How to Format a Honor 8s Phone

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09/10/2019 Plusko Comments 40 comments

Hello dear friends and dear subscribers of my YouTube channel!

Recently, I have accumulated groundwork on bypassing locks on Huawei and Honor EMUI 9.1.0 phones. All the necessary files can be downloaded in the video description.

Solutions for Huawei Nova 3 PAR-LX1 EMUI 9.1.0 (updating from Erekaver to the same firmware will not work, you need to install using the three-button method, namely the firmware from the description of the video)

Solutions for Huawei Mate 20 Pro LYA-L29 EMUI 9.1.0 (upgrade to 310 firmware)

Solutions for Huawei P30 ELE-L29 EMUI 9.1.0 (upgradeable to firmware version

Solutions for Honor 20 YAL-L21 EMUI 9.1.0 (upgradeable to firmware version

Solutions for Honor 10i HRY-LX1T EMUI 9.1.0 (flashing up to 260 firmware, after that the “safe mode” method will work)

Since I live, then, accordingly, I shoot with the region C10 (Russia). If you are from another region, then you can proceed by analogy, but the firmware files must be selected individually, for example, Europe. C432.

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FRP! Huawei / Honor EMUI 9.1.0. Results and ready-made solutions. : 40 comments

You have no idea how you are helping. Someday I will thank you. I wish you 100,000 subscribers in no time

I have honor 10 lite. No way helped. I’ll try with your miracle firmware. Apparently, it should also come up in order for the safe boot method to work. I will definitely inform you at the end of the experiment. All the best and prosperity!

Honor 9 Decision Coming Soon

Yes, a video will appear today.

When I clamp three buttons, I get a software install failed error
Incompatibility with current version
Please download the correct update package

How to Format a Honor 8s Phone

Same problem. Phone Honor 8S KSA-LX9

Hello. First of all, show / tell how you unpacked the files to the memory card.

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Hello, Michael.
Right-click on the archive and select: extract files. Further in the folder I chose the Software folder in which our dload folder lies. Formatted a USB flash drive in the FAT32 system. I sent the dload folder to the USB flash drive

Michal, sometimes it happens that when you control your actions on record (as it was this time) everything turns out. )))) Thank you

How to drop the dload folder in the fat 32 system if it weighs more than 4 GB.

No way. Need to format it in NTFS

Rather, the file UPDATE.APP

How to unlock Huawei p30 lite?

Hello. I haven’t come across such a device, so I don’t have a free solution yet.

Good afternoon. Do not know how to unlock the Honor 20 Pro EMUI

Hello. Alas, I haven’t come across such a phone yet.

Hello hello Michael
I got a Honor 5c phone (NEM-AL10C00B207, Allh / cn) with a binding to Huawei id, tried everything seems to be possible, please help me figure it out.

Huawei mate 20 lite android 9.1
Talk back7.3.0.239841594 version

Video: How to Format a Honor 8s Phone

There is no help and communication button at the bottom, it doesn’t work out through the 911 combination either, as it needs access, it does not work through the keyboard either. help)

Hello everyone, Huawei Mate 20 firmware (COOE133R2P1) is blocked on the Huawei account, I don’t know what to do with it, help thanks for the reply

Hello. Trying to get around FRP on Huawei y6 2019 (MRD-LX1F). When working with SP_Flash_Tool (after connecting the phone to the PC), the error status_invalid_parameters 30007 occurs (accordingly, nothing happens with the phone). PC running Windows 10. I connect the cable to the motherboard connector. The only thing is that the cable is not native (not from this phone, but from an earlier model of Huawei honor 8lite).

MAR-L21A (C431E6R2P3) is not installed on MAR-L21A (C431E6R2P3) > Software install failed

Good afternoon. Do not know how to unlock the Honor 20 Pro EMUI I know what was written did not come across

And HONOR 7c did not try to untie?

Help unlock the tablet Huawei Mediapad M5 model SHT-AL09 EMUI 9.0.1. Asks for the mail and password of the owner, which I do not know, maybe you know some way to unlock this particular tablet.

Honor 10 COL-L29 EMUI 9.1.0
The method for this phone worked on the Huawei P20 pro!
Thank you so much, Michael!
It’s good that you immediately indicated the card number!)))

Hello, I get to the place where you need to click on YouTube and it does not click what the problem is, tell me please.

Michael, from which website are you downloading the firmware? I can not find 215 firmware for p30 lite region c10

Michael today leaked Huawei p20 according to your schemes.
I express gratitude from me. Good luck to you!

Or rather, the Huawei Mate 20 lite
model SNE LX 1
EMUI 9.1.0

Honor 8S KSA-LX9. If an error occurs «Software install failed
Incompatibility with current version
Please download the correct update package “. Re-format the USB flash drive and copy the dload folder to the new one. Repeat flashing the phone. It worked for me.
Many thanks to the author!

I’ve been fighting a couple of days with DUK-L09
nothing helps

Hello. How can I unlock Honor 10i, ver.

Just in this article there is a solution.

Huawei Mate 20 Lite (SNE-LX1) has anyone else found a solution? I updated the firmware via eRecovery, but save mode does not help, it still asks for an account, even in safe mode.

Michael, hello from Germany.
Thank you so much for your help, everything worked out.
Solution for Huawei P20 lite ANE-LX1 EMUI 9.1.0
uploaded the version to Europe (С432) and added to the folder ANE-L21. hw-cea

Hello. I downloaded the archive, but it turned out to be broken

Hello. Install the latest version of WinRar, then the archive will open.

Honor 10 COL-L29 EMUI 9.1.0
It costs 352, updated through Recovery as in the video. The code does not fit, writes “Unlock the phone”, Security mode does not display on the desktop. I tried to lower the firmware to, but wherever I put the dload folder, at least the internal memory, at least the flash drive through OTG, by clamping 3 buttons I get Software install failed. Can try with I tried to flash with zip (in the dload / and COL-L29_hw_ru / folders). Tell me how to roll back? What am I doing wrong?

Everything worked out. Rolled back from 352 to 325 and further according to the instructions of Michael. Rolled back firmware Unpack the archive, dload folder with the contents (with the structure and names of folders / files preserved), copy to the root of the flash drive or sd card, insert the cable or adapter into the OTG and hold down 3 buttons (volume, volume. and on) before rebooting and vibration, after firmware verification and installation will go. If the device does not see the flash drive / sd-flash, change it to another, change the adapter / cable OTG. OTG can be checked by connecting the mouse, if it is working, the arrow cursor will appear on the phone.
P.S. My problem was a crooked OTG adapter. Good luck to all!

Good day people!
Who can tell if it is possible to lower the firmware on this model (HUAWEI P SMART 2019 POT-LX1)? the downgrade target is called to remove the FRP. in firmware (C432E8R4P1) they say there is a possibility of removal without problems. Ie untie from Google. Or does someone know the solution on newer firmware?