How to Get a Registration by Phone Number

There are certain nuances in solving the problem of how to find out a person’s registration by passport data, because this requires not only some specific conditions and skills. The right to receive such data is vested in state bodies with appropriate powers and civilians. owners of housing, or interested in receiving information.

There are several common legal options for accessing such data, and many more illegal ones that are best avoided. If the need for information is justified, the authorities can help. They reserve the right to decide on the sufficient validity of the created need.

General options how to find the registration address by name

The easiest way to find the address of registration is to contact the state authorities that are responsible for such events. They have much more opportunities for this, including databases, the authority to conduct official inquiries, and special search measures.

How to Get a Registration by Phone Number

How to find out a person’s registration by passport data

All this is provided for the case when the search for the specified person falls under judicial or criminal liability. If a person needs to be found due to evasion of alimony or unlawful actions, state bodies are obliged to help in this matter.

It is much easier to find out the place of residence of a wanted person to any official bodies, whether it is the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, social services or even credit organizations from which the specified person took a money loan.

Important! For a civilian who has not provided sufficient convincing grounds to find out the whereabouts of an outsider, such a search will be quite difficult.

If the search is undertaken for personal reasons, nostalgic emotions or the need to see you, the above authorities are not obliged to find out the address. There are very few common options that can be used in this case, and they do not always succeed. Initially, such searches are based on the premise that a person has a permanent residence permit or temporary registration. If a foreign citizen is wanted, he may by this time already leave for his homeland.

Authorities may find searches necessary if:

  • a child is wanted (temporary registration is also required for minor citizens);
  • the question of the inheritance is being decided and it is necessary to find one of the applicants for its part, and its whereabouts are unknown;
  • it is necessary to find the defendant in the trial against which the lawsuit is brought;
  • you need to find a negligent parent who avoids child support payments, or a former spouse who took the child to another place of residence without the consent of the second parent.

How to Get a Registration by Phone Number

Applying for a person’s residence permit

Additional Information! Legal entities are vested with greater competence and may in some cases submit formal requests to legal authorities. In some cases, you can try to enlist the support of official organizations for the search using official databases.

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An ordinary citizen has only a few ways to find out the address of registration. If the official authorities found the reasons presented by him to recognize the residence permit by passport data insufficient, he has only 4 options. It:

  • information desk;
  • phonebook;
  • Department of the FMS;
  • checking on the internet.

Obtaining a physical address in a completely random way is sometimes much easier than accessing these sources of information. This is largely due to the prevalence of the name of the wanted person, a combination of his name and patronymic. Elementary ignorance of the exact age or other factual inaccuracies, for example, spelling of a surname, may interfere.

Step-by-step guide on finding a registration address

If the reliability of the passport data is beyond doubt, there are two ways to find a person by registration. To do this, you can contact the Office of the Migration Service of the Russian Federation or the Unified State Register of Real Estate.

For information. In order to ensure state security, Russia has introduced a system of temporary registration of any citizen who, for whatever reason, has moved from his place of permanent residence. He is required to register at a new place within 90 days, and this applies to minor citizens. For violation of the requirement administrative responsibility is liable.

How to Get a Registration by Phone Number

Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

The real estate Rosreestr will provide information if a person purchased or sold any housing, whether it be a house, an apartment or even a share belonging to him. By submitting an official request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Federal Migration Service, you can find out the location of the wanted person. The search will not yield tangible results if the surname is common, but there is no additional material for clarification. Filling out a special form in the internal affairs bodies is a prerequisite that triggers the search mechanism.

Important! If the wanted person received a residence permit, it does not matter, in the appropriate authority or in local authorities, the registered person will be found. The main condition for this is to know as much evidence as possible.

Another way to find out where a person is registered by last name is already a little outdated. From the telephone directory you can find out only a permanent residence permit, and even then, if the subscriber continues to use a landline phone and continues to live in the same place.

The passport and the data indicated in it can help when searching through the information desk, whose services are currently paid. However, in the search for a person by temporary registration, he may be useless, especially if the information is incomplete. But the information desk information services have access to the Rosreestr databases, and this will help to obtain information if the wanted citizen sold or acquired some real estate.

Information on registration found in the telephone directory may be inaccurate even if the apartment is sold. Because far from all buyers re-register the old phone number to the new owner, and some even refuse it.

How to Get a Registration by Phone Number


Note! An online search or access to Internet databases is the most popular type of attempt to find the right person. But if you only know about the girl that her name is Inna and her place of residence is Moscow, then the World Wide Web will be useless.

Options for finding an online residence address

A common and fruitful version of this method is the base of the Federal Migration Service. But there are others, no less common. There are even several ways to check your registration through the Internet, if such a need arose when making a purchase and sale transaction (if the purchase seems doubtful for some reason) or concluding a lease.

According to passport data

How to check registration for data authenticity over the Internet? To do this, just go to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on migration issues and fill out the appropriate form by submitting an official online request. Within 15 days, government agencies are required to provide an answer to the submitted request. Perhaps the data of the one who leaves it will be requested.

Note! How to find the right person by registration? You can refer to the Gosuslug website. There is a special section for obtaining reference information, in which you need to leave information about the wanted person and about yourself. After the application is submitted, it is tracked in your account.


The search can be carried out on the FMS website, but it will only give out the region of residence or a temporary residence permit received recently. In order to be able to verify the accuracy of the information or obtain a real address, you need to personally contact the relevant authorities, in this case, the Russian Tax Service. However, if the question is about real estate, and the one who is trying to find out the address has rights to a particular object, he can receive information on the same grounds as the real owner.

How to Get a Registration by Phone Number

Address search by TIN

By last name and phone number

This type of search will be uninformative when searching for a way to find out where a person is registered by his last name, because it will only help in an online search for telephone directories published on the Internet. But if you go to the information desk (by phone or in virtual reality), you can even get several addresses of citizens with the required data. True, a real help desk may require written justification. Sometimes a phone number can come in handy for tracing a person in social networks, because the phone number may indicate the region of residence.

By car number

This type of search is available in the traffic police database. She will give out the address of the desired object, if you enter the name of the person and the number of his car. However, this function is not always informative, because a person can travel by proxy, use a stolen or temporarily provided car.

What is the liability for illegal receipt of information

Important! Illegal access to confidential or official information databases is an unlawful act contrary to certain articles of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Article 137 of the Criminal Code of Russia provides for a criminal punishment of up to 5 years in prison or a very large (up to 350 thousand rubles) administrative fine. Criminal punishment may also threaten a citizen of the Russian Federation for disseminating information received by another person, but by means of an unlawful act.

For the necessary data, it is much easier to contact the relevant authorities and obtain it through official means, and the Federal Migration Service is the best source for this, the responsibility of which is to obtain information about the whereabouts of all citizens who have changed their region of residence.

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