How to Format a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone

With the active use of the smartphone over time, it may begin to malfunction and slow down. And if cleaning up the RAM and internal memory using Clean Master, Battery Doctor or other programs has not yielded a positive result, the only way out is to perform a hard reset (full formatting) procedure on the mobile device. Let’s look at how to format a Samsung phone yourself.

Samsung full cleaning methods

In all phones of the Samsung Galaxy line, the procedure for resetting the system to the factory parameters is provided by the developers, so you do not have to search and install additional software on the gadget to perform formatting.

There are several ways to format Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 or another smartphone model:

  1. Through the device settings. It is the easiest and fastest way to clean. It is applied when the mobile device turns on (is in working condition) and the user has the opportunity to use its menu.
  2. Through a service combination. Used when the operating system on Galaxy starts, however you only have access to the numeric keypad.
  3. Using the recovery environment Recovery Mode. Allows you to restore the phone and restore its initial settings even if it is not possible to load the OS (for example, Samsung freezes on the welcome screen).

It should be noted that hard reset involves the removal of all installed applications, notes, text messages, contacts and other user data from the smartphone. Therefore, before starting formatting, it is recommended to backup Samsung Galaxy. You can create a backup copy of Android through the Samsung Kies program, Google cloud storage, the Titanium Backup program, or in another way.

If the purpose of completely clearing the phone is to sell it, then before hard reset you will additionally need to untie the mobile device from your Google account. If this is not done, then the formatted gadget at the first turn on will ask for the login and password from the account to which it was previously associated.

To sign out of your Google Account:

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  1. Enter Galaxy settings.
  2. In the “Accounts” section, select the Google service.
  3. Call the properties of the active account by clicking on the corresponding button located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Launch the decoupling procedure by clicking “Delete Account”.

Video: How to Format a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone

After completing all the preparatory activities, you can proceed directly to the formatting.

Performing a hard reset through Samsung settings

The process of formatting a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone or any other model from the Galaxy line will look like this:

  1. Through the standard menu, open the device settings by clicking on the gear icon.
    How to Format a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone
  2. Go to the “General Settings” tab. If your gadget does not have such an item, select “Archive and reset” or “Privacy”. The name of the required section depends on the model of the mobile device.
    How to Format a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone
  3. Go to “Reset Data”, and then activate the cleaning procedure by tapping “Delete All” or “Reset”.
    How to Format a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone

After rebooting the smartphone, only those programs and data that were pre-installed by the manufacturer will remain on it.

Samsung cleaning using a service combination

Any smartphone based on Android OS has a special digital-symbol combination, thanks to which the user can restore the factory settings on the device in a few clicks.

To format Samsung Galaxy via the touch keyboard, you need:

  1. Enter screen unlock or dial mode.
  2. Enter the sequence 27672878 # or 27673855 #.

The first combination allows you to clear the phone without deleting numbers from the phone book and user files. The second set completely erases all data and programs from the smartphone.

Formatting Samsung via Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a special boot mode for mobile devices. It allows you to create backups of the operating system and user data, do a hard reset, split the SD card into several sections and perform other system actions.

To format Samsung through the recovery environment, you will need:

  1. Turn off the mobile device and wait for the completion of all system applications.
  2. Press the mechanical keys Home, Power and Volume Up at the same time.
    How to Format a Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Phone
  3. After entering the Recovery Mode area, select Factory Reset and start formatting.

Having figured out how to format your Samsung phone yourself, you can restore the device to normal operation and, if necessary, prepare the device for sale.

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