How to Flash Xiaomi Mi 4 C

Let’s assume that you have purchased a new phone and want to install a new firmware on it with a good Russian translation and many features. There are many different firmwares, but they are all installed almost identically, and for each one you first need to flash the recovery. This instruction will help you to properly flash the system on Xiaomi Mi 4.

Flash Recovery using a computer

Download the MiPhone Tools Utility (26 MB). Then on your PC, turn off digital signature verification.

Disabling driver digital signature verification

For windows 10

  1. We go in “Start. Settings. Update and Security”.
  2. Choose “Recovery” and in special boot options click Reboot Now.
  3. After rebooting, select “Diagnostics”.>“Extra options”.>“Download Options”.>Reboot.

After the reboot, we will see the “Reboot Options », press the key “7” or “F7” and wait when the Windows reboots.

For windows 8

  1. Push button combination WinI. Come out to the right “Parameters”.
  2. Clamp Shift and click “Shutdown”.>Reboot.
  3. After rebooting, a window will appear. “Choice of action”. Choose “Diagnostics”.>“Extra options”.>“Download Options”.>Reboot.

After the reboot, we will see the “Reboot Options » press “F7” and wait when the Windows reboots.

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For windows 7

When you turn on the computer, after the BIOS boot phase, we often click “F8”. A menu will appear. “Additional download options”. Choose “Disabling Mandatory Driver Signing”.

P.S: F8 does not always work the first time, so if it doesn’t work out, you can either repeat it 2-3 times, or resort to an alternative method.

  1. Regardless of which option is right for you! After disabling the digital signature, if MiFlash or Mi PC Suite / MiPhone Manager was installed, they should be reinstalled.)
  2. Install MiPhone Tools. An important point here is the lack of Cyrillic characters in the path to the folder where the program will be installed. therefore, we advise you not to change the destination folder option proposed by the installer. Most likely, during the installation, prompts will pop up asking whether to install unsigned drivers or not. be sure to agree.
  3. Go to the C: \ drive in Program files, and then in Xiaomi \ MiPhone \ Google and copy the folder with the name Android to drive C: \.

Video: How to Flash Xiaomi Mi 4 C

  1. Download TWRP (13.4 MB) for your phone, rename it to “Recovery»And save in the Android folder from step 3.
  2. Turn on USB debugging mode on your smartphone. To do this, go to Settings. About the device ». several times quickly click on the item “MIUI version”. you will see a message that you are now a developer. Go back to Settings. Other. For Developers ». Activate developer mode, and then debugging via USB.
  3. Download the firmware for your smartphone and save it in the root folder of the smartphone’s internal memory.
  4. Connect your Xiaomi to your PC using the original USB cable. If the display prompts for debugging with this computer. accept it.
  1. Go to the C: \ drive in a folder called Android. Hold the Shift key on the keyboard and right-click on the empty space of the folder and select the item in the drop-down menu “Open the command window”. In console after text “C: \ Android>” insert “Adb devices“And press Enter. Then we proceed by analogy. copy the text of the command, and then paste it and press Enter. If everything is done correctly, then in the last line of the window you will see something like this: 3f84534e device », which means we can continue.
  2. Next, write the command “Adb reboot-bootloader”, after which you will see that the phone has entered fastboot mode. We introduce a new command: “Fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”, after which we will see several running lines.
  3. The device restarts, and we find ourselves in mode Recovery. Only a bit left!
How to Flash Xiaomi Mi 4 C

Xiaomi Mi 4c firmware instruction

  1. In Recovery mode, follow this path: Wipe. Advanced. Dalvik, Data, System, Cache (check the box). Ok.
  2. Go back to the main TWRP menu and reboot the device (Reboot). This item is a must! After rebooting, we again fall into Recovery.
  3. Click on item Install and select the firmware on the phone that was previously dropped on it. We are waiting for the end of the process, which can take up to half an hour. you should not panic, nothing will hang.
  4. After the firmware is finished, reboot your smartphone (Reboot) and wait for the device to boot.
How to Flash Xiaomi Mi 4 C

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