How to Get Rid of a Virus on Android

Instructions on how to get rid of ads on Android. Behavior scenarios: what to do if an advertisement pops up. Which utilities will help remove the adware virus from your phone or tablet.

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In November 2016, a new form of pop-up advertising was discovered. It integrates into the Android system (directly in root) after the user installs it on the phone, disguising himself as a system application. This makes the advertisement invulnerable to any normal removal tools and antiviruses. Even after a factory reset (hard reset) of an Android device, advertising viruses remain untouched, posing a serious threat to the phone.

This is a new, more complex virus. typical annoying software for Android. It annoys with constantly appearing ads in applications. This form of malware has root access, so most users will not guess that the phone is infected. Owners of such devices as a tablet, phone, smartphone with the Android 4 operating system installed can become a victim of this dangerous family of viruses. >.

Successfully implemented instances of malware are almost impossible to remove; the only solution for most users will be to purchase a new Android smartphone. Ad modules are a serious risk and threat to the security of mobile gadgets. Applications, as a rule, are not granted access to files created by other programs. However, root access circumvents this guarantee and can infect the device, steal the personal data of the user of the android device.

Video instruction to remove the adware virus:

How to find and remove the simplest adware virus

The most common situation is that you download one or several applications to your phone, after which ads on your phone begin to pop up when you unlock your Android tablet. The best way to identify the application responsible for displaying banners on the device is to use the free AirPush Detector app for Android.

It has one function. calculate "troublemaker" (the detector can detect special add-ons) and tell you about it so that you remove the virus application, thereby eliminating the threat. over, AirPush Detector works more efficiently than antivirus, does not load the phone and does not contain unnecessary functions.

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How to switch to safe mode

If the pop-up ad interferes with the normal use of the phone, covers the screen, we advise you to reboot in safe mode. For this

  1. Hold the Rower button.
  2. Hold your finger on the item. "Off" before the Android Safe Mode menu appears. OK.
  3. When the phone restarts, it will enter the safe mode (the corresponding inscription in the corner will appear on the screen).

Safe mode is good because only system applications and related components are loaded. Custom programs will be unavailable. respectively, pop-up ads too. At the same time, you can change access rights, remove administrator rights.

Video: How to Get Rid of a Virus on Android

How to restrict the ad application access on the phone

Access rights are managed through the Security → Administrators section in the settings of the Android device. Here you can manually limit the actions of the application in the system, remove unnecessary access rights and disable aggressive display of ads.

First of all, we advise you to remove access rights for applications that AirPush Detector has identified as advertising. In some cases, this will help get rid of advertising on the phone. However, keep in mind that such a restriction method can lead to an undesirable effect: for example, the android application will no longer work.

However, not always the standard mechanism for managing access rights helps to limit access to malicious adware and viruses. App Ops toolkit comes to the rescue. The system add-on for Android allows you to selectively disable unnecessary access rights on the device. Starting with Android version 4.4.2, the App Ops application needs root access (recall that the corresponding Kingo Root program is useful for this).

Note. If getting root access is problematic, try the Advanced Permission Manager. To work on the phone (tablet) does not require root access.

We remove advertising applications through the Application Manager

As noted above, you need to use AirPush Detector to determine the advertising program. By removing the intruder application, you will disable pop-up ads on your phone.

You can use the standard Android application manager to remove unnecessary programs. You can find it in the Settings → Applications section. A list of installed programs is displayed here.

Find and manually delete all applications seen in the pop-up ads and at the same time check if there are any other candidates for removal.

How to remove a trojan from the phone?

We recommend that you install a good anti-virus for Android on your device. for example, an application Doctor Web, which will seriously increase the security level of the smartphone, will remove the virus from the Android tablet and protect against such threats.

Daily Summary Removal

Question. On the home screen of a smartphone (Android), various butterflies or suns constantly pop up. I click. the Daily Summary opens. some news. If you open it, ads disappear from the desktop. But not for long. After a few minutes, it appears again on the device screen. Until you open it will not disappear. How to remove the daily summary virus from the phone? Antiviruses do not help.

Answer. As a rule, to disable the advertising infection, you need to go into the add-ons of the recently installed application and uncheck the Daily Summary option of the same name. This method works, in particular, in the TouchPal Keyboard application.

Perhaps you do not have a virus, but a free version of the application

Pop-up ads on Android may be a consent to the fact that you are using the free version of the downloaded application. In other words, by viewing the banners you "are paying" for the free app.

How to Get Rid of a Virus on Android

In this case, we do not recommend blocking ads. If the program is really useful for your phone, buy the full version. this is the fastest and easiest way to remove pop-up ads on Android without a twinge of conscience.

Think about it: most mobile products (including those you use) cost no more than a cup of coffee. You pay the developer’s labor, get the full version of the application, getting rid of threatening ads and malicious code. And everyone is happy. the user and the developer.

Of course, you can forcefully remove ads on your phone and use android applications to block: Adaway, Adblock Plus, Adfree, Adguard, Lucky Patcher or Adblock Browser. But this is not fair.