How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 00

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Flashing Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

It turns out that not all Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 They know about Russian in the interface. I got Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 from the UAE, in which only 7 languages ​​can be selected in the settings menu, there are no Russian ones. You can live without a Russian interface, but without a Russified keyboard, no! Therefore have to reflash Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Russification (flashing) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Important! When performing a flashing at home, you lose the right to warranty service. You carry out all your actions at your own peril and risk. The author of the blog is not responsible for your actions.


You need to download the latest firmware, which we will flash Galaxy Tab. We take the firmware from the Samsung theme forum. There are two types of firmware: for tabs with 3G and for versions only with Wi-Fi. I have a device with 3G, so I downloaded. P7500XWLA1 (Android 3.2). All firmware are on the file hosting, and if you do not have VIP access, then the download speed is minimal, about 50Kb / s. Download the firmware in advance.

Install drivers for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Drivers are installed with the program Kies. download it from the official Samsung website.

For the flashing process itself, you will need the ODIN3 program. Download the latest version of ODIN3. At the moment, the latest version is 1.87.

Fully charge the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Galaxy Tab Translation Download mode

Turn off the device, hold down the button Volume down (closest to the power button), turn on the tablet. If everything is correct, then we see the robot on the screen

Press the button Volume up to continue

We get into Download mode

Connect Samsung Galaxy Tab with USB cable to PC


Samsung Galaxy Tab is already in Download Mode and is connected to the PC with a USB cable

Video: How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 00

1. Launch ODIN3. Port ID: COM will be highlighted in yellow, then everything is OK

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 00

2. Press the button PDA, select file with firmware .tar.md5 and click. Start

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 00

3. The firmware process will take a maximum of 10 minutes

How to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 00

4. After flashing, the Galaxy Tab will reboot.

Field Message, successful flashing log:


Before flashing, 7 languages ​​were available

After flashing, 43 languages ​​became available, including Russian

About device before flashing

About device after flashing

The latest screenshots show that the firmware version, kernel version and build number have changed. After flashing (Russification) of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a keyboard with the Russian language appeared.

P.S. I did not succeed in flashing the firmware the first time, I had to reboot the device, an error message appeared, entered the tab into Download Mode, and started the flashing process again. From the second time everything turned out

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