to offer you an easy way to change the operator logo of your iPhone or iPad from cellular module. This method is familiar to many, but there will certainly be those who hear about it for the first time.

How to Hide Application on Iphone 6 S

What is required for this? As already mentioned just above. this, of course, is an iPhone or iPad with a cellular module (iPad Wi-Fi will not work), a Mac computer and a little patience and desire to do what we are here for.

Step 1

Step 2

Launch the CarrierEditor app and click the Let’s Get Started button.

How to Hide Application on Iphone 6 S

Step 3

Now we need to find out the version number of our operator. On the device, go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “About this device”. Under the iOS version you will see what you are looking for. in my case it is MegaFon 14.1. Enter this number into the CarrierEditor app on your Mac.

Step 4

The application will display the “Carrier Information” window, in which you will see two drop-down menus. “Device” and “Carrier”. No questions should arise here, just select your device in them and look for your operator. Click “Next.”

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How to Hide Application on Iphone 6 S

Step 5

Now we got to the most interesting page of the application. the page for choosing a custom operator’s logo. The CarrierEditor application image contains the ZeppelinLogos folder, it contains our logos. two in each subfolder. We select the one we like and drag it into the application windows, paying attention to the names. the logo with the word Black in the window of the same name. Like this:

How to Hide Application on Iphone 6 S

After that, it remains to click on the button “Compile Carrier Logo”. After a second, two files will appear on your desktop.

Step 6

Now we just have to connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer, open iTunes and hold down the Alt (Option) key and select “Restore iPhone”. iTunes will open a window for selecting the file from which you want to restore the device. This is where the files created by the CarrierEditor application will be needed.

One of them contains the word “Original” in the title. this is our backup copy, it will be needed when you want to return everything to its place. But for now, we are interested in the exact file that does not contain this word. Therefore, when restoring to iTunes, we select it. The process itself takes a split second and almost immediately after recovery you can see the new logo.

How to Hide Application on Iphone 6 S

If you don’t see any changes, then try rebooting your device. such an action should help.

Step 8

To get everything back to normal, repeat the previous step, but to restore, use the file with the word “Original” in the title.

You see, this is completely uncomplicated and takes only 5-10 minutes of your time.

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