How to Get Your iPad Mini Faster

How to Get Your iPad Mini Faster

A set of simple instructions for owners.

The MacBook is a great laptop that can run on a single charge all day. However, if you unscrew the brightness of the display to the maximum, launch a dozen applications or open three browsers with active tabs, autonomy will drop several times.

Today we talk about tricks that will allow you to charge your laptop less often. Tips are universal, they are suitable for owners of MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Install Updates

Install Apple updates advises in any incomprehensible situation. There is a point in this. the company’s engineers are improving the operating system, optimizing its operation and energy consumption. Refrain from the latest versions of macOS is only for owners of very old MacBooks. On such computers, the system will dull and freeze. the problem with autonomy will recede into the background.

To check for updates and install them, open App store, go to the tab “Updates“And click”Refresh” or “Refresh All“.

Adjust screen brightness

The laptop screen consumes the most energy. To optimize power consumption, Apple has added an automatic brightness adjustment function to the MacBook. However, if you constantly work in the same conditions, for example, in the office, you can turn it off by setting a comfortable brightness level yourself. Often it is lower than that offered by the system.

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Open the menu “System settings“- Monitors. Uncheck the box next to “Adjust brightness automatically»And move the slider above it to a level convenient for the eyes.

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How to Get Your iPad Mini Faster

Disable unnecessary features

When you first set up your MacBook after your purchase, be sure to turn off Bluetooth. it is turned on by default. It is also worth turning off other unused functions: keyboard backlight, sound, Wi-Fi, if you use a wired connection or do not need the Internet, and other macOS charms. The rule is simple. when something is not needed, you can turn it off.

Explore the menu “System parameters», Go through the tabs and decide what features you can do without. For 3 hours, autonomy will not increase, but you will get a few extra minutes without recharging.

How to Get Your iPad Mini Faster

Close unused applications

I often forget to close applications that I don’t use. This is bad. If you want your laptop to work as long as possible on one charge, it’s best if Twitter, Google Chrome, an email client or Photoshop do not “hang” in the background.

You can view open applications and how much energy they consume using the “Energy“Utilities”System monitoring“. Run it from the “Utilities»Or search Spotlight and look at the most gluttonous software. Close applications that you do not currently need. Free up RAM at the same time and your MacBook will run faster.

How to Get Your iPad Mini Faster

If the laptop still doesn’t work well on a single charge, it’s probably time to change the battery. Doing this is better in official services. there are high-quality batteries, and they give a guarantee.

In one of the previous articles, we told, How to charge your MacBook so that the battery lasts a long time. If you worry about the health of the battery in your device, you must read it.

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